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SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING – Interviews with Supporters


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  1. O M G ! ! ! I can only hope all of the folks in this video watch themselves on here and realize how totally, unbelievably, indescribably, pathetically and unreally ignorant they all are of EVERYTHING. They are all for Sarah Palin–and have NO IDEA WHY! They have no idea what she stand for (nothing!) or what she is all about (nothing!). God SAVE us from white trash. Read a book, people. Pick up a newspaper. Get a clue about the big picture, not just your narrow views.

  2. the stupid! it burns!!!

    „what are some issues of hers that you agree with“

    „im not sure where your going with that. where…what issues“

    apparently she was unaware that politics involves issues. how do these people manage to not choke to death on their own spittle? why are they out in public without safety helmets?

  3. these are really great (not to mention objective, which for me would be really hard if i was the one making the video) news pieces, and i hope you guys keep up with the good work

    plus the reporter is a babe but that’s kind of beside the point

  4. Does this represent the mainstream? A cross-section of our proud & ignorant voting public? If so, we’re doomed. ie. „Drill for gas“? Tell me–how does that work? I thought you drill for petroleum and then use it to make gas.

  5. Ron Paul Revolution in 2007 was the real tea party…not Sarah „neo-con“ Palin… it was a movement against both corrupt parties! Vote libertarian! RON PAUL 2012

  6. I really feel sad for these people…….for they dont understand that billionaires like Murdoch twist their minds and feeds them crap…….everyday AKA Fox news……

    obama is a shrill ……………Ron Paul’s supporters are the only ones that make sense

  7. Sarah Fail’n air headed Vanna White wanna be, half-finished governor, shot gun wedding gone bad, queen of dingbats, is nothing but a tease for the TaliBaggers. When is America going to wake up and figure out this moose shit for half-brains, quitter governor, who talks in fear mongering platitudes smacking of sophomoric valley girl jabs, tweaked in urban legend logic, is a complete IDIOT?

  8. The people talk exactly like Ms Palin…they know NOTHING and can’t make whole sentences. Her policies in Alaska are to give away money (Socialism) & have runs the state that is #1 for rapes…the MOST rapes in all of the 50 states…plus women have to buy their own rape kits. That’s why we’re proud to be women with her in charge…not.

  9. She’s not a very good American since she belonged to a group that wanted to succeed from the union, how patriotic is that?
    Don’t be surprised America and ignorant piece of trash like her could become president people in this country are just dumb enough look at the past eight years not once but twice they voted in that ignoramus

  10. So sad that the GOP exploits stupid people by repeating, „Christian values“….There is nothing these people gain by supporting these crooks (aside from the upper 1%).

  11. lmao. my favorites would definitely have to be „what are some issues of hers that you agree with?“ „i’m not sure uhh where are you going with that? what issues?“ and „i’m an american. we don’t have czars in america.“

  12. @FederalReserveMan what price are you paying? How about presenting specific examples of exactly what price you’re paying instead of being a dumbass right wing follower like these humps in this video. Bring FACTS or go pollute your hillbilly friends with that crap.

  13. As much as I would love to see a female president(except during her time of the month..), I don’t like Palin the least bit. Most of these people don’t care about the actual requirements to be president. They would rather see „the first female president“ rather than a qualified President. Then again, what is politics but a popularity contest?

  14. @pepetrueno1967

    I may strongly disagree with Palin’s policies, but what you have just said was very sexist. When I saw her dressed nice my immediate thought was: „Richard Mellon Scaife probably advised her to dress in that manner to subconsciously register in her audience a sense of credibility“. I think Palin was chosen because of how her quintessentially working class background and mannerisms would connect with her target audience, and it wouldn’t be affectation as with George W. Bush.

  15. @jaymthegenius

    The problem with Palin, however, is that she was the governor of Alaska. The mayor of New York or any other important city would be far more challenging and worthy because instead of just serving and appealing to conservative working class whites, you have to serve a far more diverse demographic and have a more complicated set of challenges involving zoning, allocating capital and resources correctly without going further into debt, maintaining infrastructure, etc.

  16. @jaymthegenius There is no Utopia on earth. No perfect system that will rise up and save us all. It is and always will be survival of the fittest. Most of the great captains of industry came from modest beginnings. It is not the school you attend, It is only yourself that determines your success in life. I know that’s a cold cruel heartless thing to say to a new generation but you will learn.

