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I’ve Discovered Something Amazing!


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  1. At the final, you should say “DISGUSTING! DISGUSTING! DISGUSTING!”
    The only thing you discovered is how to get your mouth, neck and clothes dirty with baby shampoo and style.


  3. I applaud thee. You have… changed my life. The epicness of your discovery has left me speechless, therefore I have been left to type my admiration. Thank you. You have saved me.

  4. Not sure why everybody feels a need to be total jackasses in these comments. If you don’t like his idea of humor, feel free to stop watching his videos, but odds are you just watched like 10 of them. As for the video, the sound effects totally make it. Funny stuff. Keep up the hilarity!

  5. Um…yeah. I would probably fall in lveo with you. Why, you may be asking yourself? Because you’re entertaining. And what else do we have in this life other than bored, random entertainment? Fuck the doods that are being ridiculous. I googled “something amazing” because that’s all I want to see. And you delivred. Thanks for warming a drunken girl’s lil’ heart right before shy skinny dips in apool by herself that looks liek a pond at 4am. 😛

    There’s a 9 year old girl blowing bubbles through her mouth.
    My 3 year old brother doing charlie bit my finger .
    12 Year Old Doing Michael Jackson.
    My Bro Laughing Like Mad.

    There’s a 9 year old girl blowing bubbles through her mouth.
    My 3 year old brother doing charlie bit my finger .
    12 Year Old Doing Michael Jackson.
    My Bro Laughing Like Mad. x

  8. @Top40ModernRockPlay haha ur soo right! lol Oh and to the video?..I discovered that 4 years ago on accident when I was in the shower…And it didnt make me look like I had cum on my chin.. lmao..but either way i posted this on FB

  9. dude, u get laid every day the only reason u have that shampoo is for lube right cause u get the bait with this video i bet u get a shit load of response videos of chick telling you where they live so you can go on your very own sex drive and the only way you learned this is because one chick you were gettin bop from said amazing and blue a bubble and you were like damn that was coll , but finish up bitch right?

  10. Hey Artie! You probably don’t read some of the million comments on your videos but.. Could you do an Extreme Drumming? with cans and stuff in your kitchen? 😛 would be awesome as hell 😀

  11. I used to do this too, as a shower hobby, except I would put the shampoo along the side of my rolled hand and blow from the other side… it doesn’t come with a shampooy taste that way…

  12. Hey man, where’s your girlfriend in this video? Oh she’s not in this one, OH she’s not in any of your vids??? Oh that’s right she doesn’t exist and that’s your boyfriend’s semen all over your face. Stop wasting the internet, one day the internet is not going to work anymore and when it does people like you are gonna be killed by angry mobs of internet junkies.


  14. 6 months ago, I was sleeping, when suddenly, I woke up with that sentence in the head “I’ve discovered something amazing” (I am French, but I sometimes think in English).
    Now I get it.

  15. now immagine this guy in a new movie, a great or funny movie perhaps.
    he plays a geek or goofy guy and does this kinda stuff when he is bored.

    and you know if you watch a movie, someone opens a door and a guy is doing this kinda stuff and blowing bubbles you would laugh ur ass off and think he had problems 😀

  16. come on im sure that guy is mentally retarded or was born with some kind of down syndrome perhaps!!!! i just wasted 1 minute and 16 seconmds on this crap!!!!
    oh and btw… how did this get 975,o90 views!?!?!??!

  17. no. whats amazing is f-ing a girl while standing on your hands and a horse walks into the room while obama gets assasinated and while f-ing the girl 71 more virgens walk into the room. you see where this is now headed? ….. ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…boom. no im not taliban. this is still funny .


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