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Battlefield Bad Company 2


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  1. @BigMusicGermany

    Why the fuck did you uninstall it???!!! Change from Vista to WIndows 7? The last new game I got was stalker shadow of chernobyl in 2009 LOL

  2. @Godzilla3200 (sry for my bad english )

    my favourite games are :

    half life 2
    halo 1 / 2
    far cry 2

    so games that make sense , with a story , you understand?
    i mean just kill poeple for nothing is boring

    BUT its just my opinion

  3. @JetBlackHearse93

    You cannot compare MW2 to BC2. you can however, compare BC2 to MAG. MW2 is a different game overall the only relation it has to BC2 is that its a FPS. Oh yea, Judging by your comment i know your not a BC2 fanboy. But dont you ever say its REAL unlike MW2. If it were real then why the fuck is ther infinite respawns. If you die you should be dead the entire match. There are many other real things people profess this real. MW2 is fake and everyone knows that.

  4. @pokemasterelite I never said anything about either game being real or fake. I have no clue where you got that from. In fact, I said I cannot form an opinion about which game is better because I have not played MW2.

  5. @albaner1912 what do you expect? for your character to go to a bar and have a beer after the fight? maybe even pick up a couple of whores while your at it yea?

  6. HELP! PLZ GUYS help me if u know the answer. thx,
    When I start BC2 it runs fine but when i start the multiplayer it is loading, loading… and then it freezes and „Bad Company 2 has stopped working“ ******!!!!!!! thx for help.

  7. @loluntilmypie Hangs crashes to desktop on PC, infinite loops/blue screens. Win7 x64 Ultimate / nVidia 8800GT Core Duo / 8 gb ram…

    Bullshit HP system:

    Unloading full clips into dudes faces and dying from 3 bullets….
    Stabbing someone and seeing a white x and then you get stabbed /shot and die.
    Hitting an oponent in the chest from 10 feet with a grenade launcher and they dont die.


  9. @jgrande345 yea but still bc2 has better graphics and gameplay but i do give mw2 the campaign story bcuz to tell you the truth bc2 doesnt compare to the campaign in mw2

  10. I havent played this yet, but it looks even better then Modern Warfare 2. The only thing I hear it lacks is gun customization. It’s a neat feature of course, but its not a feature that would keep me from playing a game without it. I love the vehicles and the huge levels…

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  12. @dennisthemenace1436 No, its not bad company again, its just „battlefield 3“

    batlefield series actually rocks, since u can drive just anything even f-22 raptors and such like that.

  13. Hmmm, Panama. Where are all of the thousands of mass murdered civilians, blown to bits when Daddy Shrub ordered airstrikes to systematically reduce the Poor Housing District of Panama City to rubble? Shouldn’t the player’s figure have to spend part of its time, burying dead civilians in unmarked secret mass graves in the jungle outside the city?

  14. @killerpfurtz Heavy vehicles going through unreinforced buildings, will fall through the floor and into a basement. The muzzleblast of a MBT will kill infantry dead as a box of rocks, or atleast WIA. The T80 gunner seems to forget his coaxial machinegun, his smoke dischargers and antipersonnel submunitions. A 12.5 centimeter SHOTGUN will work miracles.

  15. See I love this game. To be a good player at this game you need skill, and teamwork. In MW2 a good player is hidding in the bathroom camping, waiting for some unlucky dude to walk by.

  16. How is this supposed to differ in ANY way from Modernwarfare 1 and 2? It’s not even battlefield! It’s another fucking call of duty! Also, the weapon choices suck! Compare the weapons in this game to Battlefield 2’s weapons, that games wtfpwns this anyday… atleast you can go PRONE on it!

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  18. i think battlefield is cooler but mw2 is easier because i think every beginner starts with mw2 (me too) and then they play bc2
    bc2 is harder because there are a lot of skillers :O
    but i play mw2 and bc2 sometimes i want to camp the noobs ^.^

  19. @stripesreaper no killstreaks theirs vehicle some of the weapon choices do suck but i love how you can change anything about your kit at any time in the game and your comment makes no sense whatsoever after its not even battlefield it sounds like a three year old wrote it no offense

  20. @OKaKReizO it probably do, i got a 9800 gtx+, 1920×1080 all high except for anti alising and such… and i play it perfectly, just in some cases i have some slow down in fps, but nothing that influence the gameplay

  21. @EliteShooter8888 Ich würde mir Battlefield holen, hab MW2 so oft gezockt und vor einer woche habe ich mir BFBC2 geholt, zum glück. ich finde die akustik und der sound bomben einfach alles weg und man kann gebäude zerstören etc.

