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HP computers are racist


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  1. With ANY webcam, tracking or not, backlighting is a problem. The camera tries to adjust it’s exposure, if you have a bright light source in the background, a lamp, a bright window, or a white brightly lit wall, it’s going to mess with auto exposure. Tracking or not, all cameras have this problem. Under the right circumstances, light skin will have the same problem. The notion that there is any racism is ridiculous! Light skin just has higher contrast for facial features, it’s that simple.

  2. @Malicki70 maybe theyre looking at this all wrong. maybe they are reverse racist, and just wanna keep an eye on all those whiteys to make asure theyre staying in line.

  3. i have an hp computer that has the same software it has hp mediasmart webcam and i kind of believe you cause i tried it with a friend of mine and it DIDN’T WORK but you got to admit it’s a pretty nice computer.

  4. I agree they should fix such a flaw but I do not believe it was a move to simply be racist, I fear too often these days everything is considered to be racist.

  5. @TomCruiseHere hey cruise, big fan of your movies. Does your theory about Robots affect mexicans to? I mean mexicans are closer to a black color than to a white color? What do you think?

  6. @candoduck what it MEANS is that the programmers didnt even bother to test it on people of darker skintones, or if they did and found out, they thought it didnt matter, are black people not allowed to have some face tracking software too? lol, and it’s only an observation, relax

  7. @niftyneek The point I was raising is this .. (as you obviously missed it)
    If HP were intentionally trying to be racist, then surely they would have gone with the stereo type of you need to watch and follow black people and white people do not need watching which would mean that they had made it to just follow the black face and watch him !
    Anyway, surely it would have been a racist thought pattern if HP had intentionally gone out the way to test the capabilities on black faces just in case !

  8. Maybe because of the fact that your complexion is so dark, its unable to recognize you because your skin has sort of a „shadowy“ effect. I do not mean this in a racist way at all, just a thought.

  9. well everyone knows that the government is racist so the gov’t is using laptops to assimilate black people, the gov’t is trying to take over, pass the word on lol jk. The company probably just overlooked it during manufacturing.

  10. How about turning on a light to light up his face. Lets face it, he’s a darker color for the camera to pick up. Notice how dark he gets when he backs up. The camera simply sees it as a dark spot, rather than a face. It’s a limitation, not a racist issue.

    What the hell is wrong with all you people making racist remarks.. grow the hell up.

  11. @brianthompson72 its just a joke..chill out son…you must get a lot of racist remarks. Its obvious the camera could not recognize his face because of his skin tone. Im sure everyone realizes that…they are just going with the joke. Thats still funny though! HP is racist…haha

  12. 0:24 I actually roflmfao’d. I fell on the floor and laughed so hard I think I died….twice. Your subtly was nonexistent. This wasn’t meant to be bad, but the way you said it…

  13. hehehe … though i don’t think I’m supposed to laugh because I’m not black … was more of a nervous laugh, aimed at HP for being so stupid to not do any field testing.

    HP computers are all made in China, where like 99.9% of the people there are light-skinned.

  14. well it proves theres no black people working in the place that tested that before its release. oh well, blacks are the minority after all. not surprising this mistake could happen

  15. I’m not sure if this is real or fake.
    Why is the image flipped (look at the text in the background)? And from technical point of view – skin tones are always the same color, it’s just the luminosity which changes and make us white, yellow, red and black…
    Maybe just a Viral Video…

  16. @itzmurda81
    the only racist here is you, moron
    what sexual position produces the ugliest children?
    i dont know, but if i wanted to find out i would just ask your parents
    dont be so racist, jerk

  17. LOL white Wanda! Why doesn’t the cam pic up LOL, NEGROES! LOL! I’m a sister and I found this funny, yet at the same time, I am kinda mad! But all n all if was funny

  18. I’m white and my webcam isn’t an HP, but I still have trouble with it’s face recognition. I think it’s my glasses that confuse it. I think we all just need to wait a few more years, and eventually the technology will get better.

