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Graffiti Artist Docu-Video: "Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop" (5 min Sneak Peek)


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  1. @Peetreeman its not vandalism its art.. the people who run our cities dont understand graffiti because thy think nothing has the right to exist unless it makes a profit, which makes their opinions worthless. the people who truly deface our neighborhoods are the companies that scrawl giant slogans across buildings and buses trying to make us feel inadequate unless we buy their stuff.they expect to be able to shout their message in your face from every available surface but you cant answer back?

  2. @r0bb3rt5 It’s illegal – therefore it’s vandalism. Maybe you think it shouldn’t be against the law – and that’s a fair opinion – but right now, it’s vandalism.

    Art is great – and I admit that a lot of people who do graffiti are very talented. That doesn’t give them the right to put their „art“ on people’s homes, businesses, or road signs.

  3. @Peetreeman Yes lets glorify vandalism of this nature. Its beautiful, and thought provoking. Better than any bare lifeless wall in my opinion. Better than all the other crap covering our walls telling us to buy things.

  4. @zombiesandaliens That’s a wonderful opinion, friend. Unfortunately your opinions, or those of the people with whom you agree, don’t carry with them the authority to place „art“ on other people’s property. I would be livid if somebody painted the Mona Lisa or any other work of art on the side of my business. It’s simply unfair to the people whose property these artists use. Why can’t they put their art somewhere legal or on something they OWN?

  5. @worldwidewadetube probably since about 30+ years ago (rough estimate) when local governments and owners of businesses, homes started demanding that police hold accountable those graffiti artists who tag their property.

    „painting on a wall“ isn’t a problem – if it were, Martha Stewart would be back in prison. Painting on *someone else’s* wall *without permission* is problematic. If you disagree, then you won’t object when I come and paint a giant homage to George Bush on the side of your house.

  6. Listen, not only is this movie a fucking wake-up call and breath of fresh air, but has anyone else heard the track playing between 2:28 – 3:26? Can someone please point out the source of this sublime track that needs to be spread?

  7. @sonictonic The track is called Kronkite by the duo The Creators. The song is a track off the album „The Weight“ by the Creators, its on Amazon. Now can anyone point to me the origin of the track between 2:28 – 3:26? You would make a fellow human being happy, utterly in bliss, and you know what that feels like. Help spread that feeling.

  8. this movie was great saw it a week aog in los angeles.
    and that piece in los angeles that was stolen is now in Ebay!!! what a shame

    guard on duty!!!

  9. @dayglowjoe DJ Babu – Kronkite (from the Duck Season vol. 1 album)

    Great track, great album, great DJ!! He is the DJ from Dilated Peoples and produced all the beats on Duck Season and some of Dilated Peoples‘ tracks.

  10. Banksy is Thierry! Perhaps Bansky is like the Pink Panther, creating Thierry with an accent!
    Notice the hands very similar shape-only Banksy shows a wedding band!

  11. Found someone who made a blog post including the soundtrack, bad news is none of it is timestamped so still trying to figure out the song played at 3:00 when we see Space Invader’s work.

  12. Banksy is THE KING, a REAL artist, humble, painting for everybody and for FREE,
    Every piece is a MASTERPIECE.
    Inspiration for all of us
    Bring the movie to Europe, plz

  13. I drove 3 hours to see this at the NGA (in Canberra AUS), it did more than surprise, it spoke to and about the whole movement without pretension, an effortless expose on the world of art and more importantly NEW art.

  14. watched this on acid at glasto 2010. fuck me if it didnt mess with me brain.. holy shit.

    and now that i see it sober, i canz c terry actually DOESNT have a face that moves around in all weird ways…


  15. the only good part is this video. which is the intro. the rest of the movie is complete shit. thierry is the best of example of people that are ruining graffiti. hipster fine art/street art bullshit are in no way writers. Andre may be one of the few exceptions. Some say Revs. But that guy is in a class of his own. Learn about your cities graffiti history. And learn the overall history of graffiti WRITING that you can if you want to know about graffiti. High quality style and work are the core.

