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LOL-Gadget: Extremely bright Flashlight with 500 LEDs


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  1. You should have added a variable speed
    strobe light mode.


    In the 1952 War of the Worlds movie, the periscope/deathray
    strobed/ just before firing on the self-appointed welcoming committee.

  2. @420THECRYPTKEEPER – your now blind friend who thought it might be cool to stand next to you as you show him your new anti-aircraft spotlight ๐Ÿ˜€
    and i don’t know if that’s a minuscule amount of light… it looks like there’s more wasted light than the mag light puts out total.

  3. The next one will probably have a better bell and reflector. Anyway, I love it, esp the loud clicking sound of the switches. You should look into screen projection parts if you really want to make an “extreme” flashlight. 5/5×555

  4. while I like this project, I want to let anyone who thinks this is some miracle gadget know we can get the same thing in a lot smaller packages. We already have 4000+ lumen HID handhelds smaller than this, and LEDs are getting there. This is pretty impressive though!

  5. no offense but i have a tiny little flash light with just one led,and believe me,it has the same brightness ๐Ÿ™‚ i will film it and respond to your video as soon as i can,but still is nice ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. You know…. you should hold a contest. To see who can win that 500LED flash light….. I could really use it here at work(iam security guard) and having that in my back lot where it is pitch black… Man oh man.

    Or heck… can I just buy it from you… I wouldnt mind buying that specific one off of you.

  7. I really like LED flashlights, and I was wondering, does anyone know where I can get a LED Flashlight with the very HIGHEST count of LED’s? Probably made in China, I am looking for 50 plus LED’s.

  8. well at least he will never have to change the bulbs hahaha they like never go out… this guy should totally patent this and sell it as “the hand of god” flashlight i would totally pay like 40-50 bucks for one

  9. @killerkowalczyk
    That was my thought too.. I bought my wife a Fenix LD20 last year. 205Lumens, runs on 2 AA batteries. I know Fenix makes a lager light the TK30 that will put out 630Lumens and throw a beam 300Meters. Not trying to minimize this guys light.. it is very cool, and very bright. But I think he could improve it by using less bulbs but use the CREE type LED’s It would be super intense.

  10. its garbage just cause it has 500 leds does not mean its uber bright a small single 900 lumen led is probaly just as bright as all of those and if u took 10 of those 900 lumen leds instead of 500 of the cheap 1-10 lumen leds u would have 1 hell of a uber light

  11. One HID car headlight can do this. Why not mount one of those in a flashlight? Assuming you can get a hold of one, and that they don’t use too much power (I don’t know what the power requirements are for one). None the less, impressive work. I couldn’t have done anything close to this, and it’s an awesome piece to have.

  12. thank you for replying but,

    we know that only 4 leds can be attached in series to be used with 12volts.
    but problem is, if i add another 4-led strip in PARALLEL with the previous 4-led strip… all leds goes really dim (current is divided).
    can u help me?

    For testing purpose i am using computer power supply

  13. @hellsguardian00, when u parallel 4 LEDs from doing +-+-, you start and end on one supply, to do another row you have to do exactly as before but directly from the power supply and not off of the original 4 LEDs, hope it helps

    That’s one powerful flashlight

  14. come on man, u dun even explain to us what r all the button for and what modes the led runs on, u juz keep on switch it on and off. how the hell am i supposed to know what r u pressing right over there?? … sucks video..prefer kipkays

  15. good new solution to headlights!
    2 250 LED’s and you’re basically blinding the other people around you. and have each 250 with 2 light settings. probably about 100 would be normal, and all 250 be brights.

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