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Slow Motion – Golf Ball hitting Steel Plate


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  1. It’s absolutely real.
    In fact, golf balls deform quite a bit when hit during professional play. Such intensive force applied in such a small timeframe will bend the molecular bonds but it won’t break or permanently deform them.

  2. @YYZFAQs Im sorry but I dont like people who when they dont understand something they refuse to believe it. No one understands the universe but you’d have to be a moron not to believe it exists.

  3. @clayton7m I understand, but it doesn’t help to insult someone when you’re trying to get them to understand. I totally appreciate the universe for what it is.

  4. fake as fuk, the ball should have shattered after it went past the halfway point, that was more like a bouncing ball shaped to look like a golf ball…….

  5. @inviktus1983 Elastic objects really do deform like this if there’s a high enough speed. You can actually see the energy transfer across the ball to the antipodal in a wave.

  6. I don’t believe this vid.

    150mpg isn’t that fast for a golf ball and I’d expect a driver would strike a ball at a similar speed. There’s no way a normal golf ball would completely flatten as much as that at that speed.

    I also don’t think the shell of the ball would stretch to such an extent before it splits. Surely this video is a fake!!….

  7. I don’t believe this vid.

    150mpg isn’t that fast for a golf ball and I’d expect a driver would strike a ball at a similar speed. There’s no way a normal golf ball would completely flatten as much as that at that speed.

    I also don’t think the shell of the ball would stretch to such an extent before it splits. Surely this video is a fake!!…

  8. @georgesaunderssinger Well, we have a video here that says that a golf ball does flatten that much and the shell stretches to such an extent. Where is your evidence that a golf ball would not react this way?

    Also, the speed of a golf ball hit by a professional play is about 70-80 miles per hour.

  9. @jvidell think about the sound made when a club strikes a golf ball. It’s a sharp knocking sound, not a soft splatting sound! If you think gold balls can squash this much, put one in a vice and try it!!

    Anyway, if the ball squashes that much, the time it spends in contact with the club will be far to long. It would be far to difficult to hit the ball accurately let alone get any distance with it.

    This is clearly a fake golf ball! ps. look at some other similar vids and you’ll see it’s fake

  10. @georgesaunderssinger If you think that it is a fake golf ball then back up your claim with some actual verifiable and credible proof, not just your opinion.

    Again, we have this video as proof that this is real. You have just your opinion that this is fake, and your opinion is not proof. Back up your opinion with credible, verifiable proof.

    Besides, why would someone go through all the trouble of creating a fake golf ball (complete with dimples!) just to make this video?

  11. To help reduce some of the arguing, I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but if you take into consideration the speeds involved, it makes this very interesting: 70,000fps and the ball traveling 150mph — to be honest, I’m somewhat surprised the ball doesn’t shatter on impact (maybe some brands do? – something for Mythbusters perhaps?)

  12. @jvidell Video is not proof. The idea that a golf ball would be able to deform like this without shattering is contrary to common belief. Videos are just too easily manipulated and even a water balloon could easily be shaped like a golf ball. The burden of proof is upon those who are trying to change the common point of view.

  13. i saw similar video last thursday the golf ball is a low compression one piece rubber range ball at the ping golf club factory. it is real they use them for testing the equipment with

  14. It’s a squash ball or something like that, then made to look like a golf ball via software. A golf ball (even if it could be squashed flat) would not rebound like that, modern golf balls have very high CoR and they lose VERY little energy when something hits them. This balls wiggles and jiggles in the air after it hits the steel plate….losing so much energy. A golf ball hardly deforms at all when hit with a 120mph swing

  15. see this……the cover and insides of a golf ball cannot act like in this video

    search youtube for „Druckversuch Golfball 2“

    and you will see what would happen

  16. @air0804 Actually, no, I’m not, but thanks for playing. For future reference, never say something online that you wouldn’t say in person. You wouldn’t say that to my face, trust me.

  17. If this was from the BBC, the person(s) who did the PAL to NTSC conversion toke the easy route and squished it horizontally instead to cropping or letterboxing it. This is probably why it looks „fake“.

  18. @thepictureman007 The golf ball compresses in much the same way off of the clubface of a driver. However it is a lot less pronounced. My guess is they shot this ball out of some sort of air cannon at very high speed.

  19. @uscjd2004

    No, really, you are. If you would have done the research, you would know that golf balls do do this, it is obvious this one has been shot at incredibly high speeds though. Also, mr. internet tough guy, i would say it to your face because i don’t give a shit, i’m tall, but far from strong and a terrible fighter, sure you could kick my ass, but please, grow up and stop trying to act like tough shit mr. cool guy, I’m a dick and bring guns to knife fights anyways :).

  20. @air0804 Mr. Internet Tough Guy? You are the stupid bastard who called someone an idiot on the Internet. Accusing someone else of doing the very thing you’re doing yourself … hmm, I think I remember seeing someone utilize that dubious rhetorical tactic here lately. Oh yeah, it was Glenn Beck. So, if you want to be lumped in with that genuine imbecile, more power to you.

  21. @kentabb If you ever studied a golf ball you would know that this can happen, you are the one who shouldnt have the right to vote. Ive hit a golf ball with a sledge hammer and the ball just compresses and springs back, under enough force the ball would behave exactly like in the video.

  22. @yo123454321 your dumb a golf ball would NOT do that ok? no matter what you say it would not do that… golf balls these days do compress but not like that the plastic would just crack and split

  23. see the video druckversuch golfball 2 and you will see what happens if a golfball tried to deform this much….This is not a normal golf ball period – it acts like as if it was a squash ball

  24. @gunnerdelta Did it occur to you that it might have been shot out of something rather than hit with a golf club? I mean it is pretty perfectly centered in on the camera view

  25. @yo123454321 have u every seen what a golfball looks inside ? this is just a well done 3D animation . take a look at any other golfball video and u will c that this will not happen . not at 150mph. and no u have never studied a golfball or what so ever .

  26. This video is a misrepresentation of the truth. For those of you who have ever felt the cover of a golf ball know that it is not very flexible and infact is quite firm, they need to be firm to maintain energy transfered by the golf club. If they jiggled like this they would lose massive amounts of energy. See video titled Golfball Druckversuch 1 or Golfball Druckversuch 2 to see what happens when a golf ball is compressed too much… IT EXPLODES!

  27. @takematt It really isn’t ‚fella‘. Look at the video ‚Druckversuch 2‘. This golf ball isn’t one you’d find normally. The ‚Druckversuch 2‘ is what would really happen, a regular ball wouldn’t just bend and flow like in this video. Perhaps one would, but it’s not one that would get you anywhere on a course.

  28. Please see the vid called Golf Ball 70,000fps 150mph….I sent a question to Titleist about this and they replied…….It’s fake. The say that they fire balls at faster speeds and balls do not deform this much….plus a ball could not survive this much deformation.


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