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Shazy Skills – Fastest Ukelele Player


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  1. @ninjameswrath
    i think you might be the one thats „retarted“. Firstly because you can’t even spell retarded, and secondly because it’s so painfully obvious that this video is sped up. Look at this guys wrist while he’s strumming, it’s most definitely sped up.

  2. Man still going hard on the Uke aye cuz! Known this guy since Porirua days!! AND HELL YES DIS DUDE DOES PLAY THIS FAST! YOU GOTTA SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT AYE! HATERS AND DISBELIEVERS, FUCK OFF! IM PRETTY SURE HE WANTS TO WACK THAT UKE IN YOU HATERS FACES, SO WHAT YALL NEED TO DO IS GO TO ONE OF THERE GIGS AND SEE FOR YOURSELF FOOLS!!!!!! COOK ISLAND FLAVOUR BOI! ALL DAY! EVERYDAY! the beat that hes suppose to be playing to is called a TAMURE! Mostly only Cook Islanders would know what that means

  3. @steviefanwonder Your wrong. It’s all natural. People of the Cook Islands, South Pacific Tropics play the ukelele naturally fast. It’s their culture. The Cook Islanders can strum with a fast or slow natural rythym. No fakes or graphics. Just all natural. Why don’t you book yourself a holiday to the cook islands. Beautiful natural girls. Deep blue warm sea’s and sea creatures of the deep and the sound of the strumming ukelele will blow your mind away. I’m sure you will not be dissapointed.

  4. yo bro that is some mean as uke playing cuz ,,,, all you other fellas who dislike it. man u fellas are jst jelis ae Keep playing hard bro

  5. See how traditional this song is in the island, at least in tahiti, and possibly all ove rht e other island like ythis guy on this other link of the same song ( 2POUZ FYNIST LEAD UKE PLAYER
    I guesss it’s no question, the girls will sit out on this one , just too fast to dance to it and wait for a slower tamure!

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