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Cat suckles air


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  1. this means that the cat is in a terrible emotional crisis because it has been taken away from its mother too early.

    ahahhahaha its still a funny vid :3

  2. @theones77 Yeah, he was found on a road here where I live and brought to a shelter. Poor guy was really scared there too and loved us when we picked him up so we just HAD to get him. I’m glad we did too because he’s really happy and healthy here.

  3. @Alteredinside O_o Please tell me you’re not serious…you know…suckle, from the word suck…but in this case, we’re talking about a kitten suckling (sucking) from his mother. Poor baby never got a chance to grow out of that stage as a baby and thus is why he’s making that motion.

  4. The backstory is sad, but yeah, that’s like some sort of freaky, kinky tongue action! Like, „Hey baby…wanna hop in my ride? I drive a stick.“ *cue tongue action* XD!!

  5. My cat was taken away from her mother too early as well and loves to suckle. Only problem is when I’m not paying attention or sleeping she’ll sneak up and start suckling at my eye lid o.O

  6. My kitty look exact like him, except mine is a female… your kitty makes me think of Hannibal Lecter somehow… well a cute one though :D.

    Kitty wants noms with flava beans and a nice chianti.

  7. oh, god. I don’t know, but for some reason i don’t think that what the cat’s doing it’s cute. it looks kind of “ pervy“ to me!:S i love the cat, though. He ’s really pretty.

  8. lol he’s like

    „o.o What? S… seriously, guys, what the heck are you laughing at? … I’m really not doing anything funny right now…. C’mon, stoppit…. What’s so funny?“

  9. my cat will do that too but we dont get a good view, if u slowly pull the blanket away from him u can see his tungue movin like that but if u go to far he stops and he just looks at you till you leave and will most liekly go to sleep

  10. @scruffylittlecat Thanks scruffy! We love out little boy more than anything. Of course I haven’t listened to the negative comments and have deleted them immediately since they contribute nothing.

  11. WOW, that’s funny! Cats are weird aren’t they? We’ve had 5 cats, and are on our last two (18 & 19 yrs old). Good idea video recording him, over one million views!

  12. @TheFunnelweb Sorry, I just read your disclaimer, but am saddened at your careless and callous dismissal of people who care about animals showing concern. What a crime! I DO have experience in cats, I HAVE seen this before, and I doubt your vet has seen this clip. Because if they had, they would have done more indepth testing. If you love your cat, instead of being so indignant, over-sensitive and defensive, you would appreciate the concern, instead of lashing out and thinking YOU know best.

  13. @TheFunnelweb Every single video of a cat doing anything funny has an idiot troll like you, trying to piss on the laughter and fun being had, by claiming the video contains cruelty or evidence of medical problems with the animal, that needs attention.

    It’s the easiest way to troll a video, and it’s been done millions of times. A better idea before making posts like this would be 1.) realize cats just do weird shit, and 2.) shut the hell up. Nobody cares to hear your stupid bullcrap.

  14. @TheFunnelweb

    But thats the thing dude. You don’t know the history of the cat or anything. They first time they saw the cat do that, they probably would have freaked out and took him to a vet. If the vet says the cat will be fine, the cat will be fine. Stfu.

  15. @ladiesman2426 Are you telling him to shut the fuck up? You wrote „u should da fuck up“. You fail horribly at English. If you’re going to insult someone, please be competent enough to do so, even before you try.

  16. @piroteknix
    Why Not?
    comedy is subjective, everyone has they’re own opinions I think hes hilarious personally
    You Pot Heads need to stop getting your cat high

  17. @ladiesman2426 Yes. I’m getting called a retard by someone who barely knows the language he’s typing in. That makes total sense, as using regular English is the retarded way of doing things.

  18. @ladiesman2426 Wow. How did you go from nonchalant to asshole in 1 comment? The hell is wrong with you? Am I wrong? Is commenting on youtube or facebook an essential feature of your life? Do you need it to live? Does it put food on the table? No it doesn’t, dumbass. I was just commenting on the fact that neither are activities you MUST do. But seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? Has your brain regressed from all that before? If you’re 22, why don’t you try typing like one?

  19. @csmybuttt seriously troll u need to shut up and take a chill pill. ya and if u respond on the nxt comment saying im not a troll well u are. i took a look at ur channel and i saw ppl callin u a troll and they r write. ur a troll. except it .

  20. @ladiesman2426 I need to chill? I’m not the one demanding you to shut up. Troll? Yeah, to you at least. I just don’t like the idea of idiots like you running rampant and clogging up comments with barely comprehensible gobbledygook. You suggest I „except“ that I’m a troll. Are you saying I should consider everyone else a troll except for myself? God dammit. I thought your English was getting better. I was wrong. You can say you’re 22 all you want, but you still type like you’re 12.

  21. Your kitten is absolutely adorable. I hope he never breaks that habit because it’s so cute. I don’t think there is anything wrong with him, mentally or physically. It’s just one of those things YOUR cat does. Who cares? Nevermind those people who make negative comments.

