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Very Cool Google Chrome Speed Tests


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  1. chrome is a bit faster on my slow ass laptop and it runs three separate processes to take advantage of new fangled multi core processors but webpage loading speed is almost always determined by internet connection speed

  2. @emoboi86 Perhaps you care to read the description from the film makers. Esp the part on reducing graphics card shadow, thus turning monitor 180 degrees…

    So since then….

  3. @ztejas13 Which planet you are on with 56kbs connection? I have 20Mbs, which is pretty much standard in large UK cities. 50Mbs also available.

  4. OMG, Chrome is so AWESOME !
    Sorry, what did I read ? „we decided to use a locally loaded version of the web page“

    Ok sorry, nevermind, I take it off, no browser is actuallly faster, cleaner and more efficient than Opera’s potatoes…

  5. There is nothing to „closely watch for“, they admit that they decided to use local versions of web pages in some parts, furthermore I suggest you all evul flamers and smartasses – learn how to read. Cheers.

  6. regardless of which is triggeres faster, this is still a cool video with come precise timing to make it legit. It’s designed to amuse people, not to piss off the hyper-critical’s in the group. If this stuff pisses u off, then go look at Wobblegirl.

  7. The add is funny, should check the opera version as well 🙂

    I guess at this point, the speed difference between Chrome and Opera is not even worth talking about: They are both super fast, and it’s the rest of the bunch which happens to be super slow.

    So don’t base your choice between Chrome or Opera on the speed, evaluate the ergonomics, features and compatibility instead.

  8. slower than light.
    slower than soundwaves.
    faster than a potato.

    what should deliver this ad to us?
    our browser is faster than a moving potato!

  9. @dejan654
    It’s more of a test of the rendering engine, not the connection anyway.

    That wouldn’t have anything to do with the browser would it?

  10. @Petchhyy -100% right 🙂 its the test of rendering engine you guys! NOT the page loading times 😀

    BTW, sorry for the ‚thumbs down‘ – i wanted ‚thumbs up‘ but i’ve missed the button 😛

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  13. @dejan654 Have you ever read the description?¿ it’s said that. The only that is loaded from the internet is (with a 15 Mbps connection) the other are locally loaded versions of the webpages.

  14. Thumbs ^up^ if you like MW2 and want Any Prestige, Any Exp, Any Kill/Death Count, And the ability to edit classes ( like a golden shotgun and shit like that )


    Btw i <3 chrome l0l.

  15. They recorded the speed at which it reloaded a page when you pushed the forward button, not just normal web browsing. Look at where the cursor is at 0:48, you’ll see what I mean.

  16. It’s funny for the fact that watching this video on CHROME with nothing else opened/running (and for the fact that this video is about Chrome’s SPEED and YouTube is owned by GOOGLE) and that this 2 minute and 10 second wouldn’t load fully for 10 minutes.

  17. @69Veyron69 hhm can i ask the reason why do you prefer to use opera? i have both of them and i find the browsing speed of chrome is faster than opera…and even the security in both the browsers are good…

  18. @usageee Runs fine on my Phenom II 965 thats water cooled. If you have a decent GPU, try Adobe Flash 10.1. Its GPU accelerated. But Flash sucks according to Apple. 😛

  19. @DrW4tk1ns – clearly you know nothing about what that means, and what rendering times are. It even explained it in the comments to the video:

    „Chrome Browser vs. Lightning:
    We used a locally loaded version of that was legally approved for use in this video… any live internet connection introduces quite a bit of variability. To run speed tests on page rendering times, saving locally and loading from the local disk can help reduce this variability.“

  20. Google Chrome is fast, but I think that’s due, in part, to it being a very lightweight browser (please correct me if I’m wrong)

    My problems with it is that there is no menu bar (which I tend to use often) and the fact that the tabs are at the top of the window. Tis only bothers be because I keep my taskbar at the top of the screen, so i gets in the way sometimes :/

  21. Chrome is better not only because it’s faster on with the Internet, it takes less time to start up chrome than most other browsers becuase it doesn’t have shit all over the page, and what it does have is icons that are compact and everything fits together, if you want all the extras go into the menus in the top left, chrome is amazing.

  22. @acornty
    So lipping off about how this video is ‚fake as crap‘ without any evidence to back up your claim – or even a minute understanding of what the video was about – is the ‚correct‘ way to tell people what they’re doing is wrong? I’d rather be an informed douchebag than a naive simpleton.