  22. FAWKIN AUTO PLAY CRAP, turn that off Youtube, so annoying! I was in the middle of typing a complimentary comment on this video and fuggin auto play jumped to the next video not allowing me to post.. If you didn’t know auto play was on, that’s another SUCK feature Google has polluted YouTube with since they bought the site.

  23. lol bad company loves the xm8 you got the xm8 prototype xm8 lmg xm8 compact and its also the weapon you use in campaign lets not forgot all the xm8 you saw in this trailer XD


  25. the problem with mw2 is the players not the game the game is fine but since the players decided to go campfesting it ruined the game and unfortunately i see the same thing happening to bfbc2 iv’e noticed a steady increase in camping on bfbc2, how much do you wanna bet that its the mw2 camp fags that are behind this increase.

  26. this game rocks. The problem is I can’t play multiplayer because I don’t have a serial key 🙁 can anyone plz send me a valid serial key? I would really appreciate! and I would do anything possible to return the favor….

  27. i dont like to brag at all i just love this game so much that by lvl 22 i unlocked all the weapons (as the g3 was my last) and im up in the leaderboards with people way higher leveled than me :D…SUCK IT MW2

  28. Wow, people are such douches when it comes to games. If you don’t like Modern Warfare 2, then keep it to ur dam self instead of talkin crap about it cause infinity ward works hard to make the game possible for ur gay asses to play it. BC2 and MW2 our both great games. BF2 is all about teamwork and getting the objective done while MW2 is all about Run n Gun. There, nuff said.

  29. You forgot to mention about the thousands of cheaters and tha the GAME IS FULL OF BUGS! don’t go play it. Waste your money on another game.

  30. @jackskeletonsbro That makes no sense… if you die from a guy camping you’re not a noob. You can’t know he’s there, sometimes you can if it’s an objective game. But in lets say, team deathmatch, if a guy is siting around the corner he got a bigger chance of killing you, it’s not about how good you are. And there is no camping in MW2? just stop trolling you fucking moron.

  31. @Frallemannen yeah, there’s no camping. if some1 kill me, just in 5 second i got a revenge. he can keep crouch or stand, hidden in something but i’m gonna kill him, cos there’s no camping in this game.just noob, cheater(pro), cheater(those got really a cheat) and spammer.if u try to „camp“ and no 1 in other team is able to kill u, then they’re noob.if a camper get something like a nuke, you are idiots.
    maybe campers might be those who got scavenger and claymor…those might be camper

  32. This game is the best shooting multiplayer game ever!!. This even best mw2…..mw2 sucks its just to simple theres no action it in just sucks. BFBC2 now that game has all the action everyone wants its all in your face…no offense mw2 sucks BFBC2 pwns mw2 =]

  33. @lewismac2007 In BFBC1 i had the perfect team. Every friendly tank on the match drove in a line. Went to a flag where the whole enemy team was. I was behind the 1st tank .. i saw a couple of enemy soldiers and they scrambled as they saw the convoy. We had 2 abrahams, 2 bradley’s, 2 humvees and 5 soldiers running after us. We won the match with about 75& of the tickets remaining.

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    Moneybookers möglich!

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  36. @Cincinnati76 I love using the Tactical Insertion, make a nice little Camp Fire… then just wait with my Thumper till my dinners done. 😛
    MW2 is all about camping in my opinion. Even if you have skill and run and gun…. time to time you’ll still get killed by a camper you didn’t see.
    Well, thats my opinion anyway.

  37. You say Modern Warfare 2- I say Bad Company 2
    You say Black Ops- I say Medal of Honor
    You say Treyarch- I say DICE
    94% of gamers prefer Call of Duty to Battlefield
    Copy and Paste this to other videos if you are one of the remaining 6% of true and real gamers!

