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The Science of Watchmen (Dr. Manhattan explained)


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  1. the more u learn the more u have to draw back on thats when u use it in the real world, a genius is a person that can hold so many parts and have so much acquired knowledge that they can (how do i put this) in a visual spacial type of thinking can deduct real answers using 1000s of different little parts of information making it appear like they can „read minds“ or have answers „given to them from another universe“ 1+fish – dog X walmart = cure for cancer. like a matrix of super logic lol

  2. ya you know thats what i was thinking when i first saw this movie about dr. manhattan. especially in 1959, when there wasnt a lot of good technology then. but its fiction, what r u gonna do?

  3. I saw this embedded on another site, so I couldn’t see the description box… until the end of the movie I was trying to puzzle out if this is a real nerdy physicist or just some actor acting like a particulary nerdy physicist 😀

  4. Entertainment is fiction made up. I don’t think the authors check their facts as that is why they write fiction.
    However cartoon physics are pretty cool.

  5. well these are still fictional forces. but you can create a hypothetical direction of freedom(s). you can show it „reacting“ in the environment depending on defined fictional primitive variables. like if you wanted to make up a thing that functions to make a type of vision. well as you know sound can kinda do that too but instead its a different shaped and instead travels fast as matter density increases.invent some formulas which’s trends makes a nice cinematic simulation.thats what realism is.

  6. Ok ummmm science dude can you say all that again IN ENGLISH? Lool Why cant people just say it plainly by example of real life, that way it is easily understood. Like the part about 2 rocks thrown in water.

  7. @Badtrixx19 They most likely connect the subject with school, a boring activity to skateboarders such as myself. We don’t really need to know how it works, we just know that it works and that it’s awesome to do – we learn through observation. It’s like complaining about someone hating bad breath even though they breathe every day.

    Or, atleast I do, I can’t speak for all skateboarders, of course. And please don’t take offense to my comment in any way, broski.

  8. @Badtrixx19
    Rodney Mullen was what? A physics major?!? Never heared that, although i wouldn´t really doubt it…. have any links or soemthing to verify?!
    greets 🙂

  9. @Joel0277 No I’m pretty sure anyone with an understanding of science can make sense of this. Don’t really have to be a scientist. Just had to have went to high school.

    Why watch something explaining the „science of watchmen“ if you don’t want to hear science?

  10. @marktf2 fuck fuck fuck fuck mother mother fuck, mother mother fuck fuck, mother fuck, mother fuck, noise noise noise,,noish noish noish, smokin weed smokin weed doin coke drinkin beers drinking beers beers beers, rollin fatties smokin blunts who smoke the blunts? we smoke the blunts! rollin blunts and smoking blunts

  11. @hacker4637 That’s right, when marktf2 started using the word FUCK in all of its derivatives it made me remember the song. But some people can’t articulate very well, like me I can’t speak very well so I over compensate when I write. But more to the point of the video. I found it very informative, great job making science fun.

  12. Hey…It iS JuSt the Way we ExPlain thinGs to the Masses ! Let us pen-pal Theories ! ! ! ( “ Mark Timar “ ) So, Atoms are spead out unless they notice the STAGE ! I Love IT ! ! !

  13. Mastering the Universal Math a MAth ics W/ Balance ! Go within, To Go within the one universe in itself. the Organtic Big Bang. I feel the universe is like a DNA strand within itself…

  14. I’ve got a question for Prof. Kakalios here; how does a guy who was apprenticed in watch repair figure out all of the intricate details of human anatomy to the point of recreating his own physical structure proton by proton?

  15. I’m not exactly sure why there are 466 thumbs down compared to the 3582 thumbs up. That’s a relatively large number of thumbs going down compared to what this video has to offer. I thought this video was pretty cool and informing and to make abstract concepts clear to people, whether to individual persons or large masses, it is a very good thing to relate the presented abstractions to things that basically are from the concrete, normal modern day life. It enlightens the collective masses better.

  16. Dr Manhattan is the boss.. Above the Predator..Predator controls Alien. The Thing defeats Alien.. Predator’s technology would detect the Thing…but Dr Manhattan would disentegrate the Predator.. But this guy is brilliant but I cant understand him.! Possibly, a great man though!

  17. Dr Manhattan is the boss.. Above the Predator..Predator controls Alien. The Thing defeats Alien.. Predator’s technology would detect the Thing…but Dr Manhattan would disentegrate the Predator.. But this guy is brilliant but I cant understand him.! Possibly, a great man though!

  18. Please correct the subtitles.. several times he says „phenomena“ (plural) but the subtitles say „phenomenon“ (singular)…
    Seriously, it’s a university, and you don’t know the plural of „phenomenon“? :/

  19. In other word’s they stretched the scientific possibilities well beyond breaking point but retained just enough of the physics to satisfy a layman audience, Not that great an achievment in my opinion but that’s Hollywood for you : )

    Still loved the film though.

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  21. @audveltadmuna oh. well, then the person who did should have been wise enough not to attempt translating scientific material while clearly lacking the basic terminology..

  22. @audveltadmuna though if the video was added by the University (it’s their channel right?) then it had to be somehow authorised by their representative.. so I still think it is at least partly their fault

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