    Also, I didn’t find it overly funny. There were funny parts, but not enough to last for over 2 minutes. It would be awesome if you’d cut down the length of the video, sticking to your main point and your funny comments, and include less face tracking.

  19. The fact remains WHITE PRIVIEGE….and its sad that people still today in 2010 do not understand this…..or the fact that they dent this….come on, don’t get me started 98% of thins you watch, read, and buy and marketed towards white amarica even in the smallest detail (did a research paper last semester on the topic) ….but I kno dam well I wont be buying one of those damn things lol, w&& who the hell wants to track there face anyways, I’m just saying seems kinda pointless to me…..

  20. @Thecashmoney96 You can clean my shoes

    for you all that racism, even if you dont know how to set the camera is already racism. idiots! There is the option of tracking even the purple guy !!!

  21. @Thecashmoney96 are you stupid or what?
    I said that a white face is easier to follow for a camera, having different colors (black eyebrows, white skin, red lips) than a black face, which is pretty much all brown. There’s nothing racist in that, it’s just a fact.
    Unless you think saying that a black dude has black skin is racist. geez.

  22. By following this line of logic – I think we can say all hair care products that do not work with afros are deemed „racist“

    This word is thrown around so quickly it has lost all meaning. to call computers racist is the high point of stupid ppl who just want to whine and complain.

  23. Politically-correct f*cktards have made some flimsy charges of political correctness, but things like Hewlett Packard’s ‚racist‘ computer takes the cake!

    Left wing dickheads! (It turned out to be the harsh contrast between the backlighting and the black face causing the camera panning to malfunction by the way)


  24. At 1:11 and again at 1:27 when he starts to talk it moves away from her to him but stops following. 2:02 is the best one though… Shes right in the camera and it zooms out away from her to get him for his closing remarks.

  25. No no cuz its all a set up guyz ummm see you can choose whether or not too put Pan & Zoom or Full View because i have one. So when he is on it he puts it on Full View but when she comes on he just clicks Pan & Zoom button. They just say that its racist 2 get view its proven too at 2:12 and u can see her arm click the button. The end so in other words

  26. @khalysto Ya if my statement was that obvious, as implied by your „no shit“ comment, thousands of commentators would not side with the notion that „hp computers are racist“. Sooo I guess it is ’some‘ shit.

  27. I don’t really see what everyone is complaining about. Darker skin simply doesn’t reflect as much light, so the computer’s limited camera technologies cannot detect as much contrast. Just fix the lighting, and it can find and track the face, no matter what color. It’d probably have trouble tracking my face. I don’t think that’s racist.

  28. @sdlewis2 Simple. The title of the video is “ HP computers are racist…..Hilarious“. Mark me as illiterate, but hilarious in no way implies feeling upset now does it?

  29. lmao that is funny as hell…..what’s sad….the person who programmed it was white…they never thought about doing the set of code for black…i wonder if it will do the same for Mexicans….

    BIG over sight on the code in short LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Why should they be able to pick up a negros movement, if they got a computer it’s stolen property anyways and it’s only good they can’t use it then…

    Joke of course… Nothing wrong with black people… besides the fact their blackness isn’t recognized by that shitty hp shit.. ;-P

  31. did you sold you soul dude like that simpson episode hahahaha

    no for real i think you put the finger on the problem dude and plus i saw the responce video from thegrionews and they did not test it in the same way plus you wont light all the lamp in the house if you use it in your livingroom

    anyways its well light and you it not working and and your coworker its working …

    but one thing a wonder theire digital cam ..does they have the same problem

  32. que estupidos, no saben que esa gama de modelos de webcam , reconoce el rosro siempre y cuando este iluminada la persona que se quiera mostrar…por eso no lo reconoce al negro…
    que estupidos!!!

  33. I half to say this black guy is the type who would sit down and tell racist jokes with his white friends and even attend a KKK fish fry if asked. More black people need to be like this man. He’s laid back like to have fun and fine with all races. He cool.