  23. @hecklingfext
    It’s not misleading at all, it’s just idiots are taking it the wrong way.

    It’s simply a test of the browsers rendering speed, not the speed of the internet connection because that wouldn’t be a test of the browser at all.

    If people just thought about it first. Plus it even says it was loading locally in the description. (Apart from the Pandora test)

  24. fun to watch this fake =)

    even the pages all saved on the Computer, all the DNS entries are linked to the local directory, it will takes more time to load the sites form the local drives or RAM as in the Video. Even if nothing other runs on the Computer.
    In the Internet, its much slower as the load from the local drive. Even with a 10 Gbit Internet Connection.

  25. your internet is only as fast as your ISP, browsers don’t change anything, except for the boot-up time, and that depends on your RAM and processor speed.

  26. It’s so fast that, that it can’t accurately track down viruses and the certificate is invalid..I’m not downloading it..Especially when an over populated site suggest it 🙁

  27. @4K4K1K0: your comment makes zero sense. I like tech and I can’t comment on a Google video? You sound like a litte know-nothing dumb ass. Tell me, did everyone get trophies – win or lose – in your little league games? Google sucks. IE 8 crushes.

  28. @onnbob read the video details (the url thing is at the bottom). Some sites were locally loaded to be able to sync. them better. Getting the timing right on these things is near impossible.
    It doesn’t make chrome less fast, the page rendering speed is still superior.

  29. And you have to be a total Retard to have a good pc and Browse using IE,when there are Tons of great browsers out there,just waiting for your Dumb-ass to check them out.

  30. @AQHackAQ Pentium dual core 2GB Vista 32 bit laptop purchased at CompUSA in 2008. Works great with Firefox, IE8. I’m glad Chrome works for you, Initially I loved Chrome and wish I could use it, but no joy.

  31. @wille9400 yeah it’s supposed to be showing you page rendering speeds not speed of accessing the internet. a page will load slow on dialup regardless of what browser you’re using …

  32. Firefox is still the best on my watch. Safari load a blank page often in the past, IE is just slow and Chrome… I can’t say for sure, but Firefox does fulfill my needs more than Chrome can afford.

  33. @jdr324 Do you have adds on firefox too? If you do… that’s a PLUS considering crome froze on you and broked down with slowness, add on make firefox load a tiny bit slower depending on your internet/computer and if its still beating google crome than yes man that’s a huge plus you got to take those adds on into consideration

  34. i love chrome. i was a firefox user forever. and chrome is my new shit. i love the simplicity. addons. and the integrated translator. its fantastic. id actually pay about 5-10 to use this.

  35. @twiztid83222 It should give you an option to import your favorites from other browsers such as IE or Firefox. Another way is to go to the Tools (Wrench at the top, right), click on options. Then click on the „Personal Stuff“ tab. Go down to „Browsing Data“ and click on the button that says „Import data from another browser“.

  36. but still Chrome have shitty adblock xD on FF is way more better 😛 and chrome install in background some shitty googleupdate wich run on startup of the computer

  37. @floply When people compare browser speed, they ARE comparing the speed of rendering locally stored files. Browsers don’t (and cannot) affect download speed, so it makes absolutely no sense to include that in a test.

  38. how come it says can not load webpage for google and it takes 3 seconds to get on youtube if it does work they probaly just used fresh installed google chrome

  39. @mikepalomino You sound seriously stupid right now. Go download the firefox trunk builds. Better yet, UPGRADE your computer. It’s not FF’s fault you only have 256mb of ram.

  40. @AfterThisShutUp Heh, what’s a matter kid? Dad come home drunk and beat you again? FYI I’ve been using Firefox since 3.0 launched and FF has gotten progressively worse. It was only until a few days ago when 3.6.4 released that the performance issues were resolved. Why should I have to resort to a trunk builds for what is supposed to be a mature piece of software? Are the developers retarded? Google Chrome kicked their asses in less than a year and 3.6.4 was to stanch the bleeding. iSilly fanboy.

  41. ESP :yo hago esta pregunta,es porque no entiendo en realidad del tema,pero lo que estamos viendo no es la velocidad de la electricidad en vez de la velocidad de la luz ? yo no se si es lo mismo y espero qe alguien me pueda contestar,saludos !

