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Architect Creates Ultimate Multiroom


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  1. @xcessivecc Because of what he did with that apartment, he actually probably lives much better than me in my entire house. Only thing I have that he doesn’t is a backyard in which I can view nature.

  2. @gbramson The point is what facilities he would add with that much space. My guess is he would only duplicate certain things, such as overlapping a couple more bedrooms and bathrooms, otherwise he would have to reduce density.

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  4. @Rookmang You are right about that, but the same is true whenever an architect is involved. If the parts were a comodity it would only cost a fraction of the price (this is China after all). Something tells me that something like this could become very popular very fast.

  5. Gary Chang Is A Genius…
    I Hope He Has Copyrighted His:“Moving Walls System“ & Is Reaping The Well Deserved Rewards From His Brilliant Ideas…

  6. Oh my good!
    What a clever man!
    Its amazing!!!!!!!
    Hes welcome to my home and change that into a huge home.
    I live in a 1 room with a hall , kitchen and a tiny bathroom!
    Wonderful Pan`s Labyrinth song!!!!

    Way to go!!!!!

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