  34. WoW this is a worthy technical issue to address.
    It’s hard to believe that they did not test this on other racial groups face recognition for video face tracking. It is not the technology that discriminates it’s the company and there testing research that just assumed all customers are white. Congratulations for speaking up. I hope HP will listen to you.They should employ you to make sure this never happens again, or a least give you a refund & get you to help test the next up-grade.

  35. @originaljawz the ones I know are like black stereotypes. you know, talk like „what’s up dawg“ and „My nigga“ and „Feed me Seymour“ no racism intended.

  36. @ackbob 😀 … I know. I wasn’t implying anything. It’s just a nurture thing man. A lot of people think that BTV and all that is gr8 for promoting black culture .. but in fact I think that recent Hip Hop and Rap culture are largely responsible for creating and cementing stereotypes within the black community. What’s worse is that in many communities a black who’s not all gangster is actually frowned upon by members of his own community.

  37. @khaos1204
    Nah. At least two.
    People just have to watch this video with their eyes closed. Their voices are so identical I’d think he really was Smith, if I were blind.
    ( Don’t know how a blind guy would come upon this video. That doesn’t matter. Their voices are identical nonetheless. )

  38. @PrestonTimmons How about if people just be themeselves? And other can learn how to respect anyone, no matter what their skin color is. I find you comment to be highly judgemental and partially racist, not that you ment it that way, im just letting you know how it looks.

  39. @tyler92932 Glass? No its not, its a lense, go take a physics class and you will see that this reversal of imagery is not possible from a lense. He was LOOKING into the camera you idiot, since when does a camera record signs and name tags backwards. Seems your the retard.

  40. @angelsgurl no fucking shit dumbass, thats not what im saying. I’m saying don’t take the guy seriously, he’s not actually offended by the camera. He knows its not racist, he’s just toying with the fact that it wont find him. If you’d read other peoples comments, you’d see why I was saying this was a joke. Everyone’s calling him profane names. He’s just screwing around, making a joke of a huge defect.

  41. Everyone knows he was making fun about the racisim, but not everyone knows this is NOT true about the computer. Therefore, when you post you should CLARIFY what your saying, your first post indicated that it was NOT a fraud due to glass. Read your post again, it doesn’t say anything about the video being a fraud, instead you insult others who identified his hoax. You said: „its a certain type of sign its glass retard“ That post mad no sence and revealed your character, not mine.

  42. Umm cute, but I figured I’d reply… I just saw your retarded post in my inbox from forever ago. It called me out, so I responded dickfaced cockmaster. Why the fuck do you care if I replied? Since it was soooo old.

  43. Hahahahaha, lol. I think it was programed not to pick you up, lol. It’s all about a sophisticated yet simple program. LOL. They can make it do whatever they want it to do, they can make the camera pick up only dogs, or something else if they want, by using shapes and other characteristics.

  44. The face recognition only works if there is a minimum of intelligence in that moving frame. Otherwise, if there is insufficient evidence of a brain behind it, the pattern recognition software assumes it cannot really be a face and then focuses on the books in the background, lol 😉

  45. Well maybe its racisit to white people. a black man may have made it only to follow white people since we cant be trusted. Its making sure the white lady dont steal the computer

  46. Damn!!If you follow them your singleing them out.You dont follow them and its still racist.DAMMED IF WE DO AND DAMMED IF WE DONT..Now all blacks will only rob from people with HP computers.


  48. God damn you all sound fucking retarded talking about how you’ll kill someone, over the fuckin Internet! God damn you fuckin must be hard to talk shit in a comment about how you’ll kill us white folks. Shit ’nigga‘ I’m shaking! If you were a real fuckin gangsta nigga your black ass wouldn’t be sittin at mamas house watching YouTube. Stupid fuckin childish bullshit. Plus half you fuckin monkeys can’t spell for shit! Go to school and get a job and stop living off the government thinking obamas bl

  49. It is very amazing how ignorant and childish all the black and white people are being in response to their comments of this video. It just shows that everyone who had something negitve or stupid to say are not very intelligent nor are you mature.

