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PS CS4: Content-Aware Fill


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  1. wtf howed he do content aware with the lasso? i do the stitching around the spot i wanna remove and hit delete key like he says but it just deletes that selected spot instead of coming up with that message asking if i want to do content aware…

  2. I used the Magic Wand to select the checkered area around my panoramic image, but when i hit Delete all I get is deletion of previous step in history. Why doesn’t the content-aware fill work?

  3. That’s just insane..when do we get the neurobands so the image we wanted or were going to imagine pops up before we realize thats what we were going to do ?

    That’s just nutty !

  4. @Avialle80 Then you’re being conserned too late. There has been a lot of fake imagery in the news for at least 14 years now, including many instances of such in Germany’s most popular newspaper.

    Basically, a bit of stamp tool, layers, colour grading and noise, as well as some trivial painting, and you could fake anything back in Photoshop 3.0.5 on a Pentium Pro WIndows NT workstation back then, many people have necessary skills.

    And yet there were fake news way before Photoshop.

  5. @3yE yes, i agree, i am aware of beeing misleaded and cheated by the media every day, but with this program you dont even need high skills. with stuff like this everyone can fake pictures, so its not hard to get you off your job, relationship, reputation..
    i just can’t understand why everyone thinks this video is so cool without thinking/asking about possible consequences.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  6. @Avialle80 Actually, you DO need decent skills nonetheless, it just saves some 3 hours of time per average image makeover. What you can’t see on the video 1) the algorithm can get much more confused on higher resolution images, and 2) the edge will tend to look fairly bad, it’s obvious it’s just cut and pasted fragments if you could look close up. They didn’t make this a HD video more or less for a reason. No skills of your own? Hire an art student, a one-off job will cost less than software.

  7. @Avialle80 Also action and reaction have to be considered. Back 10 years ago, you show someone a fake picture, and they totally believe it. Nowadays Photoshop has found its way into common language – people who expect to be cheated can’t be that easily.

    Next thing – inpainting parts of the background has always been quite easy. Extracting a head from one image to place into the other is harder. Hardest, near impossible: making things photographed with different lighting fit in the same picture.

  8. Proverei a fare il content-aware per eliminare dall’immagine del Paese il premier italiano utilizzando ciò che lo circonda… probabilmente non funzionerebbe così bene. Purtroppo.

  9. i have a piece of software cald pixelmator (go check it out all you mac people out there) it is very nice but it could never do the same things as photoshop does, it is not nearly as heavy wheight as photoshop is, i have both and i would recomend both to different people.

  10. I hate this. Photoshop has always been about pushing the boundaries with photo editing. But it was always bounded by the quality of your raw materials and the skll and diligence of the photoshopper. Now any hack can take a shitty photograph with poor framing composition and rely on a computer to literally invent the rest of his photo. One more nail in the coffin of the art of true, realistic photography…

  11. Content aware is not as efficient as described in this video. It uses information from the neighbor pixels to estimate the content of the image. There is no way to remove whole trees and roads because there is no information available to fill such big area.

  12. Cool , now more fake picture , news , events . Oh god , thank you photoshop you ruined our world , now guessing what will be new is photoshop CS6 , OR maybe CS10 !? what the heckk technology is increasing every second !

  13. wow man the Adobe team consists of freaking geniuses see its looking at the adobe team that gets me motivated to learn about software programming so i can one day be part of their team and contribute and hopefully be part of the team that makes the CS7 series or CS6 if adobe’s willing to wait 10 years

  14. This vid is BS. I can’t believe they cheated these videos, the program DOES NOT work like discribed… Little scary that Adobe would false advertise like this. The content aware option is really ruff and needs ALOT of clean up. Nothing at all like this video would have you believe. Boo Adobe for the false adverts

  15. can someone kindly show how to combine images at 4:03 ? I took 4 pictures that cover the sky, but i don’t know how to combine them to 1 picture … Please teach me

  16. 如果背景的紋理是人為的呢? 例如室內擺設。 是否也能如這幾張以自然界、比較較好修補的影像修補的那麼自然呢? 我深感好奇

  17. @cheadessolupa i was literally slack-jawed and doing those chuckles of disbelief at the end of this video. the trees already had me floored, but IT CREATED MORE DESERT. IT CREATED MORE SKY AND MOUNTAINS WHAT THE FUCK AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  18. @rdliwet7 so it’s not at all easier or faster as you stated. basically you are just adding another step to the work flow. one that is new and not tested by working professionals who do this everyday, but by programmers who write elaborate fractal equations. it’s a shame that photoshop has turned into adobe’s gimmick dumping ground.