  16. @upWITpeople so you support an unoriginal, over zealous, arrogant, sad excuse of an artist? and the point of the movie was this guy trying to make himself more famous for nothing.

  17. @EON352 youre such an idiot…… youve completely missed the point of the movie …..and no i dont support the french dude if you saw the end youd get the point

  18. You can tell even his voice has been changed in this video. I don’t get why everyones so fixed on finding out who he really is, just enjoy the art he gives us. Thats all that matters. Bansky, you are truly amazing.

  19. Banksy’s real name (for those who desperately want it) is Robin Gunningham. He’s on Facebook and everything! I’ve got his wedding picture of him on my computer as well.

  20. @manxind Your right, it is cool but is soooo staged – to be an expert graffiti artist and parkour master would make you just about the coolest person ever. I reckon that bit was staged using a parkour (if you dont know what that is, check it out on here) ninja!

  21. @johnald8
    Actually its not hard to find all of this stuff out. It was one of my mates who told me, and they got it from some dude commenting on a youtube video. His fb page is full of his pics and everything.

  22. @GR4FF1T1V1RU2
    It hasn’t been released on DVD yet and it’s possible it will never be so unless you want to watch a crappy cam recording of a live screening, keep your hopes up.

  23. @mazhas08
    Hope not… it wouldn’t be a counter culture then. most graffiti artist would agree with me when i say we don’t need any more toys running around.

    Keep graffiti underground

  24. got to dissagre with you there just because it would be such an achievment if some one made a film about you , as long as we keep our selves hidden then its alright.
    plus britian is the hardest place to graffiti and Banksy has manedged to do it

  25. I’m so happy they made a film like this. Street art is so damn intriguing. I want to get into that stuff. I love how he makes stencils.

    If they don’t make a DvD maybe they’ll have a Digital Download of some kind? I really want to watch this but they don’t have it running near me >.>

    it would be even better if they made the download free 😛 – No point in charging people anyways, it’ll just get pirated.

  26. i dont understand why people say „banksy the best artist around“ hes not blek le rat was doing stencils way before banksy was but dont get me wrong he is brilliant !



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  39. @twototwo1 it has everything do to with Hip Hop. hip hop is a culture, not a genre of music. one fourth of that culture is street art, or graffiti. so yeah this is HIP HOP baby and i love it!

  40. @DoctorSess Graffitti has nothing to do with hip hop. It was started before the hip hop movement and people just threw the hip hop moniker with it. Most Graffiti artist don’t listen to hip hop. Most are into punk and metal. Do yourself a favor and research & learn about the true history instead of reading something on your fave hip hop site.

  41. @hapawes1 hahah graffiti is one of the four fundamental elements of hip hop. „read my favorite hip hop site“ LMAO. graffiti started in the hood along with breaking, djing, and rapping…it IS hip hop. rap is the music, hip hop is the culture and its not this fake thug shit you see on tv and hear on the radio. thats pop culture bullshit. why dont YOU do some research and learn! there’s no need tho because i just schooled you…class dismissed!

  42. @DoctorSess Graff has been here since the EARLY seventies (in some cases the late 60’s) & hip hop came in the LATE seventies. They all had similar interests (individuality / originality) & ended up with label of „The four elements“ which was given by Zulu Nation & stuck. Thats a label objectively speaking from a hip hop point of view? Get it? Im sure other people do. Schooled me huh? U just posted your beliefs rather than info. To end this in extremely cheesy fashion like you. Class dismissed!

  43. @DoctorSess Uh, obviously u dont know. Pop culture B.S? Thats ass backwards. U are believing POP B.S. kid. The Whole elements of hip hop label started in the 80’s to make it a culture. I dare you to say to an O.G graff head that Graff started along with hip hop! I said it was thrown in the moniker of hip hop cuz breakers (who danced to funk originally) & Dj’s (again who spun funk and breaks) knew graff heads (which were a separate culture of people) & It came WAY before Hip hop started.