  17. @jaymthegenius Your assumptions are idealistic and well intended yet smug. Humans do belong on earth. They may not live up to your ideological standards they are here and always will be. It’s the common man that sustains the elite not the other way around. I know there is nothing but crap on television and that is a reflection of the contempt the elite media have for the market they make there living on.

  18. @pepetrueno1967

    Palin doesn’t take advantage of anything; she is only a puppet to give a working class face to the Republican Party. It worked for Nixon (who added a bowling alley to the White House, so he wasn’t exactly a Teddy Roosevelt) and Reagan (who wore brown suits and was a nouveau riche actor). The real power in this country is with various think-tank groups and the private sector who funds and establishes various policies.

    That is distressing about Palin’s target audience…

  19. (cont.) because they are being taken advantage of because of the underfunded educational districts they attended. There is even a website called People of Wal-mart meant to ridicule people who are unconsciously incompetent and lack the cultural capital to know how to be appropriate. People like Palin and Beck exacerbate the lowest common denominator egalitarianism dysgenic trend.

  20. i went on her fb page & asked her supporters WHY they liked her & why they think she would make a good president….

    the sad responses i got i tell you! one lady said she liked her because she had a special needs child like she did. i told her how does that make her qualified to be president? if that’s all it takes why aren’t YOU running for president?

    palin supporters are rightarded, brain-washed, faux ’news‘ drones.

  21. She does NOT make me proud to be a woman. Any woman who actively seeks to take away my rights and the rights of those dear to me is not someone I aspire to be like!

  22. How’s that drill-baby-drill thingy working for you Sarah Fail’n, air headed Vanna White wanna be, half-finished governor, shot gun wedding gone bad, queen of dingbats? When is America going to wake up and figure out this moose shit for half-brains, quitter governor, who talks in fear mongering platitudes smacking of sophomoric valley girl jabs, tweaked in urban legend logic, is a complete IDIOT?

  23. @Bibbly53

    She was the mayor of some small town in Alaska and still managed to make poor choices. In such unchallenged locations simply being conservative and not changing anything is typically enough to do a good job. There is a bottomless pit of an abstract difference between being mayor of New York, which is far more challenging because you need to cater to a diverse constituency in many ways and the infrastructure and bureaucracies are far more complicated, and mayor of Wascilla.

  24. Ron Paul is the tea party, not Sarah… Ron Paul revolution started in 2007 and was a libertarian movement against both parties… vote ron paul 2012

  25. OH MY GOD and now I completely understand how criminals have taken over our country from the inside out. And unfortunately I think this is about 80% of the general public’s mentality . And now Im really scared……

  26. @mssrus Then she spends money that wasn’t hers on a wardrobe and makes a fool of herself on national television. I don’t give a shit if she walk her talk, she’s a moron anyways!

  27. @Grandy924

    Well said. One can infer that because she made awful decisions in a small town and as governor of a sparsely populated, homogeneous state that she is nowhere near ready to make decisions at a national level.

  28. @Zephanus The clothes were provided by the McCain campaign, she shipped them back afterward, and the lies about this continue. I maintain, also, that she is smarter than Obama. Just compare their school records. Oops…she’s the only one who released hers…

    *If Obama is so smart, why doesn’t he prove it?*

  29. People like these give America a bad name.But rest assured,Europeans believe that there are still many Americans with enough brain capacity to make a whole sentence and even more Americans smart enough to laugh at those retards!

  30. @uchia995 Sorry…that was Columbia where no one remembers seeing him in class. Still, he won’t let anyone have access to the records so…he can’t/won’t prove he’s smarter than Sarah.

  31. @mssrus Lol graduating with Magna Cum Laude is all that needs to be said. Do you even understand the magnitude of that achievement? He graduated in the top 10 percent of other Harvard students. Harvard students are incredibly gifted and the fact that Obama was able to academically complete and graduate in the top 10% is all that needs to be said. And once again SARAH NEVER RELEASED HER COLLEGE RECORDS EITHER. However, based on the evidence it is clear that Obama was more academically successful.

  32. @uchia995 And based on the evidence, Sarah would have done a much better job responding to an oil spill. She has practical as well as Executive experience in dealing with these things. Theoretical ponderings and pontifications aren’t much compared to roll-up-your-sleeves, active engagement. The man is a disaster. She uses her intelligence for a much better end than does he.

