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windows xp error music


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  1. Computer) ERROR M3T4-KN1G#T
    Windows has encountered a problem and feels the need to exessively play Kirby Super Star Ultra while clutterfing your screen with error messages! Isnt that AWESOME?! 8D
    You) Uh, NO. >:T

  2. 废话!



  3. いい音楽ですねだけどもし僕のパソコンでこの画面が出てきたら家族を全員集めちゃうな~

  4. @tijgerthijs Its not entirely real.
    The recorded/downloaded the error sounds and modified their pitch and echo and put them in different places to make this music, but they didn’t really get that much errors… i hope.

  5. @Persiana no the sound=2 epicur pc explodes and the fragments explode till the fragments are 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,1% of the smallest size in existance

  6. Meta Knight: Muahaha, I have hacked Kirby’s computer! Now Dreamland is mine!
    *kirbys walks in and presses cntrl/alt/dlt*
    Meta Knight: BUT, HOW?
    Kirby: Learn to hack, not to use Mario Paint, kthnxbye.

  7. wow, i am SO glad that’s not really my computer screen, i think i would die crying! or just load my remington 20 gauge and have at it! Now THAT’S what I call troubleshooting!!!

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