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Interactive Youtube-Keyboard-Video


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  1. @IronJesus oh i know, im just saying that mysteryguitarman did the same thing, and that its not original, to the guy i commented to, ResEvl said it was extremely original, so i had to prove inaccurate, lol

  2. wtf?! i cant play dude. YES i waited for it to load and I dont know how i can press the power button as it will just pause the video. So now the video just plays as it goes through a note sequence

  3. I’ve always wanted to be able to play the piano, and this may have just inspired me to get on it.
    Well done.

    And, to those who can’t get it to work; make sure it’s not paused when you click stuff.

  4. I see. First it goes through all of them. Now its went every key, when you press it, it just rewinds/forwards to where that noise is. Its pretty simple to understand but awsome. Try this to prove it. First after it reaches 23 seconds you see it start and then let it go around 2 seconds then press the first key that went off. You will see it rewinding to 23. Then try going to like 40 then press the key that went of first and you will see it go to 23 where the first key started.

  5. I know how this works. Your pressing the keys. You have just added a border that looks like a keyboard. That is why the last black key is cut in half.

  6. Program: Garageband 2 or higher
    Synth: Analog Basic with high resonance and slight reverb + a little tinkering
    Piano: Punchy Grand Piano with Au Matrix Reverb?
    Drum: HipHop Drums (out of order)

    Right? =P

  7. I know how this and your interactive fart machine works, you play all the sounds in a row, and each button links to a different part of the video, so you can hear the sounds.

  8. @TheKillerblood0207 it’s simple it every “key” just puts you at the part of the video where that note is played so for example if the 3rd key is played 30secs,then when you touch that 3rd one it would then put the video at the 30second mark.

  9. stupid youtube adds keep blocking my piano play… DAMN YOU STUPID ADVERTISEMENTS i will never acknowledge your ads! so take them the eff off the video screen or leave them to the side youtube! >:[

  10. @CtlBrandon How do you put the buttons on the same video? What I am trying to say is that no matter what button you press, it goes to a certain point in the same video. How is that possible?


    C C G G A A G, F F E E D D C, G G F F E E D, G G F F E E D, C C G G A A G, F F E E D D C

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