    BTW, she uses the two senses he seems to be lacking: Horse and Common.

  33. The man in the Steelers jacket is obviously NOT from Pittsburgh…We are much better looking, more intelligent, and don’t talk like muppets. And the majority of us our sons of union-men, true American’s, not Faux News swilling morons.

  34. @uchia995 So, who wrote his papers for him? He ‚reportedly‘ was a scraping-by, average student at community college Occidental. Then, after a Summer trip to Pakistan, he suddenly got into expensive Columbia. How did he afford the switch? Then, there are those books he ‚wrote‘. How does someone so completely change his word and phrase choices for print, then never use them again afterward?

  35. @mssrus I can u dumb fuck, its called internet lingo. It saves space so i can get my point across in under the 500 character limit. You understand improvisation right? Fuckin idiot grow up lol. Royalties? what royalties? its fucking alaska. And out smarting fake lawsuiter-filers? Lol its like you cant even word it intelligently cuz your not making any fuckin sense lol. Those are obviously 2 HUGE issues we really need to fix in this country. LMAO gimme somethin real u idiot.

  36. @mssrus

    Any governor of any state could be involved in an affair, that still doesn’t change the fact that California and New York are far more challenging states to run than Alaska, Wyoming, or any other sparsely populated state. She didn’t have to deal with as large of a crime rate, rapid population growth (America’s population growth is outpacing the GDP), and as large of a bureaucracy.

  37. @uchia995

    That’s right, he was also the President of the Harvard Law Review. Additionally, it wasn’t like he went to Exeter, Choate, Andover, or Middlesex as a feeder school into Harvard either. But at those places you compete with Ivy legacies and the top 10% of your class anyway so even then it would still be an achievement.

  38. RASCIST BASTARDS…… Thts why OBAMA won HAHAHAHAHAHA 🙂 but seriously this is wack… how u gone for someone and talk bad about the other person and u dont even ANYTHING about the person…. thts IGNORANT

  39. Congratulations America…you’ve got a Mohamadan Marxist n-i-g-g-e-r. When this „interviewer“ is living under tyranny, the son of a bitch will look for those against what he will have to endure. God damn every one of you sick sons of bitches that voted for this god damn n-i-g-g-e-r.

  40. The Tea Party is a complete joke, filled with incompetent evangelicals who vote based on their homophobic and racial tendencies rather than on social policy. This is not me trolling unlike the rest of the uneducated bigots on this page hating on Obama based on the color of his skin. We live in the 21st century. If you have a problem with people based on ethnicity or sexual orientation, you might want to consider jumping off a bridge, or at least pick up a progressive book and turn off fox news.

  41. How am I expected to watch a movie with tears in my eyes the whole way through? Excellent movie, emotional,wonderful movie as I watched it at Free Movie Zone . n e t

  42. „I’m an American. We don’t have czars.“

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or whether to run in terror that so many people are this foolish and idiotic. How many of these people actually have real examples to support their beliefs rather than just Fox news clips and sound bites?

  43. Im a libertarian and I have to say this, these people do not read books at all just watch the news, just like the progressive left wingers do.
    Read a damn book about our founding fathers, and stop state-ting what you hear on the news.
    Ron Paul 2012 the only man with principles and upholds the Constitution.

  44. I don’t think it’s fair to look at idiots in order to represent a group of people. But then again, if he wasn’t interviewing idiots, he wouldn’t be interviewing conservatives.

  45. No offense to any of you open minded, well educated and informed American people out there whom I consider brothers & sisters (mankind SHOULD be one big family..), but these right wing retards are pretty much what ‚foreigners‘ think when they think about the average American.

    It’s stereotyping at it’s worst, but folks like Palin, O‘ Reilly, Bush etc. don’t really help polish the American image, especially when accompanied by videos like this.

    Give up the idiot box and read a book.

  46. @xvincexsugruex yes, i teabagged your mom last night., your such a racist and clearly have an issue with gays. you should not be allowed to comment.

  47. @gplito you are so intelligent, it turns me on, i want to tea bag you. you area racist, thats all there is to it and clearly you have an issue with gays as well.

