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Awww of the Day: Tuxedo Cat Falls Off the Table


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  1. Hеy! I’m ѕрrеadinց my eх gіrlfrіеnd’s ѕeх tаре аroսnd (ոοt really ѕех, but ѕhе’s naked, рսssy аnd evеrything!). Why? Beсаusе ѕhe’s а bitϲh, Sհе deserved it, ѕο gο ahеаd and ԝatсհ іt. And tеll yοսr friеոds whаt a slսt ѕհe іs, the link is oո my рrofilе раցe.

  2. Ah, sweetheart! Not only cruel to be dressed up, but allowed to fall AND have it caught on camera for the World WILD Web to see and laugh at. Report this! It’s obvious proof of love and affection for this kitteh.

  3. Folks claiming animal cruelty: I am close to those that filmed this piece. Tuxedo Cat was not taunted or asked to fall off the table. He fell on his own accord, and we were powerless to stop his cuteness.

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