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Shanghai Lady Drives Off With Tow Truck


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  1. had to be a stupid asian bitch with no regard for american laws, Fucken take all the asians back to china for a better country im sick of them fukcing up our roads and streets and schools.

  2. @diuleil0mo Lol thanks i had overlooked that minor detail. But still i think we all can agree Asians cant drive for shit and are even shittier people.

  3. @ethen24 she must be a rich lady !! bcz chinese girls they take a loits of shit of they ugly-chinese-men!! believe me,i have been there many times and have a lots of women-friends

  4. 大陸真是沒有法制, 什麼人都可以亂來, 就像我這個美國COLLEGE大陸室友,就是不知道什麼叫公德心, 壞習慣一大堆, 還整天看不起家裏比他窮的人, 真是不知所謂.

  5. @vivianchancn 你說得對, 不能說大陸的就不好, 我是熱愛祖國的, 只是有時候看到國家的種種腐敗, 許多人生活得不好, 然後又看到國內的人品德不怎麼樣的, 就會潛意境地認為就是他跟其他這樣的中國人造成外國人看不起 chinese. 而流於情緒的發洩, 先前的話是不負責任的言論, 我失言了, 對不起.

  6. A Chevrolet Captiva? Really? Thanks for telling me it’s a Chevrolet Captiva. The type and make of car is really important to me. Something… bothering me… can’t tell what it is…

    Oh, yeah. This is viral trash, until proven otherwise.

  7. @bigfoot1310
    Theft? Perverting the course of justice? Unless the Tow-Guy was an official or had an official order none of that would apply. At least in no country i know.

    If you know where it is one of the felonys that you mentioned, please tell me/us.

  8. @dayzedaway
    Americans are doing just a fine job fucking up their country.
    Stop looking for a scapegoat. Anyway do you have any statistical proof that Asians account for more road accidents in America or is your whole argument based on a stereotype?

  9. @dayzedaway
    It’s okay that you say that because there are plenty of Asians who think White people take the cake for being shit. And you’re just proving them right by being a ignorant ass.

  10. @amandaehh Hmm i dont know, but the steriotype isnt very off, becouse iv seen so many wrong shit froma asains, is see someone cut another off, and i go, its a prob an asain, when i look, its an asian! hahaha

  11. its just a fucking vid, dont bring all ur shite up just becos u saw a chinese lady driving crazy on youtube ,you people are fucked up,whatever u see chinese, u bring up all the fucking politics, fake this and that , u poor cunts got nothing to do but pick up problems on others, get a fucking life and mind ur own mother fucking business, you white trash, shut ur shithole and enjoy the fucking vid,leak back and laugh, if u want to bullshit, go bullshit ur motherfuckingself!
    get a fucking life

  12. its really not that bad in china , but of course its not a perfect country, no country is ,and china is a developing country ,u fucking people got to take it easy on her, we know that america is super developed , this and that , but you people are fucking arseholes, stop being a prick on other people, mind ur own dame fucking thing, and clean ur own shit up before , u critsize others, and about the chinese goverment , just pls shut the fuck up about the commie goverment, we are free to

  13. say anything we like there , and the goverment doenst really do shite about it, but what u hear is probaly very diffirent , like i heard american girls are fucking sluts ,very bitchy and fat ,but i found many american girls are not bad, u got to go there ,have a look urself and then judge, but most of u dumbass people dont do any research but bullshit on the chinese , thats not fair, i dont bullshit ur mom s fat and old, and her pussy is probly haunted!!

  14. @jiangpengfei
    Lol no offense, I agree with your general point (that stereotypes are bad), but your government really ARE cunts. Just look at their internet censorship. (amongst other things)

  15. @doncojones At least we got money and sluts find that shit sexy. Niggers, on the other hand, survive off of food stamps and welfare. The only income you niggers get is out of government hand outs and the only time you will ever have money is when you rob a bank. Keep food stamping and stealing, doncojones. Or are you no longer receiving government money because you are running away from your 8th child?

  16. @aznlalaland im with you.. and besides, when was the last time you saw a black bitch with anyone?? i think we should put them all on a boat and take them back to africa. theyll be confused but theyll fit right in, africa is just like one huge ghetto.. but i would want to see how ‚thug lyfe‘ will hold up there

  17. @doncojones All americans can think of is dicks, dicks dicks dicks, in every other sentence. Stop being homo, why do you care about other people’s tool? our tools are working fine, we have 1.3 billion people. Us asians tend to evolve our heads and knowledge and education not like u americans who dreams about horse cock all night long.

  18. Los Angeles Towing
    2708 Leonis Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90058 (213) 816-1765 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (213) 816-1765      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

  19. „Legendary torque from GMC!!!!!!!“

    This video has been sent to GMC U.S marketing team for commercial on TV!

    “ I am impressed how our chinese owners take care of their GMC vehicles“ says V.P of GMC in ShangHai, China on Sunday….

  20. @jiangpengfei
    I’m Chinese and I live in Shanghai. All I see are disgraceful, disrespectful, ignorant, rude, selfish, greedy Mainlanders every time I step outside my apt.
    Constant shoving, spitting, yelling, car honking, lying, stealing, etc.
    Obviously you can access YouTube. Do you live outside China? If so, ask yourself why you’ve left this great motherland of yours. Are you in China? You had to buy a VPN service, huh? Don’t bullshit yourself.

  21. The german BND is like cancer. It affects sane countries and starts to grow uncontrollable. The BND snitchers use their surveillance and brainwashing techniques to spread its metastases. These are then used to drain as much money and goods from the affected country to finance their greed and their aim of world governance. There is, as with cancer, only one cure. To cut out any snitcherous tissue and to prevent the spreading of the disease through a strong and radical chemical.

  22. @Rata4You This is not your first time being told this, but apparently, it is still new to you as your brain cannot process this complicated piece of information. So… ready? Here it comes: You are an idiot. 🙂

  23. @JuggerMaster „lol @ u, no it’s FRONT wheel drive. learn the difference“

    You idiot. Chevrolet Captiva is a four wheel drive or as the people who make this vehicle would call it „all wheel drive“. The fact here is you know nothing about cars and 4×4’s which is why you assume that only a front wheel drive could do what is being done on this video. Well asshole check out differential locking system and maybe a fuck face like you won’t look so dumb the next time!!

  24. @newcomer9747 Lived in Shanghai for 4 years, worked with Shanghainese girls for 2.5 years…most are catty and have an inferiority complex (of course they don’t admit it) and deserve to be bitch slapped.

  25. @newtonty1

    no Ive seen this in real life, there are some idiots around. the dude I saw was towing a van and the front wheels started to turn in odd directions and he lost control of the van and it hit the railing on a bridge, and he had to pull over.

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