  48. these people be crazy, dont they know that they free food stamps is on the way. they be hatin cause all the good people be gettin their reparations and they aint gettin nothin. Its my right and now we there baby! erbody be getting somthing now, All these people be fools, just look at chicago, the promised land, Oprah and Obama gonna lead the way! Pelosi be way smarter than Sarah Palin

  49. I love these videos. It is clear that the se people have the „pulse“ of the nation and what is going on. (please note sarcasm).

    Palin is a demagogue and nothing more. She sold out and now tours the country spouting her meaningless drivel comprised of one liners, bumper stickers and t-shirt talking points. The misinformed, non reading public does not know any better and follows this woman blindly simply because she claims to be christian or whatever else feels warm and fuzzy.

  50. @ultimatetalesfan19 You’re not doing that well either with Latinos and Asians, do you? I have many black and Middle Eastern friends and none of them has a hidden agenda of hanging me from a tree.They only want to make a life for themselves in Europe and in time return to their countries and help them develop. Yes, some of them will stay and they are more than welcome to do that.They are nice and smart people (unlike most Americans I’ve met) and contribute a lot to our society.

  51. RON PAUL was the REAL tea party, Palin took it over and made it NEO-CON…it was a libertarian patriot movement in the beginning, in 2007…INFOWARS

  52. The lady with red T and coat sounded as if she knew what she was talking about ..untill the „Im and american, we don’t have czar’s“ part !!!….

  53. This hurts, WE love sara palin she is soooo great. (What would she do if she was in the guverment) Hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    God at least know SOMETHING if you suport a person

  54. @gplito yes, if we could all be worldly freedom fighters like yourself, mabey the poor palestinians could have their sacred wasteland back and spread their glorious vision of oppression and ass backwards beliefs. what a guy you are. Sarcasm would be if I told you, you were intelligent, calling the so-called president by his real name, sarcasm??? Funny how people shy away from the branding he gave himself, you obviously see it as a negative, be proud of your muslim leader, you rascist pig

  55. @ashakouri1 we are no longe exceptional because of obama lovers like you, and the rest of the handout loving, nonworking, rascist ballsacks like yourself,

  56. @jazzfan5000 yes, it scares me, those places are breeding grounds for perverts like yourself, you probaby hang out the kiddie section playing pocket pool

  57. @Mostnorthern
    As a matter of fact he is doing a hell of a job cleaning up after that idiot Bush despite the fact that poor-sport republicans (like Palin, McCain and their followers) are backstabbing him because they didn’t win the elections.. Although changes don’t happen over night, This country is doing a lot better than it was a few years ago.. Our economy is slowly recovering and it has nothing to do with Palin or McCain believe you me.

  58. @ashakouri1 She’s been calling me a racist as well, she is a really nasty little girl, I’m sure no more than 14 or so.Just a complete ignoramus, she’ll get in big trouble when her mommy finds out…actually she’s a lot like her hero Palin.

  59. @inkchink Did your boyfriend stand you up tonight or are you just having that time of the month. You’re such a nasty little girl…..such a mouth and taking on three guys at once.Wow…We’re all impressed. I’m thinking you’re a fat girl,about 14,a little smelly, bad attitude …am I close?

  60. @gplito yes, whats your point, that you are sexist and discriminate against the overweight and age challenged. typical liberal pig. Im only a little smelly b/c I use totally organic, untested on animals, biodegradable, from all natural, no preservatives, deoderant and it doesnt work real good. what have you done for the environment lately? besides using aloa for your butt lube? your hateful rhetoric against female teens has nothing to do with Obama being a complete failure.

  61. @CroswhiteK I didnt pull out on time with your mom last night, Im worried, oh and upset we have a complete waste of space for a president and worthless administration.

  62. @inkchink“
    „Obama gone pay for my surance and my gas, shoooot, Das change“ Hey little girl, did you wear blackface and sing mammy when you wrote this racist shit down. How did such a young girl like you learn to hate black folks so much?