  38. You say Modern Warfare 2- I say Bad Company 2

    You say Black Ops- I say Medal of Honor

    You say Treyarch- I say DICE

    94% of gamers prefer Call of Duty to Battlefield

    Copy and Paste this to other videos if you are one of the remaining 6% of true and real gamers!

  39. @smeh132 infinite thumbs up and also another one in a message. lol my bro had sent me a ps3 copy and when i first got it i played it for 6 hours or something. for some reason i think this game is a relief from mw2 because every time i play bfbc2 i never get mad at my tv lol and it barely lags. rdr is gud but for some reason the online sucks now. they changed the servers. bfbc2 is awesome. if you wanna add send me a private message with ur ps3 account if u hav 1

  40. BC2 is great but recently since the updates (which i cant download because of memory) there are nobody in the games i join so i stopped can i stop this?

  41. i dont hav this game , but i hav an x box, and my sisters boyfriend brought over his ps3 and thisgame and now im compleatly obsessed with it and also im thinken of buyen a ps3 and bfbc2 😀

  42. @Snipa47 94% of those people you know can’t play BC2 cuz they’re in wheel chairs and unable to play a realistic none camping, none quick switch, none laggy, none hackable game like Battle Field Bad Company 2, booya played you like a clit!

  43. little tip and i know im an asshole but its fun, if you’re sqaud/team is just dicking around in a building sniping or shitting there undies and not moving do what i do . BRING THE WALLS DOWN AROUND THE BASTARDS muhahaha has to be the best teamkilling experience ever just hear that roar as it collapses 😀

  44. @Snipa47 well, i thought that 1942 and Cod were pretty equal, up until the latest games, now its pretty clear that Battlefield is the ultimate winner.

    i mean, CODMW2 for all its supposed „superiority“ dosen’t have destructible eviron, its story is just as good as Bad company, and they don’t have vehicles.

    It also dosen’t favor team play, which is y i play online in the first place.

  45. how can bennythebuff2 shoot that much bullets with the primary weapon of the light tank at the beginning of the video?????
    thought you can shoot 4 and then reload …

  46. @Amros1997 mhmm you can better buy games trough the ea store much better.. but i didn’t had to fill in the cd key.. i just pressed continue or something like that . didn’t you got the cd key ? (download)

  47. @TheRealOzzie234 Are there really people playing? everytime i get in a game theres only 3-4 people in them. I used to be able to get in a full game every time before the download that pops up now that wants 450mb but im on an arcade 🙁

  48. @enoching7

    we dont speak english in switzerland, but you cant know that, youre 2 dumb. i never went to a english speaking country to learn it, everything i know i learned it in school, its the 4th language i speak. how many different languages do you speak stupid fuck.

  49. @Amros1997 maybe you need the download key of something from but i know what you mean with that key that screen appears when you click multiplayer isn’t it? but i clicked continue or something like that, but you can better contact ea support i am sure they will awnser your question.

  50. @TheRealOzzie234 hahaha i think if ppl have to choose between battlefield bad company 2 and bc2 they will choose bad company bc2 is too old ppl want better graphics! but thats what i say… and way should i listen too sombody who isn’t fully healthy~!!!!!!!!

  51. was ich finde was die noch bei den Games : Battlefield oder COD noch rein bringne sollten is dieses von Crysis Warhead das man seiner waffe visiere und sonstiges aufschrauben kann den das is genial !

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  53. You don’t understand how much I love this game, it’s definitely a work of art. You can get some pretty amazing cinematic moments in this game and it’s just beautiful. Getting that ace pin on the wining team makes me feel like a bad ass, and the pride you get from good teamwork is great. or i could just be rolling pretty hard right now haha. It’s a great game.

  54. Oh and also, I’m looking for a person (persons) who have this game and likes to play tactical, I’m sick of playing with nubs the don’t even know how to use to the controller yet alone play the game, if you like to play tactical and own this game on PS3 could you please add my youtube account?
    thanks =]

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    wegen den kernen mein ich?
    bitte antworten bitte bitte

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  57. @Matthuges2011

    Because the average gamer today is a moron compared to say 10 years ago, and also because 50% of the BC2-gamers comes from Call of Noobs and can’t comprehend or computer the simplest things in realtime. Complete morons.