  50. @neuhisstihr ummm you spelled the f word wrong. and gangster and sitting….. seems like honkeys and monkey can’t spell so lets leave that to the Asians. And you obviously don’t get out the house much if you think its only the monkeys living off the government. There’s a lot of Honkeys living off the government too. And Yes our president is Black. # I’m just saying

  51. @carykingdom
    that’s a really stupid comparison. this is not a physical fact, as you are trying to suggest. the softwer was obviously programmed using light-skin people as test subjects, completely neglecting the fact that white people are NOT alone on this planet (a fact not so rarely overlooked in other areas of life either).

  52. Probably a contrast issue – adjust the camera or lighting.

    But be glad – I wish that crap didn’t work on me. The next 20 years is going to be scary as these types of technologies come into being… innovation always leads legislation and by the time we figure out how big the privacy issues are around biometrics and put laws in place to protect privacy… by that time we’ll all be biometrically fingerprinted whether we want it or not.

  53. Not necessarily „racist“ but more appropriately „complexionist“ or „pigmentist“. It doesn’t have anything to do with race – the software measures the difference in contrast between the eyes, nose, and cheek bones. A 100% caucasian individual with a really really dark tan would have the exact same problem.

  54. While HP and its products aren’t inherently racist (how is a computer racist? God, I love the internet), at least we know how little black people are hired at HP or at least have a high enough position to be involved in the testing process for products.

  55. @infiniteozzyfan lol funny you….dumb ass you freed them? why? for waht? and why did u make them slaves in the first place? did you pay for the suffer? do you really respect blacks would u have black friend that would come to your house? then free of what dumb ass taxes or laws that not fair to any ppl, your not free yourself stupid, your paying taxes and you don’t have health care aren’t u slave? you have no freedom sir your phone is tapped your net is watched you under the control bitch

  56. „We are working with our partners to learn more,“ HP said. „The technology we use is built on standard algorithms that measure the difference in intensity of contrast between the eyes and the upper cheek and nose. We believe that the camera might have difficulty ‚SEEING‘ contrast in conditions where there is insufficient foreground lighting“ From Hp thats racist lmao

  57. @libyaVideos Actually, mate, I’m not American. I’m English. And I’m more than positive that England has ALWAYS been populated natively with white people, so I am no ‚white nazi‘, thank you. If anything, your racism and intolerance makes YOU a nazi, you twat. A sorely-missed member of my family died at the hands of an African man, who did it for no other reason but ‚because he could‘, so please don’t talk to me about ‚what white people did to all races‘. About 50% of Britain is foreign.

  58. @EarWax0 A white man said, „Colored people are not allowed here. The black man turned around and stood up. He then said: Listen sir….when I was born I was BLACK When I grew up I was BLACK, When I’m sick I’m BLACK, When I go in the sun I’m BLACK, When I’m cold I’m BLACK, When I die I’ll be BLACK. But you sir. When you are born you’re PINK. When you grow up you’re WHITE, When you’re sick, you’re GREEN, When you go in the sun you turn RED, When you’re cold you turn BLUE,

  59. Just out of curiosity, try to make your face lighter with powder or makeup or even, in a dark room with a light shining on your face, to see if it works then. He is a cool guy for handling it the way he is lol

  60. Ha. Even the camera realizes niggers aren’t human. That’s why it refused to pick up that fucking porch money’s „face“. You know why? BECAUSE MOON CRICKETS AREN’T PEOPLE. I love how this jungle bunny tries to play the victim. Fucking stupid ebonic sounding piece of shit. Someone should find this „guy“ (stretch there even calling this darkie „guy“) and whip his ass back into the cotton fields.

  61. Ha. Even the camera realizes ni ggers aren’t human. That’s why it refused to pick up that fu cking porch money’s „face“. You know why? BECAUSE MOON CRICKETS AREN’T PEOPLE. I love how this jungle bunny tries to play the victim. Fu cking stupid ebonic sounding piece of sh it. Someone should find this „guy“ (stretch there even calling this da rkie „guy“) and whip his ass back into the cotton fields.

