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  1. I would make a perfect human rogue or pally en yeh movie or like a brand new soldier and you know what to all those hatred go have a piece of pie watch out (poisoned pie killed everyone who took a piece of pie)

  2. have u guys seen the new rogue hack which enables you to cheat at arena? its incredible, my own rogue is in full arena pvp gear 2200 rating! i dont really really want to share this but what the heck.. you can get it on wowcheatsYnet (replace Y with . ) but please don’t tell too many people!

  3. It seems some people really take this to serious, xD. Thought this vid was rather entertaining and would love to see u in the WoW movie Kate, haha. Keep up the great work!

  4. Just curious, Do you like ANY other games other than WoW, and isnt the warcraft movie gonna be animated, just like the intro? Heard the same thing about Warhammer. And you`re hot, dont know whats wrong with people in england for not hitting on you

  5. When Girl plays on WoW,I notices that they make Blood elf Female (Which i can refuse that charm part.),They can make more humans BF >.>,
    How come the blood elf look better?
    They look like highelf.
    They make them tries to be more sexy >.>
    So is night elf.

  6. Hi, I am Francis Ford Coppola…and I WANT YOU in my next project: “ The GodWoman“….If I really was him… the role would be truely yours! Fantastic Kate…

  7. The slomo at 2:37 (eye closeup) would’ve been the grabber for me.

    Mavie was right when he said I’d probably like your videos (‚Which is an understatement. You’d probably sit still with your mouth slightly open when you watch her. Watch for the drool… Haha“ – Mavie).

    Keep it up, Kate. You’re on the right track taking the whole YouTube world.

    (Does your Rogue need a „streetear“ [those info sources in FFTA… IDK their equivalent, if any, in WoW…]? I can help you, for a *small* fee…)

  8. great video. have any of you people saw the wow cheats pack on warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it’s astounding, i recently downloaded the pack. it’s got totally every thing inside it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches and even the newest arena glitch. i probably shouldnt reveal to people about this but at the very least this offers you all a reasonable opportunity to get it before i pwn all of you

  9. @bluespringwater I don’t he think ment in the lesbian way, and lesbians aint called gay is it? It’s homosexual, yes but Gay and Lesb is the difination of the diffrent genders? I’m not sure though

  10. Very good video. Blizzard is usually well aware of their community so it wouldn’t surprise me if you got a part in the movie. You look like you could easily be cast as a Blood Elf. Best of luck!

  11. @Rookan0476
    Allright my AIM screenname is ispdee4117 incase ya wanna try some grinding together…

    by the way.. what cudrosa5930 wrote in their msg was the truth. πŸ˜€ Blizzard recently posted the Cataclysm full length opening movie has has appeared on several blogs. I wanna upload it but YT deleted it almost immediatly.
    Go here for the full story and leaked intro….

  12. Jesus fuck, in my day… you kept your dungeons and dragons addiction under wraps yo. This is like watching someone marching down the streets with a nice shirt and blazer but no pants or underwear and not even realizing. Katers, put your pants on girl.

  13. You are the coolest person I have ever met… erh, well… computer screen to computer screen O_o Kate-monster, what type of camera do you use??? I’m looking into buying one, and yours looks like it has fairly good quality πŸ™‚ Love Leuky

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