  19. @rdliwet7 Ha! You fail to see the point kid. Both your statements fail to explain how this tool is „easier and faster“ -those are your words- to any work flow. You obviously lack the experience with this tool to be making such statements, or the intelligence. My guess is both.

  20. @almondjoy112 if go to the photoshop homepage and you scroll down to the bottom, Adobe explains it all: „Remove any image element and see the space fill in almost magically.“

  21. @Umerik ye whatever troll. why are you so ungrateful? just be happy that its there if you need it. just because it doesnt make things easier for you doesnt mean it doesnt for anyone else.

  22. @rdliwet7 where in anything did i say i was „ungrateful“? I merely asked you to explain your statement, which, again, you cannot do. why do you make such claims about a tool you know nothing about? because you don’t know what you are talking about, that’s why, hence your lack of intelligence. maybe you should stick to things that your brain power can handle, i don’t know, flipping burgers and checking the fries. Good luck to ya Kid.

  23. Umerik is a fucktard. This content awareness is incredibly usefull. This „extra step“ added to the workflow removes many other steps. Why are some people so willing to hate new things?

  24. @ffwoodycooks
    true, i cant believe that this effect is real, anyone can explain how PS wanna know that the desert will look like that?, or the sky?

  25. @Stygian7 what steps are you removing? from my experience, the edges left by this in both high freq and low freq images makes it more difficult to blend and also leaves a noticeable pattern inside the selection it has „filled.“ this is bad if you wish to remove something. i know this all very hard for you to understand kid, but your lack of education is your fault.

  26. I’m veeery new to PS Cs5, this vid helped me a lot but I have a problem. I was practicing on some random pictures I have on my computer and I wanted to take out a water bottle that was in it. The water bottle is removed but it’s replaced with parts of a t-shirt from elsewhere in the picture. Is there anyway I can remove the bottle without getting other patches as the fill?

  27. @dravino1

    Use the cloning tool and do it the hard way 😉

    I’ve just tried out the first tool, and it’s bugged, it just „clones“ other parts of the pictues, or simply blurs the targeted part(s).

  28. how do you get the content awareness option to pop back up when deleting a selection??? because now when i click delete it just deletes the selection without the option of choosing content awareness feature.

  29. it´s great for work, its awesome, but where does that leave the art and ability, i´d be amazed looking at someone who did that manually, that has the vision and all the talent to do it, than some „automatic“ software; Again, its great for work, but saddly it´ll be used in art and confused with talent.

  30. It works… sort of, but NOTHING like what this video shows. Then again, all we’re seeing is a small screen shot. You can see artifacts in the tree and grass if you look close. Still, much better than most of my experience so far with CAF.

  31. @macke09339 Not really.. if everything is white. there is nothing different so he cant calculate something empty.. he can attach something tot the immage that is build on what you already had.. or if you delete a part. he knows what should in there by looking @ the surrounded area..

  32. HELP!!! When I add on a picture the black and white effect its size becomes more then 17 MB (from 700kb)!!! Then i cant put it on FB. I mean the use of photoshop if I cant put my pics on FB.
    Can anyone help me because any effect drasticaly resizes my pic. Reply. thx!

  33. @cpsparow Yes, photoshop is used exclusively for facebook. How could they do this? *FACEPALM*. Did you try putting it into another format? Is it a JPEG or a TIFF?

  34. @cpsparow
    File > Save For Web [& Devices]… > JPEG > High or medium quality > Save

    Images do not have „sizes“. This is a factor based on the settings used when resaving

  35. OMG Adobe is such a lame Gimp haves content aware ate almost 2 years old OMG !!! Wath a fail just check this 2 years ago OMG : /watch?v=3h1gZJsjKxs this video was recorded in 2008 haha Adobe and is customores are so lame BAH XDD

  36. @Formula21DI HAHA Why do you say dath Open source Power you sucker dont you see this video ? /watch?v=3h1gZJsjKxs Gimp rocks just check gimpknowhow channel you adobe fanboy and its 100% free haha such a fan boy go die ! xD

  37. @cjk98 yes, but its hella more complicated and doesnt always reveal their naked body features like nipples/abs/belly button. its a time consuming bitch to do and can only be done if the pic was taken under the right lighting and if the person is wearing tight clothing thats made of certain transparent fibers

  38. @DevilDan83 true say, but he did it in a matter of minutes, had he taken his time to add a few more touch ups i am confident that it would look very real.