    ING: I am asking this question, you do not really understand the topic, but what we are seeing is the speed of electricity instead of the speed of light? I do not know if the same thing and I hope someone can answer qe, greetings!

  42. @OrangeMonkeyProD Before I start – Just wanted to add that I love Chrome (even tho there are some things still need improving)

    But what is the point in showing how quick the browser loads a local cached file? How many people surf the web with local, cached files? No-one.

    It would have been better if they compared the other main browsers, as then I could see a ‚point‘ to the video.

    If the video is just a bit of fun…Google should just say that, and stop pretending to be something it’s not

  43. well we get the point its fast, I just installed it and its just a matter of milliseconds, if they would only add an bookmark sidebar like every other browser has it could be the easiest fastest nicest looking browser around…

  44. @KnowitallCommaMister

    Damn some people don’t think.
    It’s not a test of how fast it’s accessing the information because that’s not a test of the browser is it? It’s a test of how fast a page can be rendered.

    If you were running it from an internet connection, it wouldn’t be a test of the browser it would be a test of your ISP. It’s quite simple really.

  45. @floply They explain in the description that not all the pages are being loaded in real time „from the internet“ and some were in fact stored on the computer, the speeds that they are referring to are not internet connection speeds (or speeds of loading a page from the internet), but instead, the speed of the actual „drawing“ of the webpage onto the screen using the browser (whether its stored in cache or not). Still… I guess it does seem like a somewhat misleading video in this regard.

  46. @Kazu1193 i don’t know if you read the description, but they state that it was loaded locally… that’s not to say that they didn’t edit the description after they read this comment, however.

  47. It all depends on your internet connection. On my computer Firefox is faster, and I have both and I have tested it out. It must be different for each persons internet connection

  48. Yes, this chrome you speak of, I have tried this, and it nearly crashed my, how do you say? Computer? No chrome thank you…Good video though. I’ll take my IE browser just fine.

  49. @jacero92 Well for people who think speed is most important, I agree that chrome is the best choice for them. Firefox on the other hand is more secure and has WAY more add-ons which is why I like firefox better

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  51. @computerprogramer1 I hate to say, but even if you flagged it as fraud, since google owns youtube i doubt anything would happen. Chrome is a great browser, its clean and simple and i cant believe you even compared it to IE…

  52. @Joseph9536 And that makes it fake how genious? They’re demonstrating how fast the browser is, not how fast your ISP is/isn’t. Science is the process of controlling variables and making repeatable tests. How else you would demonstrate BROWSER SPEED?

  53. Actually I tried chrome cus I was just curious.. Currently my internet load time was… Terrible. And my flash stuff kept getting errors and stopped working. So I tried out chrome, and it is WONDERFUL! Loads my pages like, instantly. THANKS GOOGLE!

  54. @ipwnurs no i can find over 10 errors with google chrome and plus fire fox is better , google JUST Drain ALL THE MONEY OUT out of the web , now you cant (cant not ) find one site with out google ads they need to give more to the customer ;
    eg Adsence thay take like %60+ of revenue (via ads) and google dont lie „we all know your selling our phone numbers “ that’s why they ask for it when you sign up to the rubbish e-mail not to stop spam

  55. @websitemakerjonathan All irrelevant.
    I’m just asking about your website that you claim to be much better than Google’s, which just happens to be more than 600k a day.

  56. At least 3 things on which Chrome sucks:
    (1) No speed dial with consistent addresses.
    (2) It’s not windows skinned. I go to the top right corner and want to MINIMIZE all windows, chrome CLOSES because it’s close button is so big.
    (3) When I close the last tab the whole window closes. (You think that’s cool, but it’s NOT !!!) I expect it to return to the speed dial, see (1)

  57. @Higurashi00000 The video description says that this is a test of browser rendering times, not page loading times. So I think that technically this could not be considered cheating.

  58. one word to descrine google chrome,A FERRARI WITH A PUNCTURE TYRE! CRASH OFTEN, i used every version,every version makes my screen freeze or restart and worse even make me restore my system to ealier date..firefox,IE or safari are way better than chrome.

  59. @Icemage561 Well its possible ya know. The average internet speed we use is faster than the speed of sound. Chrome is using Rendering speed, not internet speed, and rendering speed is faster. So it is indeed possible. Though comparing it with lightning itself was crap.

