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Tesla Coil firing the Imperial March tune


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  1. @liquidzero5 No. The arc heats the air, causing it to expand rapidly. If you turn the tesla coil on and off 220 times per second this gives you 220 short bursts of noise occuring with regular timing which you hear as a noisy tone with a 220 Hz fundamental.

  2. @soylentgreenb And switching the arcs 220 times a second is not amplitude modulation, a little help in the right direction would save me plenty of time and money on components, I have built tesla coils for several years but never tried to make a singing arc version, guess a small one will be pretty much the same as a plasma speaker……..

  3. @Leuopold Sure it is; switching the arc on and off at 220 Hz is equivalent to modulating the amplitude by a 220 Hz pulse train.
    Please note that the carrier wave here is not the high-frequency sinusoid of the high voltage side of the tesla coil. The carrier wave is broad-spectrum noise generated by the dielectric break down and heating of different volumes of air at random.

  4. @soylentgreenb Modulating a clean sinusoidal 40 kHz carrier wave by a 39.78 kHz sine wave will give you a clean 220 Hz signal in one sideband and a 79.78 kHz signal in the other sideband. That doesn’t work when the carrier wave is noise covering most of the audible spectrum as well as far above it.

  5. @Leuopold I checked the actual mechanism arc attack uses. The signal is generated from MIDI and transmitted to the tesla coil by optical fiber. The signal is then pulse-width modulated and used to inhibit or enable the tesla coil, depending on whether it’s on or off.

  6. @soylentgreenb Ah so the 220 hz pulse train effectively reduces the resonant carrier wave to such a small extent that it hasn’t the power to ionise the air with a disruptive breakdown, I guess the carrier is always running just extreme power variation, this would have to be a different circuit than a typical amplitude modulated circuit, or one driven to the extreme right?

  7. 20 people disliked this? wtf, I can only assume they accidentally pressed the dislike button in their panicked haste to press the like button.

  8. @metman18

    It would have been better (IMO) with just THIS, and not the silly band setup with guitars and whatnot, when the Tesla Coil itself is perfectly capable of making the song all by itself. But that would mean there’s nothing else for the remainder of the team to do, making it basically a one-man-show.

    The ultimate winners will probably be the ex-military, ex-homeless choir, because we all know how much America loves their damn military sob-stories. I prefer deadly bolts of electricity.

  9. @Yonkage I hope not. They weren’t really that good to be honest. Sort of generic. Wat these have to do is to set up some more stuff. have the guy spread the electricity to other things, etc. Use that light suit they have, and whatnot.

  10. oke perhaps a stupid question, but if you lay rubber mats around the coil on the ground, so that your are „isolated“ from the ground. would you be able to approach the coil without a faraday cage?

  11. If you look close, you’ll notice that the discharge coming from the lightning is what’s powering the lamp. The lamp illuminates intensely on cue to the music. Can’t wait to go to one of their shows.

  12. The one person all Star Wars geeks should thank Mr. Tesla himself. Its not in a bad way but look at what this guy did for his day: help people make Star Wars music! Bravo.

  13. That is flippin awesome!!!!!!! I just want to know how much the notes are controlled by changes in the tesla coil vs changes in the way his body moves. Cause it seems like different come out while he’s not really moving.

  14. Hi guys, Tris2000 here from England, just back from Glastonbury Festival where they had some similar fun but took it to another level. If you liked the Texas one above, you’ll LOVE this one. And check out the related videos to it when you see it. First of all, for a front view, copy and paste THIUXnqXgrM into YouTube search.

    Now, for a view from behind, with the stage in front, see nUMIHUxwgRQ (sorry about the sound but 4 million volts does that sort of thing)

  15. @CallumJStewart Electricity takes the quickest path to ground, The quickest path in this case is the metal rather than the body so It travels to ground through the metal, leaving the body alone.

  16. Hey guys! I was at your LA performance yesterday, and you guys did GREAT!! (Boo for one of the coils not working when you went up in front of the judges..) Good luck in America’s Got Talent, I really hope you win!


  17. I can’t understand why people believe this is fake. There’s stuff more bizarre than this, such as certain distances between bumps producing an exact color and the same distance concept affecting bacterial growth. It’s really not all that hard to believe, you just need to know your science.

