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Baby Kangaroos playing at the Beach


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  1. It is not illegal to be a carer for the joeys. You just need to apply to be one. I have raised 3 and then they were reintroduced back into the wild. Its a great experience and it is so nice to rescue them and know that they have a chance of a life. Such a rewarding experience. Contact any Wildlife rescue organization to become one.

  2. I want to raise some! thumbs up if you want some baby kangaroos..! when they are grown up ill release them in australia to roam around to meet and do things ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. @chikyuushimin

  4. I could be wrong but i think those are wallaroos, not kangaroos, which are sort of wallaby and kangaroo like critters that can be kept as pets. They’re kind of like smaller kangaroos.

  5. @dirkstyle619 @sumgfan41 no its definately fake. i see no tracks whatsoever and the dog is a chiuaua with a white patch on its head. the kangaroos are so far away and they just look like computers. they are fake

  6. @dirkstyle619 @sumgfan41 no its definitely fake. i see no tracks whatsoever and the dog is a chiuaua with a white patch on its head. the kangaroos are so far away and they just look like computers. they are fake

  7. @NickBernardo I can guarantee you these arent fake! Im the girl in the video and i raised these joeys. When a joey is hand raised the person becomes the parent (in this case it was me) in the wild they never leave their mums side and this instinct doesnt stop just becasue they are hand raised. bella and campbell followed me everywhere unless they are in their pouch. Bella didnt know what that water was which is why she followed me in. Also i wouldnt know how to make a fake video! lol

  8. @NickBernardo you have got to be the biggest dumbass in the world you know that? have ever seen a kangaroo in person? or do you think that all kangaroos in the world ar secretly chihuahuas?

  9. you’re an idiot if you think this is fake. those joeys don’t weigh much I imagine, which is why they’re not making huge tracks in the sand. also they have those huge feet whit distribute their weight more evenly (like snowshoes) so they don’t sink into the sand like a dog would when it runs. bottom line, not fake. learn a little about physics and animal physiology before you start bashing people’s videos.
    Great vid!

  10. Nick as you can see the video is not ultra clear so it wouldnt be easy to see tracks. Why dont you take the energy you have in being frustrated and angry and put it into some good use.. it is amazing what one can achieve when you realise this and turn agro into something useful.. so why not try and morph a video of your own dog using the latest in computer animation technology and see if you can make it into a kangaroo!! I would love to see how it is done and would even give you a vote.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. This is gorgeous, They are so cute i was so excited when i got to meet a baby in a pouch but to get to play with them is so cooool. Kangaroos hand raised can become quite tame if๏ปฟ treated with kindness as I am sure these two are. Im sure Lisa has had some experience with raising these little roos and knows what she is doing! Good on you..

    I have never seen one in water like that…

  12. @NickBernardo Yeah, because they have the a month-worth of spare time to render out a dog out of each frame, insert a CGI animation of a kangaroo from scratch, and then add water where the kangaroo doesn’t overlap with the dog they removed.


  13. @NickBernardo they don’t make tracks because their feet are so big and they don’t weigh much. so when their feet hit the ground their weight is distrubuted over a large area making it hard to make an impression. same idea as snow shoes.

  14. It was in the papers in Ireland a few weeks ago about how a wallaby was set loose in a city centre hotel in Dublin and was going mental on the dancefloor to the skippy the bush kangaroo song, and it turned out it was smacked out on ecstasy and later died due to an overdose, they tried to blame some Aussie man from the circus who was in town, but apparently it wasn’t him

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