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NES Beads


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  1. Wow this is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen here on YouTube.
    It was promoted on my msn website when disconnecting from hotmail, did you know?

    Awesome job (what do you use to sync the images ?)

  2. Why did you use super mario bros 1’s small mario sprite and all of the sudden changed to smb3? It would’ve been better with just smb3 sprites for mario.
    Still good though πŸ™‚

  3. @MrJason12349 Oh my god! Fuck Final Fantasy 12, give us back some remakes of Super Mario and let us, once again, enjoy the simplicity of the 16 kb games… good old times, huh?

  4. @Vejo3 Shigeru Miyamoto(the creator of link) is left handed too. In all of the 3D Zelda titles, link is left handed, except for the Wii version of twilight princess, since the majority of players would be swinging the Wiimote to swing the sword with their right hand. The entire game’s layout (dungeons, et al) was mirrored in the Wii version to compensate.

  5. this video was featured on Comcast On Demand for stupidvideos section. This is where I initially seen this video. albeit, the title of stupidvideos is definitely not a supportive description of this animation. this was great, far from stupid. thought it was awesome. congrats on it getting featured on Comcast!

  6. This is awesome.
    Wasn’t this some kind of toy where you put those beads in shape, then put a thin piece of paper on top of the figures you made and then went over it with a smoothing iron, so the beads would stick together? If so, this makes the video 300% more awesome, as I had those as a kid πŸ˜€

  7. Awesome that must of took a while to make

    But with the megaman design what two shades of the colour blue should I use. Im planning on making some now but I dont know what two shades of blue I will need to make Megaman. Dark Blue and Pale blue? Any help will be appreciated

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