  18. @Universalian Not really because we are talking such huge numbers of volts that it will arc to you and just arc past the mat and back to the ground, or if the mat is not thick enough, it will just arc through the rubber. I suppose if you have a very thick mat (inches at least) covering everything you could be more protected, but even then it could arc to you (because you are made of water) and then out into the air again from your other arm, so the current would still kill you.

  19. @tzepesh20 Actually you can walk around just fine. Check out other videos of people doing just that. You’re inside an enclosed conductor so there can’t be any electricity inside the suit.

  20. Is that „discharge“ at his feet, cause it doesn’t match enough to be a reflection(many points there’s two arcs on the ground when there is only one one in the air)

  21. Tesla Coils would go great with DUBSTEP! (dubstep is a new genre of electro-body-music similar to techno) Look at this video or my profile favorites and thumbs up if you agree.

  22. They should’ve had him closer to the tesla with his back facing it and with some kind of grounding cable/plate in front of him, so that it’d look like he was doing it palpatine style 😀

  23. This sounds so much better here then it did on TV. I do like you guys, keep it up. You sound great on TV, but live in Vegas will really make you legends. Good Luck guys!

  24. @saviormachine People don’t get it, they think the lightning is just visuals to make up for a lack of musical talent. What lame brains. ArcAttack was ripped off, and so was Antonio, because too many idiots watch the show.

  25. I never wanted to believe people were that stupid. My goodnes, it is sad. The Kite flyer beat Antonio and ArcAttack. Seriously, intelligent people need to start voicing their opinion. I read people claiming they like certain acts, but they don’t vote. I guess because they feel like they are above it, or it is silly, or it is fake. If you don’t actively support what you like, the fanatics (Jackie and Christina and Ali fans) will win out without a fight.

  26. I dont care that you guys didnt win Americas Got Talent (IT WAS RIGGED!! you LOST to 12 year old ballroom dancers?!)
    Anyway, does not matter, if you guys have a show with in 5 hours of where I live I will go and see it. I will pay money to see this. Keep it up, you guys are AMAZING. <3

  27. GOD AMERICA! HOW COULD YOU NOT VOTE FOR THEM! *ahem* Arcattack and Prince Poppycock are my two favorites. Think about it people! This IS Vegas! This is something that’s never been done! It’s unique! You’ll find many opra singers in the world but never people like this! Thumbs up if u guys agree!

  28. @cyberrmpage Well as much as I loved arcattack I still might give the edge to fighting gravity. I don’t know, I might like them about the same because they are very different but both really unique and awesome.

  29. @saviormachine I do not think Canada, Mexico Uruguay or Chile are stupid… People from the US is so freakin stupid due to the fact that they think they are America. Please, stop saying America refering to the US. The US is just a country of that continent.
    Geography lessons for free from Spain (Europe)

  30. @saviormachine Well as far as TALENT goes.. Those guys didn’t really have any. If you really look at the talent portion of it, they weren’t really doing anything. It was all computers set up to control which voltage and current to send through the coils. Yes that takes intelligence to create, but not real talent during the show. Being a talent competition and not a show-and-tell, I was surprised they got as far as they did.

  31. @MyBadGamertag – wow you sound like you are really trying to sound intelligent. Maybe you will get a real education one day and figure out that what they were doing is more difficult than some junkie spanking the living crap out of a guitar – which btw is computers too …

  32. @lemaven I’m not completely ignorant on the subject of Tesla coils and how to direct electricity from one to the ground without shocking yourself. Anyone with a high school physics/electronics education and enough money could figure out how to build one. And I wasn’t even talking about guitars or anything to do with THIS video. I was replying to the person who said they should have gone further than what they did in America’s got talent. I don’t mean to undermine a cool performance, just talent.

  33. I just watched the video of you doing the Dr Who theme. Kudos I am a huge fan myself. I really hope they find a way to give you a cameo in the upcoming Thor film. It would be too funny to pass up.

  34. Here’s the mistake AGT judges made. They viewed ArcAttack as a „danger“ act and failed to recognize them as a musical group. Their rendition and arrangement of Ironman display some real musical talent. Even their semi-final act was musically well done. There were also the only band that made it to the semis. So America viewed of ArcAttack was diminished by the judges minimizing ArcAttack musical prowess.

  35. @saviormachine Becasue the little 10-year old Opera singer is a Sith Lord(seriously looked at how she acted and talked, if that didn’t scream peer evil, I don’t know what does!)

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