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Stupid Gadget Of The Day: A Robot Tail that Moves in Reaction to Human Movement


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  1. @skyspydude1 a better question is what happened in your life that made you think dressing up like animals as a hobby is somehow sane? but that’s a long discussion you have to save for a therapist who can actually help you.

  2. @GreenPliskin what exactly is wrong with it? What exactly makes us „insane“? The fact that not all of us decide to dress up in animal suits and would rather connect with our inner animalistic feelings, or the fact that this world still cannot accept the fact that some people are different?

  3. Seems kinda too big for me. If you had that on, it would look like something’s wrong with your bottom. Great acheivement in fursuiting technology though! But I prefer the ole‘ hypnotism induced tail to a robotic one anyday! *wags tail*

    And to all furry haters out there: Get a life! You can’t expect everyone to be exactly the same as you!

  4. Well for me i think this tech is very good not to mention it as a tail. People look at things at a different angle what i see is amputee no need to wear bulky robotic arm anymore imagine that tail program as a human bone ? And if it advance further i can see fingers and the whole arm built to look almost like a real arm. : )

  5. this is kinda cool having a robotic tail but the whole look of it is weird but if they keep making adjustments they will come up with a new and better looking robot tail that some people will want to wear.
    I think it it will be fun having robot tail, ill put a blade at the tip and stab whoevers trying to rob me. LOL Rofl

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