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  1. i love the video im deffenty subing but u forgot to add the % of perverts to the girl its liek 98% or somthing hahaha no really its maybe 90% „boobs please“ so annoying

  2. I agree with xWr3 etc. etc. I just found Chatroulette today and got nexted so often my selfesteem to a terrible nosedive until I watched this video. For god sakes all I wanted to do was talk to someone new….I’M NOT A MONSTER….(That’s really funny if you’ve seen Elephant Man) Anyhow thanks for such an entertaining video. It earned all 228,983 views plus mine.

  3. I spent hours looking for a video like this one. I know chat roulette is the latest craze but is it something I should even bother trying? I think I’ll give it a miss but I’m glad someone spent so much effort to be so informative about it. Good work.

  4. Awesome video and good summarization of chat roulette. One thing I do get tired of is having to next all those guys that are pervs. And could you please tell me what is the song on piano that you have playing at the end of the video??

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  22. When I’m finally able to go on there. I’m going to be the one making others laugh. I was also thinking about Playing rockband on drums and singing, just for the fun of it! Give the perverts some rhythm XD….-shivers- ew…….

  23. @NeonLucarioz dont ask stupid stuff dude just see how this chat is fucking lame cuz all the people thinking there so sexy and shit so they cant talk to people that dont look good!!

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