  60. Even if it is fake, it’s still awesome advertising for a really awesome browser.
    I used to use Firefox, until Chrome changed that, now I don’t look back!

    Can you see Microsoft making an ad this cool for IE? Because I sure can’t…

  61. all web browsers seem the same speed to me… but i like how google chrome has that polished look and feel like no other older web browser like Internet Explorer and Firefox does… Plus im a big google fanboy, with gmail and stuff… lol

  62. Servers response time is always limited due to amount of hardware between user and server. I must say that they were cheating, to be exact they had preloaded website to hdd (or ram) and then modified hosts file to make it look like they are loading webpage. No matter what hardware or browser, page loading still takes > 0.5sec because of ,,slow“ internet webservers. This is just the showcase of fast website rendering, in real world this is just the dream…

  63. So….

    Google do have faster-than-light technology that violates the theory of relativity mmm…. (the computer, the monitor)

    And why are they making browsers instead of spaceships?

    The lightning bolt crosses space between the tesla coil and the little boat at more than 300000 m/s. Just for SEEING (not only being possible to be) Chrome load the web faster than that, the monitor must have a refresh rate of 0.0000000005 ms.

  64. So it’s a good monitor!

    If you watched the video, you would see the lightning reached the ship quite a bit faster than chrome refreshed. ALSO, the lightning traveled much further than the electricity inside the computer, AND air is not exactly a good conductor…

  65. its not fake, the websites are local pages and not the internet. It really is that fast go try it out yourself. Google Chrome is the best i’ve used ever since I was born.

  66. @r3sp3c791 Actually, yep, you’re right, but they’re not fooling us. As the video description says, the video compares those phenomenons to the page RENDERING speed of the browser. It has nothing to do with downloading the page, so they’ve done it locally. In fact, if they had done it with the actual web pages, there would be many differences. I have a crappy 1mbps connection, and that would make the loading way slower than many of you who have 100mbps connections that make me green with envy.

  67. yeah google chrome is fast.
    But when i watch porn when my cousin click new tab they saw fucking youjizz >_< WTF i hate it but i always delete history but why they see it? so i change my browser XD

  68. @ChushiSushi Well, yeah. They’re not testing how fast the internet is, they’re testing how fast the browser can work. If they just visited a web page, then there would be too many variables, you know?

  69. For everyone who thinks this is fake: Read the ‚effing description.

    They use local webpages because they’re testing the browser, not their internet connection.

  70. omg.. why haven’t anyone notice anything? I’ve been using Chrome for a while rather than internet explorer. I experienced a huge difference.. the speed of surfing is not much of a difference, but the javascripting and adobe flash player from chrome is precisely slower than internet explorer.. but honestly I still prefer Chrome cuz of it’s nice features:)

  71. using Google chrome the start up is really slow it cant run to many things at once it just crashes i can hardly run 3 tabs and even just watching a YouTube video it will crash once in a while and it comes up with a dead folder. Internet explore runs great tho.

  72. Why won’t GOOGLE acknowledge the video (not working) with Macs?

    Is there any GOOGLE employees that can answer this and help us run videos with Chrome on a Mac?

    Gregory West
    Mac Computer Instructor
    Lambton College Ontario

  73. @Hyagofrodo If you’re internet connection is fast enough with minimal latency, your rendering times are what actually matters. If you’re on 56k, you need a better connection. If you’re on fiber optic, you need a better browser and possibly a better computer.

  74. Chrome is ok…I used if for a while but then went back to firefox. The speed of the browser doesn’t mean much if your internet isn’t 100% fast. Also in every one of these commercials the the mouse is clicked just a fraction of a second before the scientific test…designed to happen at the same time, but it still doesn’t happen.

  75. @DecoyEx Steve Jobs made a program called BootCamp which comes on your Mac, which allows you to have Windows installed on a partitioned part of the drive.

    So that means you can have both Mac OS X on the drive and Windows.


  76. „chrome vs potato“…Even the idea is stupid! That was the best commercial they could make?! I used and still using Firefox even when i watched this.Also, Chrome , Safari etc suck.Generaly, fast browsers crash a lot or/and lack features…cheers

  77. bunch of freaking idiots.. first sentence reads:
    These speed tests were filmed at actual web page rendering times

    RENDERING TIMES != LOADING TIMES (ie getting the contents to your computer)

    not fake at all, you guys just need to read better

  78. @globe255 I never had problems with opera on youtube ! What kind of problems ? I used opera to watch, manage and upload videos on youtube and i never had problems. Opera is playing videos much more smoothly than chrome ! and is loading pages and videos faster. Don’t belive me ! just try !

