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CES 2010: Hands-On With Transparent Display of the Future


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  1. that’d be cool, having your entire windshield like a GPS showing you the roads and all, with speedometer right there…
    a target triangle and a couple of automatic machine guns would be nice too!

  2. yup its amazing, if im correct oleds are made and are safe for nature, and isn’t like acid. oleds are so amazing they use less battery, can be flexible, and can be seethrough. oh i can’t wait anyone got a spare time machine i would like to go ahead 20 years and use this amazing technology

  3. well most likely, laptop hardware will soon be able to fit in just the frame of that laptop, so you could take out the rest, i mean look at phones and ipods those are basicly have harware very close to computers but they are tiny! and touch screen would work on these i think.. im not sure exactly how touch screens work. omg, this is crazy. a few years ago i would have to you were crazy for telling me we were going to get things like this seemingly straight out of scifi movies

  4. ha ha ha i just dont get it.
    i have been making video projectors for ages. you take any lcd and take the backing off and its see through then shine a light through into a lens.
    anyway the reason it wasnt done before is probably because i can read backwards so there is no point in a see through screen. this is complete rubbish

  5. Due to the low power consumption of OLED versus LCD, I’d say sandwiching two of them together, and having one act as a toggle between opaque and clear would take care of privacy issues. I would, however, love to see a multi-touchscreen tablet with clear OLED. That would be great 🙂

  6. @bloodvirus I would think that at only 40% transparency after 4 layers you only have around 2.56% transparency and it would become very very difficult to see the layers at the rear so doing this in layers isn’t gonna work.
    However if it was near 100% transparent, that would be great.

  7. @bloodvirus yeah samsung said they’ll be making that in a year or so.. i dont know if they’re using the same technique as you mentioned but they are going to make it till end of 2011

  8. why a laptop? though great technology, that is the worse use of it I have ever seen. there is one big advantage to oled – transparent and flexible substrates can be used. they didn’t allow it to be flexible and there’s no use for transparency in this application.

  9. dont get me wrong, its pretty awesome, and annoying at the same time, anything passing behind your screen would be a distraction plus very difficult to focus on what u are reading/watching etc. im not trying to be picky or doggin on the technology but its not as practical as you think, just cool

  10. I dunno if it was just the camera they used to film, or whether it’s my monitor, but the colours in the icons looked quite dodgy. If so, this kinda technology would be pretty awesome for your normal everyday stuff, while keeping an eye on the kids or whatever, but as soon as you get into gaming, graphic design, etc… it’s gonna fail, unless they somehow drastically improve the technology even further. But otherwise, this does look freakin‘ awesome! =]

  11. If they made a windshield out of one of these, it would be possible to use a gps and 2 gyroscopes ( one on your head to get where your eye level is, and one in the car to get the offset/vehicle orientation ) to overlay a travel route directly on your windshield. It would look like google’s street view route overlay, but in real life. I think that would be amazingly useful. It could also show the roads around you, with road names, places to eat, etc. This would be an amazing technology for cars.

  12. @bloodvirus they already have 3D TVs in the making that dont require glasses and it only uses 1 screen. basically, the „glasses“ are already built into the screen, so u dont need to wear them! technology is so crazy now!

  13. @jlspartz1 Actually, I could see these being used in school or university laptops and desktops so that teachers and professors can keep tabs on what students are doing at all times.

    No more playing games or chatting with friends during class.

  14. Could be better… Notice all black areas are transparent! Imagine you were watching this video on that screen, his tie would be a hole his hair would faint, the only thing you would see is white and glowing lights xD. Not very practical for a real monitor, maybe you could use a LCD matrix behind OLED plate to provide opacity and some blacks? It would be transparent only where you want it!

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  16. from avatar? isn´t society so one direction oriented today? for I don´t know how long I have seen transparent screens in every sci-fi media… but whatever

  17. they should defenitly think about investing in this technology and similar products such as the intel 3D touhdisplay as seen at the CES: 2009 showcase. we have the technology but nobody is or has really bring this stuff to life. i mean real life, for people and buisnesses, not just rich people and those lucky enough to try this out,and also it could create a whole new market. also is good for the environment …..OLED 🙂

  18. Privacy !? JFC. People all over the world use twitter as a public announcement support for when they go to take a dump. I think people like other people to know what they’re doing ( although nobody bucking cares about your stupid ass band or movie that you’ve just discovered. Really. Buck off and jerk it in the bathroom with the door locked ). This is going to be BIG.

  19. @stevnx2 Dude, nor worries. We already have the technology to change the opacity of glass using electricity so you will probably be able to hit a button and change your display from transparent to opaque on these displays in the future for when you need your pr0n fix.

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