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Backflip with a Wheelchair


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  1. @penguinluv808 Are you fucking serious? I thought he was in a boat. Idiot!

    I imagine it was fairly obvious to most that I was being sarcastic. You and @shadowboi232 might have a pretty difficult time in life if you don’t understand sarcasm.

  2. @artpeacock u clearly let your stupidity and homosexuality shine brighter than the morning sun don’t you. fantasing about another male performing oral sex on you. it seems like no one has ever sucked your cock because you seem liek the lowest form of life out u gay twat. i hope you go die in hole or have your throat hammered at with a blunt object before being finally stabbed with a rusty pipe

  3. @xXoMFGItsJaCKXx Another genius! Thanks for pointing that out to me. You guys that didn’t get that I was just kidding must have a really hard time in conversation with your friends. You probably get picked on and made fun of all of the time if you can’t realize obvious sarcasm. IDIOT!

  4. @xXoMFGItsJaCKXx Are you all really that stupid or are you 11 years old on mommy’s computer? Did you really think I was serious? Obviously the guy does wheelchair stunts you morons because he is confided to one.

  5. OMG. i knew/talked to that kid in middle school (leavitt ms for proof) and im just now a high school grad! (class of 2010!!) one of the most memorable things about him were these plastic rim-spinners he always attached to his wheels and THEY’d KEEP SPINNIN! congrats aaron if you ever read this. im gonna have to send this vid to all my old middle school friends now. they wont believe this.

    oh and i bumped into this vid by total accident so talk about destiny…

  6. @thebetterderek How do you idiots get through your day? Seriously? I have a 10-yr old niece with severe learning disabilities and she doesn’t understand sarcasm either, but I didn’t realize there were so many people out there with this problem.

  7. @thebetterderek Nothing went over my head you idiot. Most everybody that watched this video knows he’s in a wheelchair. If you still don’t get the sarcasm at this point, you may want to be careful when you are out in public.

  8. @artpeacock You might want to watch out calling people idiots when you don’t even comprehend what they say. What I said was a little intricate. I’m sorry you, or probably mostly anyone watching this video will understand it.

  9. hahaha funny thing i went to the first ever one at Brisbane and he did the same thing and they all said the some stuff hahaha, but best show on the planet, deffs worth the $80 tickets.

  10. @MrKingtigger I dont care if he’s strapped in either. I mean he’s in a wheelchair…if he wasn’t paralyzed and he was strapped to a dirt bike, I’d think less of him, but he’s already been dealt a few less cards, give him some straps, that shit was sick!

  11. @iHtun101 😉 Absolutely no disrespect intended. Just making a silly joke. I think this was pretty awesome and happy to see a way for him to still be a daredevil.

    I would imagine you have some pretty awesome upper body strength to do your climbs. Good luck and enjoy it to the fullest!

  12. oh yeah. Check out Wheelz at the offspring concert in vegas june 2010. video id’s: hJYkoHPMMPM (crowd surfing in his chair @1:35 into it) and in the mosh pit D5j4ROGO9os (17sec into it)

  13. why would you talk about Travis like that?
    He is one of the most down to earth ,kind people i have ever met.
    If you have something negative to say about trav then write it down put it in an envelope and light it on fire.
    Thank you.

  14. he sits in a wheelchair since he was a little boy!!! i don`t know whats happend with him but since he sits there he trained evryday hard and now he can do this here in the video!!! a AMAZING men!!!!!! THUMBS UP if you agree!!!!

  15. WOW totally amazing, I would be scared to death to do something like that. I bet his adrenaline was so high at that moment. I also thank God that he was ok and didn’t get hurt during that flip. WOW!!

  16. @jameskrm Your right abled bodied people do it all the time on bikes and skateboards all the time. Here’s the difference he has limited to no use of his lower body. So I guess what I’m saying if you think its easy why don’t you do it? Hope you don’t break your neck or back, then you will really have to use the wheelchair for the rest of your life.

  17. @rm250er Why is it amazing that someone in a wheelchair has the guts to do that? Isn’t it amazing regardless of his mobility situation? Those are the kind of comments when I am out and about that make me hate people. Just because we are in wheelchairs does not mean that we now “so inspiring” or “amazing”, what would make the few individuals in those categories is the person’s attitude, not the chair.

  18. i met wheelz at woodward this year, hes so chill and such an amazing person, his outlook on life is so awesome. and hes a deticated athelete..much respect to him..HAMMER DOWN WHEELZ!!! 😀

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