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Moby’s Depressing New Video Game Music Video – Wait for Me


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  1. @4334t36
    тоже думал, что хоть жена дома встретит б типа скажет что ЖДАЛА! Суровенький мультик!

  2. 10 facts about you
    1. You’re reading my comment
    2. You’re realizing that’s a stupid fact
    4. You didn’t notice I skipped three
    5. You’re checking now
    6. You’re smiling
    7. You’re still reading my comment
    9. You didn’t realize I skipped eight
    10. You’re checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again. 🙂
    11. You are enjoying this
    12. You didn’t realize there’s only suppossed to be ten facts
    Copy and paste this to ONE video…
    And tommorrow will be the best day ever

  3. mhmm mhm

    I’m gonna ask you to look away
    I love my hands, but it hurts to pray
    Life I have isn’t what I’ve seen
    The sky is not blue and the field’s not green

    Wait for me x4
    Mhmm wait, wait for me…
    Wait for me x4

    I’m gonna ask you to look away
    A broken life will never stay
    Tried too hard and I’m always late
    Days are grey
    and nights are black

    Wait for me…

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