  79. Great video !! Yes Chrome is fast , but i really like the extensions . So many options to add , extra buttons or change colors many many to choose from . Super !

  80. i just got Google chrome and i originally had internet browser 8, so my download speed went to 100KB/S to 1MB/S Or faster i am very satisfied, it cant get much better than this. GREAT JOB GOOGLE

  81. I like chrome because of how fast it opens.
    I dont like chrome because of add-on restriction.
    I like firefox because it is a lot more reliable.
    I do not like firefox because of how slow it opens.
    I like IE because it is a great laugh knowing what Microsoft fanboys are actually trying to say its great

  82. Guys Google Chrome has bad security thats why Internet Explorer is so slow and Chrome gets stuffed with cookies and shit, use Opera 10, thats WAY faster and has better security and everything!

  83. And guys, Internet Explorer loads up Youtube videos 5x faster. Seriously. If chrome ever stops up, switch to IE and watch it load and play the video while Chrome is loading.

  84. @freeloader6969 dude this test is for RENDERING NOT INTERNET SPEED

    do you think that lightning bolt had to deal with AT&T when is was whizzing through the air? obviously they are just testing how fast chrome is NOT AT&T

  85. I wished Mozilla would pull their head out of their ass and make mince meat of Chrome/Chromium. Shame sluggish fox, is so sluggish! sigh…If only I was a computer programmer. I’d build myself a bare bone optimized Firefox!

  86. Chrome is Good and this Add is Genius!..but Now Try to Make an Add for your Crappy Add-on library…that instantly made me Revert Back to Fire Fox.


  87. @KaReLlEsS711

    The speed of your internet is simply the speed of the data coming from your internet service provider to your computer.

    The rendering speed is the time it takes the actual internet browser (Chrome, Firefox or IE for example) to make sense of the data coming from the internet and display them as a web page that you can understand.

    In other words it’s a test of the browser, not the connection the computer is connected too.

  88. I like how they didn’t just load the webpage as a file on the computer, but they also had it PREloaded and in the cache. TO TOP IT ALL OFF, they tried to distract people from that fact by showing them typing something different during the closeup, all while they cut out the part where they open the webpage’s saved file then go back to a blank page to exaggerate the speed some.
    I’d like to see an honest „Loading from the – Cache vs. Hard Drive vs. Internet – Google Chrome Speed Tests“ video.

  89. Man sieht teilweise dass die Websiten von Festplatte geladen werden. Mit einer SSD und einem sehr schnellen rechner wäre das ganz vllt sogar möglich, wobei es trotzdem sehr nach fake aussieht. Aber ich finde auch das sollte Galileo mal überprüfuen 🙂

  90. chrome>opera>mozilla>safari>ie..
    safari works great on high end pc , chrome and opera works from low end to high end pc and about ie i don’t really care if it’s good on some nasa computers i want to be good on mine i’ll wait for mozilla 4 they really fucked up 3 and 3.5 versions 😐 huge usage cpu when i look hd videos on youtube, really sad 🙂

  91. bei der kartoffel-scene punkt 0:47 z.b. sieht man dass die maus auf den vorwärts-pfeil klickt
    d.h. der browser lädt die seite ausm verlauf und aus der cache.. dabei kommt es dann nur auf den pc an wie schnell die seite WIEDERaufgebaut wird

    das is reinste verarsche im grunde genomm

  92. even if google chrome is faster than other browsers, what it loads up may not necessarily be better than what other browsers load up, considering chrome has bugs in its scripts and firefox has much less bugs in their scripts (almost none)

    plus, in the commercials they don’t even try to time the click of the mouse to the other thing, not that it matters much, but also chrome uses up more CPU usage than other browsers, which might make it worse

    all of google’s shit has bugs, including youtube

  93. this advert makes me think about those massive charity adverts with kids dying and celebritys clapping their hands. cause i always think if they can spend that much money on an advert then surely they dont need mine. but if you have to resort to this to sell your browser then how good can it really be? it speaks volumes about a person for tehm to see this and decide that its the browser for them.

