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Tetris Melody Played on Strange Instrument (Marimba)


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  1. this is amazing! i’m definitely going to try to learn this, but i don’t think i’ll be getting that fast very soon haha. thanks for putting out the pdf, and amazing playing!

  2. i wanna do this for a preformance(round up!!!) but idk if ill be this skilled… the eighth note sixtinths(idk spell XD im dumb) on one hand seem a little hard but i bet i can work up to it… i got the rest of summer and a whole semester :D. the thing is that im worried about is that, if i play this. will they try to force me to stay in pit cause i want to move up to the tenors(quads) cause my junior year theres gonna be only one quad and i love quads so i want to try out. nice vid!!!! u rock!

  3. @KingKhronic r u talking about the six-tuplets?….. i didnt hear him play them so you dont havve to right? hahaha…. if the six-tuplets are what your talikg about then count hip-a-da-pot-a-mus…. kinda like hip-pa-pot-omus(for the 5 tuplets)…. once again if thats what you were talking about i hope this helped… and sorry if it didnt

  4. @OSeanSanO ya i’m talking about the six-tuplets (six’s short for six-tuplets) I know how to count them lol … I just don’t have that kind of chops in Stevens grip yet

  5. @KingKhronic oh haha XD cool…. a good way to get chops up is to play your fastest but cleanest… so ur not tensing up….(on a drum pad for about 30 min to an hour) or you can just do scales or w/e on a marimba and just do it to your capability like the pad… i asked my teacher today(band camp! XD) which is better for chop building and using a marimba is better cause there is no rebound…. but i use the pad cause im gonna take quads

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