  44. @hapawes1 hahaha first of all im not a kid. second a moniker is a nickname. if you want to get all technical then graffiti dates back to ancient Greece and shit. If we are talking about modern graffiti then that goes back way farther than the 60’s as well. Yes there were forms of graffiti associated with rock n roll before hip hop but if we are talking about stencil graffs that didnt become popular until the late 70’s early 80’s. Yeah there was graffiti before it, but graffiti IS 1/4 of hip hop.

  45. i didnt realize me stating my appreciation for this form of art and calling it a part of hip hop (which i love) would get peoples panties in such a twist…i apologize.

  46. @DoctorSess Hip Hop IS a nickname for a culture that brought together funk, punk, soul, electro & reggae heads) After reading this I decided to look up graffiti on wikipedia and u sound just like it. U even went in the same order (greece, before the 60’s, rock & roll) LMAO!! Especially when u said the whole rock and roll & stencil thing. Whatever. Believe what u want. Labeling ruins things because you put it in a box (Hip Hop) and art should have no labels. Art is freewill not hip hop.

  47. i saw this movie when it came out in holllywood its fuckin fantastic
    we went to the building where mr brainwash held his expo. the security guard let us walk around it was rad.

  48. @ALL
    „Tonight The Streets Are Ours“ – Richard Hawley
    „L’eyeful Shower“ – Gema
    „Gadje Sirba“ – Hawk And Hacksaw
    „Rooftop Scene“ – Geoff Barrow and Billy Fuller
    „Stu 7 Synth (aka Stu Synth Thursday)“ – Stuart Matthews
    „Kelly Watch The Stars“ – Air
    „Gonga Shepard SPL“ – Geoff Barrow and Gonga
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  49. „Two Of A Kind 2“ – Roni Size
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    but i can´t find many songs on youtube 🙁

  50. Besides the very limited theatrical releases starting this month in the USA…. Is there anyway to see this in the USA? Even checked torrent sites since it’s not available here in the states.. NO LUCK

  51. @maladroitrobot That’s a point. I can imagine a mini army of Banksy-type people working together. Especially that phonebox – brilliant but definately more than one person.

  52. @leaveitplease It was not just 5 mins of banksy. he was not the main character, but still quite a lot in the film. I think this is a very interesting film, but u dont like MBW that much either. he is into street art for the wrong reason. strangest fuckin man i’ve ever seen.

  53. Banksys a bloody genius whos got the whole world guessing… lol
    Bristols the place for these mad creative types who burst the conventional bubble.
    Just gotta say Banksy, Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Roni Size, Kosheen, Smith and Mighty, Up Bustle and Out, Pinch, Appleblim, Kid Carpet, AllFlaws

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  56. I just hope that people wont think Banksy is a hypocrite because he’s staring in a documentary, I’ve heard lots of people saying that this is going everything he stands for, but I’m not sure anyone really knows what he stands except for disliking advertisers.

  57. I can not count on one hand how many times I have laughed durnig this movie.. Spectacular, because it is not just a movie, it is also a great moral lesson to the all viewers. So, you don’t have to worry, you would not be disappointed. Have fun on k o o k i c a!

  58. @OSAGraffitiCrew Oh… a Troll is basically someone who says stupid shit to piss other people off. You know, the kind of people who go on a server and do random stupid shit to ruin your fun.

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  60. Banksy is a genius for me, but this film, isn’t a movie about him, it’s an adver for Mr brainwach, an opportunist artist, who’s stolen banksy ideas’s and Obey…
    But the movie is a „banksy film“, so, maybe it’s a new kind of art from him…? banksy’s puppet?

  61. It was a great film, at times hard to follow, but good over all. Omg. I watched movie in theaters and thought my head was going to explode. But everything was spinning and jumping? and shooting, i had to take advil when i got home! Now I am watching it again? on k o o k i c a!

  62. Right, just to clear things first, i’m not someone on Youtube who craves ‚Thumbs up‘ in every comment i write but in this case i would appreciate it if you did just to see if it’s only me who thinks this. Just like ‚The Stig‘ in Topgear, Banksy is someone who people love, and i think half of that love is knowing there are pure genius’s out there but no one knows who they are, i get so pissed off when people are trying to catch them both out, i never want to know who they are, i like not knowing.