  22. AHHH PERVER CAT ! the girl there could be naked or the cameraman is carry on a girl cat with him and is showing up its ass to that pervert kity and it is shaking its tongue lol

  23. OH SHET i got 4 kittends and 1 cat and home it feels werid to go to the bathroom and take a shower or get dress around them cause i think when im not looking thier doing watthat cat is XD

  24. I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING! omg this is the funniest youtube video i have ever seen! ha ha ha ha ha ha can’t stop laughing wow this is soo funny i have to show all my friends this….WOW!

  25. your cat is being a cat! i m not an expert on anything but some cats do develop weird things!!! …. one of my cats likes to ‚brush‘ his teeth on my toothbrush ( minty breath! ) LOL

  26. funny!! Ignore those people who wants to view your video and leave stupid comments. There are way too many haters out there. I think this is such a cute video. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs 🙂

  27. I have 2 cats that do that. They say it’s common in Siamese/Siamese mix breeds. It is true that it happens in cats who were weened from their mother too early or not on their mothers milk. One of my cats is a Siamese mix and the other was weened too early. So cute when they do that.

  28. I am so sorry you had to write that long explanation. /I/ have no problem with your video and I understand what it is to laugh at a pet’s silliness without rancor. Animals can be so awesomely funny. The people whose complaints necessitated your detailed response are woefully ignorant. The kitty looks like he has a good life and you are obviously smart, loving caretakers. I love that cat and I need one like him in my life!

  29. @xkorishx I don’t think she will, have you felt a cat’s tongue? I can’t have my cat lick my arm in the same place twice before it feels like he’s ripping off a layer of skin!

  30. @xkorishx She’ll be in for a shock if she does, have you felt a cat’s tongue? I can’t have my cat lick my arm in the same place twice before it feels like he’s ripping off a layer of skin!

  31. @ImmaBeTrollingYou: What’s the point? That she wants to cause herself pain? Maybe that’s what you think sex is, or maybe you have a prickly tongue or cock and wondered why you only got very quick one night stands.

    Anyway, I saw this embedded from a different site when there were only a few comments, I tend not to get into these on youtube and just watch the videos. Someone else can feed you now.

  32. awwww! SO cute! So that’s how they suckle! I respect your video description, I hate that when ever you post a video of your pet people seem to think they have the right to flame you, no matter what.

  33. Have you shown this to a vet? I wonder if this is previously unobserved behavior in the feline species or if it has been recorded before and speculated upon?

  34. LOL He looks so scared and confused, he’s like „oh my god whats going on, whats wrong with my tongue?!? stop that! can you help me stop that shit? HELP MEEE“

  35. One of my kittens wakes me up in the morning by sucking on my nightshirt collar and kneading my neck. She was part of a litter left on the side of the road when they were three weeks old. I think she misses her momma, too.

  36. @trentiraffe @98LuverCat @LivioLacker1 yeah, it sucks. i wish he were an inside cat. but my cats loveee the outdoors and would do anything to get outside. they say inside cats are safer, but it’s hard to make your cats stay inside, haha.

  37. @nicolexamstutz I truly wish I could let our cats outside because I know they would love it, however because I live in a suburb of a major city I will never let that happen lest somebody run them over or they just neglect to come home.

  38. That’s a classic. I’ve never seen a cat do that before. I have two cats and one of them has his tongue hanging out at times after washing but he never flaps his tongue about. That cat of your looks a bit like one of mine.

  39. @scruffylittlecat No, he’s since since gained more perception about his actions and doesn’t suckle the air anymore. We do allow him to nurse on his „mommy“ blankets though which he always thoroughly enjoys.

  40. @scruffylittlecat Well he’s just so sweet! What a handsome kitty he has turned out to be. I subbed you. You may like our Ra & Onyx too. Ill post a response with Ra’s silly-head thing he does.

  41. He’s beautiful! I have a kitty who was abandoned by his momma cat in a bad wind storm when he was about 5 weeks old. He never suckled air, but he continued sucking on fleece blankets until we brought home another kitten when he was 3.
    Thanks for the giggle!

  42. SUCH AN ADORABLE KITTY!! its also really nifty to know thats what was going on when our kittens made a lot of noise nursing! it makes sense they were are squeaky and snuffly now 🙂 kittens are so perfect and yours is no exception! our kittens still try to nurse on their mommy sometimes, and they’re almost five months old. its still pretty cute though since they’re as big, and bigger, than she is!

  43. @MaatMasher Well. Nice way to overreact. You’re a little excessively defensive yourself. I wasn’t disagreeing with you, but I will say that your paragraph-length comment certainly doesn’t reinforce that you „couldn’t possibly care less“. Either way, sorry for responding.

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  46. he’s suckling as a reaction to your cold inhuman temperament. he’s thinking „wow, something seems really wrong here, I just want to be back with my momma where it is safe.“

  47. he’s suckling as a reaction to your cold inhuman temperament. he’s thinking „wow, something seems really wrong here, I just want to be back with my momma where it is safe.“

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