  94. the test were fine… but the possibility is the pages fully cached…
    and for the sound waves they should have used something not that thick and syrupy since it may affect the output because of the density…
    and lastly it depends on the internet connection… only slight changes happen on browsers…

  95. dont u stupid haters see that its an advert?? appreciate the innovative ad!!! grow up fools…. ads always exaggerate stuff.. and they shot it in a funny way.. so dont start that google chrome is slow or not.. and seriously its the fastest web browser there is at the moment for windows…

  96. This is so not true, heres the reason as to why this is not accurate by using physics.
    First, the computer is based off of electricity, meaning it travels at the speed of light.

    Second, if someone that travels at the speed of light is slightly faster than the physical display of that slime, means that the computer is actually traveling really slow.

    Third, the slime is not traveling at the speed of light, but speed of sound.
    sound travels around 680 mph, while light travels amazingly 4.6Mil mph

  97. This is so fake…the webpages are local,which means that they have been saved on the computer and in the moment they are requested to load they load almost instantly because the computer doesn’t have to download anything(images, text, etc.)from the Internet.That’s why it loads so „fast“.

    And if you pay attention, at the first test, with the potatoe, you can see the „link“ it’s something like: “ ///C:/… “ which is a much longer link than the real „allrecipes(.)com“ link…fake! But fun…

  98. @ZackContra theyre proving that google chrome can load pages faster or as fast as the other things. for example, it can load a page faster than it takes a speaker to get a liquid to a certain height.

  99. @ReneAlanisJr – it’s a rendering test, not a connection speed test…

    Rendering means how long the software takes to turn HTML markup into a formatted webpage. It doesn’t matter where it is loaded from.

  100. Read the description morons. They’re testing the browser’s speed not the speed of their internet connection. This is really really cool so get your head out of your arse and stop thinking you’re so clever for calling ‚fake‘ at every video you see on youtube.

  101. By the way majorwoody swearing means you are so stupid you can’t mutter out a comeback. Only people who are annoying on xbox live use gay as an insult. It is not loading fast it is rendering the page fast. You should be the one in the mini boat.

  102. @ReneAlanisJr : dude…internet speed must be excluded here because it varies for different people. The only measurement of browser speed is to see how fast a page can be loaded sans the effect of internet speed.

  103. @ReneAlanisJr *facepalm. For god’s sake, this is a browser test not a test that test’s your internet speed. In fact, it’s testing the speed at which the browser can load pages., not how fast it can grab stuff of the internet. I’m pretty sure Google is smarter than that. That’s why their earning a lot more money then you. 😛 If it was an internet speed test, it would have mentioned at least the word internet in the video title or the description, however it doesn’t. Mind you, it is misleading 😛

  104. are you people ignorant or just plain dumb? this is not how fast chrome loads pages off the net but is the test for ITS RENDERING CAPABILITIES ONLY!!!!! so shut up the dumb talk on how your net speed will affect this yada yada yada.

  105. Google make the best commercials ever HAHAHA their funny, cool, and true. i have used all the browsers and Google Chrome does live up to speeds. Sometime its too fast and it doesn’t load the page right but nothing a click of the refresh button can’t fix.

  106. Google Chrome is faster than Firefox but slower than opera.

    I’ve been using Chrome for 2 weeks now and I like it, I just wish it would render pages well and not keep reloading them.

    -Opera user since 2004 (:

  107. The one with the lightning bolt is not possible because it should take the same mount of time for the lightning to reach the boat as for the electricity to get to the computer from mouse…
    Let alone load…

  108. Phony. Everything’s preloaded. Reading the last bits of text:

    While we had a super fast 15Mbps internet connection in the studio, any live internet connection introduces quite a bit of variability. To run speed tests on page rendering times, saving locally and loading from the local disk can help reduce this variability.