    If you get into a lobby with good BC2 players the gameplay is so good you’re high for a week

  58. is anyone having a problem with there weapons and stats
    because everything is blank and i only have the beginers weapons ad i cant see the rest
    my leaderboards show im rank 34 and all my normal stats but when i check weapons and upgrades i have nothing and in my stats too
    i played a game and i noticed 90% of the people were using beginners weapons is this a network problem or an upgrade or something?

  59. Snipers are so predictable on the Snow stage for Rush. If your defending, just sneak up the map, to the high rock in the middle. Creep around and that’s like 3 kills from behind. And they neeeeever learn.

  60. @TheFATutorials dont understimate the power of an rpg 😉
    but I only use them on people who are behind cover, for instance if I see them cowering in the corner of a bunker, I just blow the bunker up.. hope that’s ok?

  61. when ever i play this its always realy hard to find people to kill.
    evin more on the map with 2 copters always like 10 people at each copter spawn shooting eachother then one gets in and takes off befor any one can get on a gun then they crash it after 5 seconds.

  62. @TheFATutorials You actually get hit by RPGs? This isn’t modern warfare. RPGs don’t shoot at 9001mph. It actually archs and takes time to hit it’s target. If you manage to get hit by one (outside of a vehicle) I suggest choosing a sport and getting some damn Hand-Eye coordination.

  63. @ChibiwolfXD i shoot rpgs at people but only if there is either not much tanks being driven or if there is a big bunch of enemys (cause sometimes an ak74 isnt the best at times).

  64. @ChibiwolfXD not with the cg. that thing shoots almost as fast as mw2’s rpgs. personally i dont have a problem with people using them at all. i never use it anyways the dmg sucks against vehicles.

  65. @MonsterPianos: That’s because the Carl Gustav is a rocket launcher used on infantry, not armor. The shells are full of fragments that, on impact, is blowend in all directions to take down infantry. Almost like a fragmentation grenade.
    The RPG 7 and the other one has better armor piercing characteristics. It’s all in the description of each weapon under „Multiplayer – My gadgets“ (or something like that).

  66. i love how sometimes if you get good people playing its like real war, like moving together as a squad and then you have like people in houses like ambushing you as you move and stuff, hard to explain but if you have the right people and the right map its sik

  67. if u aren´t just a gamer but also a collector and u hate these shitty green pepper-, platinum- and classics-editions, put a thumb up to show ur protest against ugly covers and affirm u won´t buy them!

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  68. im missing jets like in battlefield 2…

    The game itself is the best out there atm… but i hope Battlefield 3 will be like BC2 + You should be able to customize your Weapons, upgrades like in BC2 + MW2, Perks and all the stuff and it should inculde the old BF2 Maps (Wake Island !) + Some Epic Maps like Bad Company 2.

    if all this should become true, it will be the best Game ever.

  69. @x3NUKE3x Die limited! Sonst musst Du dir den VIP Code extra kaufen.. Ohne Code kannst Du nur die ersten 4 Maps, die am Anfang dabei waren spielen..
    Sonst gibt es keinen Unterschied

  70. still havnt finished the single player… but the online game play is the best out there fps wise imo..
    p.s. MAGIC TRICK 1:28 made the medic disappear haha

  71. @shareya
    soweit ich weiß ist bei beiden ausgaben der vip code dabei, solange es ein erstkauf ist (also nich gebraucht gekauft oder so) bei der limited sid nur einige waffen schon von anfang an freigeschaltet, die man aber auch später selbst freischaltet
    du kannst also beruhigt zur billigeren variante greifen

  72. From the i know who dislike Battlefield, they are usually either impatient, lack the ability to strategize, or both. Anyone can be good at CoD. Its like an over -the-top arcade shooter.

  73. @RobbinYoHood89 I agree, it is actually a challenge to pwn in Battlefield, I played CoD for about 10days now and I end up n1 on pretty much all maps..
    when I get my next paycheck i’m buying Bad Company 2!

  74. i got this game yesterday . Wow im 7 months late , if i play this game now .. looks aight .. not as good as mw2 .. in my opinion .. do u earn all these ground support and air support like mw2? .. looks like they give it 2 u for free in this game .. not fun if its already there , every1 will be rushing into tanks .. alot noob tuber here 2 ..

