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Sword Practice (new star wars guy)


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  1. First… balance, 0/100 points for u.
    Second… Skills 0/100 points for u.
    Third… Knowing sword skills not swinging and thinking its effective…
    Fourth… Omg, wtf… i hope ur fucking kidding me -.-‚

  2. He approaches the battle field, battle-hardened and experienced, his wavy locks sway past his shoulders, he grasps his hilt, the sky shrieks, lightening clashes down. A legion of soldiers, split in two, the warrior pulls up his pants, „DRAGON TWISTER.“ Scattered remains of the desecrated bodies lay before him. The warrior’s eyes set towards the sunset, „That’s about it.“

    „…I hope.“

  3. ok lets be honest here,firstly if those were real swords you would have severed several main arteries,second please for the love of god tie up your hair, and lastly please get some proper lessons in swordsmen ship because frankly your a danger to your self.

  4. Tie your hair up tight like it should be and it won’t get in the way and you won’t have to make sure it’s out of the way before each move. Kinda like make a bun out of it like the sensies do….you know like the real samuri warriers. Seems like the hair is distracting you.

  5. okay i’m really sorry but how the fuck CAN PEAOPLE NOT BE MEAN sorry

    and plus just thinking to like people who are like fightingn with swords like care avout theire hair and shirt while fightign?????????? xD hehe

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