  63. @gplito why so itimidated by a young girl, not only are you a racist, bigoted, age and weight discriminating, sexist left wing extremist but a social retard, you really shouldnt be trolling these sites for young girls you pervert. your mommy is calling you, time for din-din. its bizarre that everytime a racist like yourself is called out your only response is to say the same,

  64. @jaymthegenius while interesting, so hello by the way i am glade we can convert ,,,,,,,what do you think about president Obama and i still feel that only certain people or certain class benefit from presidents what do you think

  65. @jaymthegenius agreed. the top 1% run everything. those families control the wealth and business in america. Their descendants earn this without having to lift a single finger.
    There should be no left and right, white and black. they keep us from focusing on the real issue: Classism.
    and btw And every president is going to do whatever is in the interest of their private funders.

  66. As a black American who loves this country and love the Constitution and a Republican you better believe I support the tea unfortunaely most of the people this guy interviews are single issue voters nd not hip to all the issues of the Obama administration, HealthCare, Partial Birth Abortion, Government Spending, No taxation without presentatio. All of Obamas
    appointees are radical supporters of Communism and destroy the Constitution. Bottom line is this administration is going down.

  67. lol thank you @Darrian6 you just showed your intelligence..brilliant..I’m sure you can do much better..

    And yes @conradsnewone I believe in forgiveness and also Justice..Christ forgave the thief on the Cross but didn’t deliver him from death…If a crime is committed against me I will forgive..however depending on the degree of the crime I will still press charges. The Bible says a murderer shall be put to death…doesn’t mean there is no forgiveness for him.

  68. @jdswearingen Why? They’re subnormal imbeciles with no money and no power. They were always going to vote right wing so they are of no import whatsoever. It is kind of terrifying to see just how stupid Human Beings can be but most of them seem retarded, medicated and uneducated. They’re living jokes.

  69. Thank you @ nilbud insted of being a typical liberal and name calling try an intelligible discussion…The Uncle Tom name is simply Archaic and so is your own personal limitation to peace and unity you and other racists (black & white) are an anachronism..Black people are at war in our own community who’s to blame? the white man? you are a slave in your own least that’s what my white master says lol..I got furtther in life without a chip on my shoulder.

  70. @judson43 I’m not a racist you fucking simpleton, you are an uncle tom lickspittle. You got fucked in the ass so many times you grew to enjoy it and welcome the sensation. Your poor broken mind is just a source of amusement to the cruel onlookers. You are despicable and your pathetic cowardice and idiocy are doubtless an endless source of embarrassment for anyone unfortunate enough to be related to you. You’re a fool of the lowest order.

  71. @jdswearingen Can you explain why they feel no shame at their fear and ignorance? Isn’t there a social stigma associated with stupidity, or is there a big enough pool of idiots they act as a self help group?

  72. ((Yawn)) @nilnub your rhetoric bores me you sound like an abused child..stick and stones…you are foul and your insults are meaningless..((chuckle)) by the way ..I loves my white friends!!! we have fun together.oh how wonderful being at peace with my surroundings. You stay angry now, and after reading your last comment umm ya you don’t sound racist you’re a BIGOT hehe. Enjoy your anger, negative environment and your chip on your shoulder.
    The End.

  73. @judson43 or i mean dont say things like „there is forgiveness for people who accpet jesus christ as their lord and savior who rose on the third day“. i respect your belief, but it seems very dogmatic to me.

  74. @conradsnewone Dogmatic? where would we be without laws?, well some of us view the glass as half full…we know one thing we all will die, and if there is no Judge THEN WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?, but if there is…..What good is it to believe in something or someone, if that belief can be conveniently shaped based on the moment or the mood or situation? Secular Humanism!!..Should,Charles Manson be free?, Hitler, Stallin,Mou Se Tung? should tey be forgiven also?

  75. @conradsnewone..I don’t believe in this day with our science and technology one can be proven guilty without evidence…and yes I fully support the death penalty….And if I were wrongfully accused and sentanced to death..then what a glorious day that would be for me because I get to meet my Creator. sucks to be a non believer.

  76. @conradsnewone..God forgave saul for two reasons..He knew sauls heart and Saul after an encounter with the Holy God repented (turned from his ways) and was forgiveness came only after repentance, in other words the water is available to everyone, we just have to choose the only way to obtain it „Before the thirst overwelms us“….There is no forgivness if there is no truth in your heart even on the death bed.

  77. @conradsnewone : also it’s not a great comparrison to compare Hitler to Saul same reason you can’t compare Saul to Herod. Saul killed Christians because of the curruption of the laws by the Sadducees, Hitler was playing God…After Pharaoh of Egypt saw all the wonders the YHWH did..he knew in his heart that this God of the Hebrews was the real deal, however His Heart (pride) was greater than the Greatness of God and Never repented..Was he forgiven?..pride comes before the fall.