  109. @jjaspitfire: lawl, every browser loading page from hard drive would read that fast. Chrome crew was explaining this ‚file C://‘ thing, that ‚potato riffle‘ is unstable.
    Opera made parody of this shitty chrome test, it’s named WORLD RECORD SPEED TEST @youtube

  110. i’m using chrome rite now for the first time and holly crap its fast some of you have your facts wrong i mean this is the fastest internet i have ever used and its got extras like spell check and stuff

  111. @Kougeru i’ve noticed it is generally 2 times faster on any page and with pages with many images chrome beats ie by MUCH more. webkit have released an ad block mechanism that chrome uses which blocks ads before the page is compiled.
    your right on the ram each tab in chrome is its own process for security and stability – tabs cannot access each other and crashes ’should‘ just happen to one window

  112. they loaded the page and then and then hit the back button… so the page is already loaded… if you look closely at the screen you can see the cursor overtop the foward button… and i think you can figure out the rest

  113. @Libervurto I like using Firefox more because of all the different add-ons you can add to it. I have this one called NoScript which blocks Google from findind out what websites I visit so they can’t make advertising tailored to me. 😀

    I wonder if u can do that on Chrome…

  114. „If you think rendering speed doesn’t reflect real-life user experience, I guess you haven’t used IE? Lucky you. When people compare browser speed, they ARE comparing the speed of rendering locally stored files. Browsers don’t (and cannot) affect download speed, so it makes absolutely no sense to include that in a test.“ – TazG2000

  115. @Elsimir8 Until they compare it to loading a local file from Firefox/IE compared to Chrome, it’s not really a test of rendering speed, but more of an ad aimed at making it look fast. What most typical ads do. They should’ve at least made it look like it was loading from the internet.

  116. And I used Chrome, I didn’t hate it, but it’s missing certain functionality. And tons of addons. It’s coming along, but I’m not going to use it until it’s mature enough to compare at least somewhat to Firefox’s features.

  117. @roejames12 Everything has it’s problems, for if something was so perfect, us as humans would destroy the functionality of it in days, until someone else makes a new, „perfect-er“ version. Firefox isn’t perfect either, it just appeals more to your tastes because it does indeed have different things than Chrome, but those that love Chrome (myself being one) can relate more to certain other features.

  118. Chrome has features. i thought it was just slower then ie and Safari, and fireFox, okay maybe not firefox anymore, but still slow. the browse loads less per page and is stil loading after the others are done while they oad more content.

    btw this comercial might be cool, but it is a lie. are those pages loading on Cache? probably!!!

  119. WTF… this sounds immature commercial by some overexcited fresher developers worked in Chrome development.. honestly my chrome crashed many a times and i still found IE/FireFox works best for many websites.. Google should stop being fucking over-smart about their products and concentrates just on search engine which is getting worst day by day

  120. Try and make actual footage of how fast chrome is, is it because Firefox is faster and better in every way, but then again i guess if you put more time into users thoughts it would be better, also thinking out of the box is good for business, and i used to use Chrome so im not going to take the piss all together, but i find Firefox more efficient.

  121. Dose any of you know if Noscrips works on Crome and the better privacy flash cookie blockers My browsers working very well it not very old I only down loaded it a few years ago and no parts have worn out yet The rest of the computer has seen better days and I have to jump start the fans every now and then, fans are a night mare only last about two years.

  122. This is only visual, to make us get that Chrome is fuckin fast. Even if partly untrue, or clearly inaccurate, it was more entertaining than a spreadsheet (made under Excel 1997).

  123. I’m not disappointed that you cheated Google, I’m disappointed that you got caught. I mean using a local file already in cache (as your using forward button) and yet still using after effects to make it look like the page is loading really fast even though it loads from the bottom instead of the top. WTF!

  124. ser, die sehr gut es nicht sehr alt ich bearbeiten, nur niederwerfe, es vor einigen Dosieren Sie irgendwelche von Ihnen wissen, wenn Noscrips Arbeiten über Crome und die besseren Privatlebenblitzplätzchenblockers, die meine BrowJahren luden und keine Teile heraus getragen haben, dennoch der Rest des Computers gesehen hat, dass bessere Tage und ich Anfang von Zeit zu Zeit springen müssen die Ventilatoren, Ventilatoren sind ein Albtraum nur zuletzt ungefähr zwei Jahre. Google Hollie Greig

  125. the only reason i use chrome is because IE is lame, firefox uses more memory the longer it’s open and opera crashes out of nowhere on me.

    so i’m left with chrome and it’s pretty good.

    i miss opera so much though…just got totally fed up over the crashing.

  126. @Pierreax59 dude there is a difference between a BROWSER and a SITE. The earlier is used to view the Internet (or a SITE). Now if you use a site then the only information can be collected is the usage of the site. Now if you use a BROWSER then it can monitor all your on-line activities. Do you see where I am going to?