  75. hoffe für euch.. das battlefield 3 besser wird als bf2…. den bis jez sind all eure spiele müll ausser bf2…. BC2 -> rambo only pohne teamplay ohne nix
    Battlefield 2 -> Teamplay, Sehr große karten, und einfach… die waffen streuen da…

  76. ea ey hoffenlich wird bf3 gut nicht so wie bad company bf2 hat damals soo spass gemacht das teamplaz usw und bc2 nur rambo hat echt nix meht mit teamplaz zu tuhn

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  78. fail !!! u mis a lot of shots and if u use engineer repair tool its better to use it with bursts give it a second to cool off and then go on in this way u can fix a tnk from 1% back to 100 % without overheatiung ur tool and waiting like 30 seconds

  79. @tME4the bf2 war nur bunnygehoppe alle nur die ganze zeit leertaste dann Y dann leertaste dann Y immer dieser schrott. maps VIEL zu groß und langweilig. hat durchaus spaß gemacht aber heute juckts einen nicht mehr wirklich. ausser der Project Reality mod, der is gut 😀

  80. tzzzz nee baD company2 hart erstens kein skil bf2 hat skil 2tens map zu klein bf2 große maps bf2 hat vielllll mehr teamplay also labert net ich finds nur idiotisch ey das die kein game wie bf2 oder so ähnlich raus bringen das mit dem bunnyhop stimmt zwar aber nur das und das ist auch net so schlimm was mich auf regt in bc2 gibs nur noob waffen an94 m60 blablabla und fucknig mg noobs und tuber ey dar gegen ist bf2 viel besser

  81. @Choppr777 ach halt die fresse lieber zu groß als zu klein wenn du aber projekt reality magst, warum maqst du dan bf2 nich? genau so viele leute nur die maps sind nur 1 km groß nich gleich 5km usw.

  82. @TheZidane1201 habs jahre gezockt hatte auch meinen spaß aber nach ner weile wirds halt langweilig alle 5 sekunden von nem Jet totgebombt zu werden, gespawncampt, tot geballert von bunnyhoppern besonders von spec ops die auf dich zu jumpen dir C4 in die fresse werfen sich auf den boden werfen und dich dan in die luft jagen. wo isn das bitte spaßig/realistisch? das sind sachen die bc2 zwar arkadiger machen aber auch spaßigr (finde ich), ohne hinlegen keine dropshots, ohne jets kein riesen frust.

  83. @TheZidane1201 naja und project reality ist sehr nice weil das die besten animationen und sounds sind die es in ner mod zu sehen gibt 🙂 auch wenn die maps sau groß sind !

  84. da compny 2 is das bestespiel na jedem spiel freut man sich über seine stats und das herz klopft 😀 man dekt puh jeztt ist es vorbei und man will umbedingt noch eine runde spielen 😀 !!

  85. bad company 2 is das bestespiel na jedem spiel freut man sich über seine stats und das herz klopft 😀 man dekt puh jeztt ist es vorbei und man will umbedingt noch eine runde spielen 😀 !!

  86. @BersiCH yeh. CoD fanboys probably hate me now but this is an REAL war game.
    the explosions, gun fire sounds, graphics, just the movement of the character, realistic as shit. best game ever made…

  87. @cHillirockt was du laberst xD Camp of Duty ist so was von schlecht, Modern Warfail 2 war schon ultra schlecht, Black Ops ist noch schlechter 😀 riesen hype um nichts 😀 Call of Duty ist ausgeluscht.Battlefield 3 ist der endgültige Untergang für die Call of Duty serie :D,battlefield war schon immer besser und wirds auch bleiben.Vorallem EA muss man mal loben,vorbildlicher Support und keinen kostenpflichtigen DLC s 😀 Nur Akimbo noobs und noobtuber spielen Call of Duty 😀

  88. @Kupferstecher2007 Na wenn du das sagst, werde ich natürlich auf dich hören. Du scheinst nicht sonderlich mit Intelligenz geprägt sein, denn ansonsten müsstest du wissen, was Meinungsfreiheit bedeutet. Du fühlst dich anscheinend sofort angegriffen, wenn man dein allerliebstes Lieblingsspiel angreift, obwohl ich nur meine Meinung gut getan habe, indem ich sagte, dass mir CoD besser gefällt. Meiner Meinung nach ist Battlefield eintönig und seit 1942 allein vom Gameplay her scheiße.

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