  78. @coonradsneone : The Thief and murderer on the cross was saved why? because of his faith.Death penalty? Gen 9:6 states ‚Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man his blood shall be shed; for in the image of God He made man.‘
    Matt 5:17-19: „Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear.

  79. @lovecraft32 Actually the war was started a lot longer than Bush, Bill Clinton hada military strike on Iraq in 1998 to bad he didn’t finish the Job..110 Democrats including Hillary Clinton, John Kerry,John Edwards. It wasn’t Bush that lied about WMD, but rather Democrats who lied about Bush. Thak God for YouTube..I can tell your from Europe…here learn something and save the foul language..(YouTube.Democrats confirm Saddam Hussein has WMD.flv)

  80. For the record I am happy we got rid of a psyco who murdered 1 million of his own people..and Hopefully freed a Nation..surely you don’t oppose to that..We are America that’s what we do.. Not to mention the Mountains of chemical and surface to air etc weapons that were confiscated..Everyone from Germany, Franch,England, China, Russia and yes the US sold them everything from Weapons to Technology..But Islam mean submission..and The world eventually will have with deal them face to face.

  81. @cacapoopoo2327 War is a horrible thing; I wonder how many of those displaced Iraqis would prefer to be under the Sadam Regime or be free..that’s rhetorical by the way..and I wonder which Government system they would choose…I know some who life here as well as Palestinians Christians that fled Islamic can Imagine the love they have for America.Unfortunately there is a price to pay for freedom..and we live free because someone didn’t pander or beg for freedom they died for it.

  82. @Gaffas93 now there is a stipid comment I’m not even going argue it’s too ok I digress..try 14% of the GDP and it took him 8 years to do that he increased it by 7% duhhh.In 1.5 YRS.with the Health care bill the & bailouts we have now spent more that every President combined. Now take that 14% and subtract the Democratic bills (when they Took the House and Senate 2007)..Social programs cost money, where did you think it would come from? 95%?

  83. @judson43 „Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.“
    – John Adams
    „The republic is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.“
    Thomas Jefferson

  84. I’d be more frightened amongst these people than I would be in a mall filled with zombies…. I mean, there’s not much of a difference.

    They want her to lower taxes? Didn’t Obama do that for anyone making under 250K? Wow, these idiots….

  85. – What are some of her issues you agree with?
    – ahm…I’m not sure…where are you going with that? What issues? Ha ha ha ha
    „where are you going with that?“ ha ha ha „you not gonna get me with one of them tricky slick pinko socilistic questions“ ha ha ha

  86. @zenbrenzz

    „His efforts at environmental protection“ – Like what?? Destroying industries to save a spotted dick frog? You libtards bitch about economic trouble and people being laid off, but you fail to realize it is the government and EPA doing the damage!

  87. @zenbrenzz
    „Having a president that I don’t have to cringe when he speaks and is admired the world over.“ Admired?? LOL…Are you really that stupid to think people admire him?? Why, because he is black? Other cultures hate America, no matter who is in charge….people look at this country as WEAK and full of pussies because of this prick. And God forbid a teleprompter go down or this idiot would look even more clueless.

  88. @zenbrenzz
    „Having a pres who believes in diplomacy/ not „Bring it ON“ – last time I checked we still had troops fighting a ridiculous war…I thought the HNIC was going to bring the boys home??? What happended? You have a democrat controlled Congress and still no „Change“. Fucktard

  89. @4QBUD
    It is the same thing that happens with Tea Party patriots…these fucktard liberal „journalists“ pander to their idiot viewers who actually believe everyone at a specific function is exactly like the five or six idiots they point out.

    It is funny because when I saw the black chick voting for Obama say, „I don’t have to worry about my car payment or mortgage if Obama gets elected.“ I knew better than to think all black people were that stupid.

  90. I think Palin may have a good shot at the presidency. Though she will need to lose the innocent back country Alaska sharrad that the GOP put her on last election. I think if she came across more buisness like & showed her intelligence and was a little more right-mid republican I think she’d have a great chance. I do know that Obama will have to work harder than last time to win this election. People are looking for „Change“ once more.