  62. @vaylehn You’re an idiot. Blacks are the only race that are 100% homo sapiens sapiens (modern human), every other race has on average 1 – 4% neanderthal (archaic human) DNA and 96-99% homo sapiens sapiens DNA.

  63. @vaylehn you feel good after that one huh buddy? bet it took ya along time to type that huh? did your mom/wife help you? ITZ OVER FOR YOU GHOSTS in 2012! Obama baby! how does it feel to be the minority now punk? You people sicken me. GO BACK TO EUROPE! YOU’RE NOT WANTED HERE! PASTY FUCKERS! FISH SMELLING ASSHOLES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  64. Hi there. I’m not sure why but my previous post has been flagged as spam. Anyway check out my video-response. I was just trying to be funny. If I was perceived as being racist at all, I will cease trying to be funny. Have a good one.

  65. @ilwilis dude…youre 26…come the fuck on…. are you seriously writing a fucking blog on Youtube over a Joke? man…grow up, you arnt a teenager to be droppin that word like its nothing, grow up and be a 26 year old man that you are you jack ass lol

  66. The sentence „HP computers are racist“ has no meaning.
    What we’re talking about is a defect or an anomaly ; let’s say it ’s a bug. I guess this bug will be solved one day or another one. Maybe it has already been solved by a free software update.

  67. Bahaha well good I am glad that it doesn’t track us, the last thing we need is another device for police that picks us up for racial profiling. How many of us law abiding citizens get tracked for no reason, now with such devices it will just zoom in on white people lol awesome. I wonder if a black person invented this.

    For the record I am just playing around, don’t take my comment seriously lol

  68. @omibbgangland LOL No we dont say our women white people are so different from eachother unlike niggers so i really dont care what white trash guy (let’s be honest faggot) your not the boy here you are BOY and that’s funny you think you could smak me around you more than wecome to try but you should know you would die trying nigger!

  69. @ItsNOYFB Little bitches like you that talk like that aint shit. You are a loner, you hate world cuz people that are dumb and ignorant and racist like that dont have nothing. You are the scum, I cant believe i’m actually wasting my time on stupid kids like you. You are a scum and I would be happy to come to your hood if you are in USA.

  70. Racism? Dr. David Duke’s latest video- „Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism“ (watch?v=cYBsDwjezQI) on his youtube channel is a block buster near #1 getting 25 like votes for every dislike vote.

  71. yo some shit is like that in this world still tho but like people needs to grow the fuck up because we all are the same i dont give a fuck abt what or who does n y should it matter that whats wrong with this world people are on some low down dick in the face shit man all this blACK N WHITE SHIT NEEDS TO END WE ARE STILL FIGHTING EACH OTHER IN STEAD OF GOING TO SOLVE THE ISSUE SO STOP LOOKING FOR REASON ENOUGH SAID

  72. yo some shit is like that in this world still tho but like people needs to grow the fuck up because we all are the same i dont give a fuck abt what or who does n y should it matter that whats wrong with this world people are on some low down dick in the face

  73. I worked for HP for 10 years! I invented that design so it can stop and get a good look at who made it…lol I worked at the site in Ontario California, 1220 east Baker Avenue 91756

  74. I worked for HP for 10 years! I invented that design so it can stop and get a good look at who made it…lol I worked at the site in Ontario California, 1220 east Baker Avenue 91756.

  75. I walked into the kitchen this morning to find my son with his face covered in chocolate.

    I said „Matthew, have you been a cheeky boy and eaten all the chocolate?“

    He said „No Mr. Jones. I’m Leroy, Matthew’s friend from school.“

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  77. @psjunta,Sloppy programming u call it!Check all the commercials onTV.Thatwill give u an idea whether things are delibrately put on the screen or by accident!EU representative for trade Karel DeGucht calls for fair distribution of raw materials,implying thatChina grabs everything nowadays!Guesswhat! BRIAC explains it all!With such attitude the West will beLUCKYif they’re given the crumbs since most raw materials’re from non-white regions especially Africa.TheWORLD’s better with total integration!

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