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  73. I could watch this video over, over, over, and over again. And I love the tune at 3:45
    you can find it here in HQ: watch?v=7qs3QDxzU-8
    Banksy can be my inspiration for anything. I just love this guy!

  74. @dabooge you can paint something better with your toes and sell it for millions? try it. Not as easy as you think. Plus its the message behind the painting and how you execute it that makes it so expensive. Honestly its blind uncreative people like you that makes things like this illegal. and yes, Banksy’s painting sell for A LOT of money.

  75. Great documentary, had a lot of fun watching it. However, this trailer doesn’t give you the whole picture.

    After a certain point it begins to feel like Banksy is playing a joke on all of us. Thierry Guetta is more than just eccentric, he is nearly out of his mind. When you watch it you’ll understand

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  83. Great artist. Genius perhaps..

    .. Considering the power of editing however, I think he made a dick of himself in this movie as he turns nasty on the camera man – who he uses, though is admittedly terrible with media (the thing Banksy is terrified of). Banksy takes over the editing and makes everyone else look poor. His treatment of his loyal servant is a reflection of the man I think. … lets not forget this filming began with Space Invader etc.

  84. Banksy is a genius, and the film ‚Exit Through The Gift Shop‘ is amazing. I am fortunate to live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they showed the film at a local art house theater during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival……so original and inspiring to artists of every genre….. 🙂

  85. @SORKAvsCAPOREIRA That’s nice, post all the references to prior art and I will view them and judge them. Banksy made me laugh on so many occasions with his wonderful sense of humor… That’s what I love!

  86. This documentary started great, but at one point it becamed a really huge self-advertisement for MBW, and then became booring as hell,… i expected something very different… dont want to know who banksy is, just hope he keeps making the world think and taking art to more streets and minds. Love and respect to Banksy….

  87. @MrPhartiphukborlz I think the cameraman made a dick of himself and used banksy. The fact that banksy turned the roles and mocked him is very clever.
    Was it to mock though or did he want to make a point about art? How it’s becoming into a joke lately, with ‚mr. brainwash‘ becoming an ‚artist‘ over a small amount of time.

  88. I don’t care if it was a hoax or not it was not a great documentary… the beginning was interesting, but towards Mr Brainwashes exhibition it began to suck… it didn’t move, and it wasn’t interesting enough…. worth the watch, but not great entertainment… I would have wished for more street art, and perhaps the original film is better? (if it exists? because it is not sure how is true, and how much is just perpetrated for the doc.)

  89. I think its hard to really bag on MR Brainwash about selling that art like that. But in reality, people have families to feed, bills, and all the other crap his obsessiveness neglected for so long. It was time to make that money back and he got some interesting artist to help create some nice pieces.

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  91. @weirdo033 „brainwash was an asshole because he thought he could be a street artist himself in a ridiculously short amount of time“ considering the competition are placing the exact same image everywhere, Banksy was the only actual ‚artist‘ on this film (though Banksy edited it).

    Banksy creates fantastic art and mystery and in my opinion should not have risked ‚tarnishing‘ or ‚diluting‘ this. I think this film proves my point.

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  97. This movie wasn’t really focused on
    Banksy nor Shepard Fairy.
    It was mainly about M.B.W. which he
    really got all his ideas from Banksy && Shepard.
    Well that’s the last documentary Banksy was going to
    help out with. x D

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  100. i dont like the movie,but i like banksy and the movie wasnt about banksy…
    the movie was allways a advertisment for mrb ..-.-

    sorry for my english im a drunken german hahaha 😉

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  102. Dear Banksy, you made a fool out of your self, letting Mr. mental brainwash selling out and copying Streetart!
    Sad message but Banksy probably learned the most from it.
    slightly entertaining though

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  110. @toytrue90 it’s because it pisses people off. that’s why, if ur a street artist (not graffiti artist, it’s a different world) u would know why. anyone who doesn’t make art likes this regardless. fuck those people.

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