  40. @mafiaguyzxxx cs5 has it and i love it ive played with a bit it is a bit picky but a huuuuuge time save in most cases and this cs5 not cs4 he refers to cs4 as a comparison of tools not saying that it is cs4

  41. The content-aware fill option is really nice, but not as godlike as portrayed here. I actually did a better job in paint creating 20 or so extra pixels for a wallpaper to fit my screen than content-aware fill did. Granted, I spent hours on it back then, but after all, it wasn’t something Photoshop could do.

  42. This is a fucking fake piece of shit. I have CS5, and it doesn’t do any of that shit. The results are usually something extremely terrible. Actually, it takes less time to do it yourself than use that stupid piece of shit content fagware. I should make a video showing proof it is a big piece of shit. It only works okay on images such as those used in the video because they have huge atmospheres with a lot of blank shit around them.

  43. actually – it’s not fake. all of the functions are real and do work quite legitimately when used appropriately…

    a quick offer to those who actually want to achieve realistic results should try having some patients and planning your content aware in sections…

    the best way to know how (and in what order) to use content aware if it is „not
    working“ for you – is to just delete different sections, then control+z or command+z – until you become used to how the algorithm applied to content aware

  44. can u please help me cuz i new to this stuff….. my adobe photoshop cs5…when i open a new picture it come out a little window insteat like your and i can’t see the pic it just appear gray and i want it to be like a one window like yours…please help me i really want my photoshop cs5 back it really cool and it change my life not to play games

  45. God damn adobe is gonna put me out of business. To add insult to injury, I spent over 30 thousand dollars buying adobe softwares for my business‘ computers, and people who do a home job probably downloaded theirs off bittorrent sites.

  46. hey guys i made 2 very good banners and i cant seem to save it. i click file, save as. nothing pops up. i click save nothing pops up i cant save it at all. please someone help me!

  47. Truly amazing. That’s all I can say. The developers at Adobe have really produced an amazing product. I see no reason for it to not improve anymore than this in the future as well. It will be great to see what they come up with.

  48. dislike.

    this is really great and all this makes editing tons easier… but it’s kind of scary in terms of art theft. this new feature makes removing watermarks way too easy. it takes tons of effort to do all of this manually but now cs5 has made it ridiculously more convenient for the less cunning art thief. thanks guys. thanks.

    if you think my argument isn’t valid, then please enlighten me. if not, then feel free to thumbs down my comment all you want.

  49. @0coldfinger0 – haha, yes of course! i can see that it’s intended for art and they did a pretty spankin‘ good job because this feature’s really mind blowing. i’m just worried about the people that that would abuse it. :c most art thieves don’t know the severity of what they’re doing.

  50. yes this is amazing – it would be quite beneficial and time saving, if Adobe had NOT changed nearly every hot key in CS4 – after 20+ years of them being the same, why change the hot keys? Know I’m not the only one to experience the frustration…..Some things are sacred, or they were.

  51. This was incredible, I just got cs5 for free luckily, if anyone else is interested here is the link to the youtube video.
    Hope it saves someone sometime.

  52. @Paumonsu I wonder why Adobe chose to do it on a Mac? Keep your uneducated comments too yourself and the word gay doesn’t mean bad. I hate it when people use the word gay that way.

  53. Completely insane! I am blown away by this. I have done many projects where i had to remove glasses, or trash, and of course random things in the background. This feature will make my work SO much easier.

  54. Its amazing! I was using photo shop the other day and I thought,“ I really need a guy eating a hot dog in the background.“ and all of a sudden there he was, just as imagined him. Photoshop read my mind! Oh wait I left Photoshop running while typing this and the guy appeared again! You should be very careful with Photoshop.


    Make the selection as normal, However instead of pressing the Delete key, Press „Shift + Backspace“

    Thumbs up this to prevent future confusion,


  56. I have problem…. When I click “Delete“ key, its just fill my object with white color, nothing else. Its not asking me anything i click and it fills with white color. Did anyone have solution?

  57. This video is fake though.
    The fill leaves a line around the place you selected, and sometimes the content inside the selection, looks nowhere like what you wanted it to. Today I tried to remove a simple man from an image. There was only gray rocks behind him, so it shouldn’t be too hard. But the fill messed it up, and I had to spend a 3 mins removing him manually. So you can choose to use a crappy 3 second tool, or make it perfect manually in 3 mins.

  58. Does the content aware fill work better in CS5 extended then it does in the normal cs5? i mean did Adobe update the content aware fill in cs5 extended ? please answer

  59. You can download photoshop CS5 Easily – Just one link and a high speed server, it included the activation serial – Its the Full version for free 🙂
    Check the video for more guys : /watch?v=PRT3St5pr6s

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