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Battlefield 2142 – Tips Barrage


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  1. good tips but no one realy does team any more i have been healing people and tacking people kits to heal team mates but no one heals each other the only care about geting kills or somthing

  2. @Addybattler Agreed. Although its funny when you name your squad Unlucky or FAIL Squad and the end result is your team actually leading the EU or PAC to victory. I’ve had remarkable luck like that. Reverse karma if you will.

  3. I once had pirated version of BF 2 and BF 2142..i really hate that ppl in many servers are just runnin’ wild and shooting everything that moves…

    I like ppl that use voice chats, use tactics etc.

    Bcuz of this vid, im thinking about buying BF 2142….

    PS. i dunno why, but in all BF games that i have played, i play like a pro, but when i play CS or CS:S im a noob (even versus bots) 😀 how come?

  4. I’ve gone to many servers, but nobody obeys his commander or squad leader… Everyone kills anything that moves. Νο team work… I hate such behavior! 🙁
    What’s your username? Mine is D.C.V. Add me, i’m a good player(always in the top 5 of my team)

  5. “shoot first revive later” …hmm u are wrong if u have good squad better revive then shoot 😀 or revive for “human shield” 😛 then u can kill enemy 😀

  6. This is really good advice. I wish more players were like you. My ex-roommate used to drive me crazy because I had to hold his hand throughout every game and he would rage when I was off doing my own thing…trying to win the round. Great video!!

  7. @SoldiFox By experience, I’ve seen lone soldiers attempt to revive teammates when the enemy was fully locked and loaded, and punishing attempts at revival. If anyone is to revive teammates with foes around, he’s got to have someone gunning to cover him. Otherwise, the guy should defend himself and then attempt a revive when the coast is clear. The enemy has the intel advantage seeing as wounded can’t move – so once he knows someone’s just gotten defibbed, he can easily catch and re-kill him.

  8. @therocker188 Shield overloading is the act of firing anti-tank rockets at the sheilds guarding Corridors 3 and 4, before the corresponding consoles below are destroyed. Shooting 14 rockets at the shield will destroy it along with the console below. PK and AA rockets are ineffective – you can only use the Mitchell, Sudnik or Pilum. It’s an alternative against going into a corridor that’s already entrenched.

    Take note that this is not always allowed on the server rules.

  9. I’d say that guy at 2:20 tried to kill you, not revive friend 😛 deffibrilator kills with one strike just as knife, but it’s more difficult to use.

  10. Damn, you are so good! Thank you for the video. It’s great and it helped.
    By the way, what are the skulls that pop up when you kill someone? Is that like an add-on, video editting or something else?

  11. I surely enjoyed! Awesome video, for an awesome game!
    I ain’t much of a squad player, considering the fact that good players for your squad are hard to find AND that I like to be a lone wolf, but I’d surely enjoy squading up with u people! It’s another play mod that ain’t just about pulling the trigger! Respect for that and keep up the good times!
    Cheers for the cool video!

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