  91. @lovecraft32 First of all bush didn’t blow up any buildings, those were from planes being flown by terrorists. Just because Obama uses big words, doesn’t mean he’s smart. Bush was the only president to react to the terror. If you think he wanted to, or that he loved the idea of war your wrong. It was something that we had to do. The terrorists have been getting away with this crap for too long and they needed a good smacking. There hasn’t been an election where someone has stolen it.

  92. i have never been more embarrassed to be an american and ive been all over the world in uniform. sadly this is a huge minority. i don’t think it will be unconstitutional to have a certain IQ a prerequisite to vote

  93. According to that one guy, even with a stretch of ocean in between Alaska (which he couldn’t even name) and Russia, there would still be boundary issues.

  94. I love this, it shows how interlectual Sarah Palin is that all her fans are morons. Sorry, but how dumb can they be that they want the Hockey mom from Alaska who thinks dinasaurs roamed the planet 4000 years ago to be president. ROFL

  95. @lovecraft32 Love, you have to understand that the first foundation of American Conservatism is hypocrisy. What they do doesn’t have to make sense. Republicans don’t care about less gov’t when they are in charge.

  96. @srhanna – So a trillion dollars spent in 18 months isn’t „going down the drain“ in your eyes? Is it because he is black, a democrat, or a socialist that warrants a pass to you?

  97. @BrawlNutrition ahahaha tell me more about how Obama is a socialist. The man signed a bill that mandates people buy from *private* insurance companies. That’s like the absolute polar opposite of socialist. He’s a corporate shill, and the fact that so many conservatives think he’s socialist is just overwhelmingly ironic. The only thing socialist he’s done is the auto company takeover, and even then he didn’t have the government manage the companies and it won’t be a long-term thing.

  98. After the catastrophe in the Gulf, how is the „Drill baby drill“ for the woman at 5:24 working out? & the one that says something thereabouts of Palin is for the power of a state, wonder what she thinks of Palin’s husband being involved in a group that wanted to *secede* a state from the union??

    Palin is a skanky joke, & I hope she is the rethug nominee only because it would make the debate between her & Obama hilarious every time she veers off-topic w/ each question, & Obama would bag 2012! 🙂

  99. @NewLeftMedia Your video is clearly biased and does not give a fair representation of the new conservative movements gaining support in our country. You essentially interviewed the morons in the crowd and edited their responses to make the entire movement seem stupid. There are plenty of intelligent conservative people who can answer your loaded questions.

  100. Her supporters are as ignorant as she is. Fox news zombies. Good old boy G.W.Bush got elected twice on his cluelessness and red-neck one -liners. The only people Palin cares about are the elite scum and BIG business.Please form a line so we can chip you.

  101. „What spending would you like to see cut?“

    „All of it.“

    It’s no secret that the vast majority of the public hate governance until they need it to advance their pet issue. But when those on the right say that Obama was elected because he is a „fancy talker“, they’re ironically undermining their own point with another, implied one: that having the knowledge to run our country doesn’t matter, as long as you can pander to they, the all-important, with winks and catchphrases.

  102. it’s a cult of personality, that’s all it is. these people’s love for sarah palin reminds me of some peoples inexplicable love for reality tv show celebrities like snooki. They say the same dumb things when asked to explain their love. „She’s like a real person, y’know? You know what I’m talking about?“

    Bitch, nobody know what you’re talking about

  103. @Dawson10ful BTW feel free to include some links to video of people making those comments. Also, typing in ALL CAPS doesn’t make you sound emphatic, it makes you look like you are 12.

  104. “ I’ll give you one scenario that would absolutely do it, is if an atom bomb goes off in the united states“. SERIOUSLY? these people are allowed to vote. My future does not look bright…

  105. You crazy lefties…don’t put down cat videos-it’s unamerican! We just discovered this account today, and watched 5 of the videos with our mouths hanging open.

    Very funny, but also very scary. Willfully uninformed. Reminds me of the Onion headline along the lines of „80% of Americans Actually Not Entitled to Their Own Opinion“. I guess we’re all entitled to Rupert Murdoch’s opinion.

    I hope these videos are not widely viewed in other countries!

    Keep up the great work!

  106. I don’t believe that Palin has a very big chance of winning the GOP nomination in the next Republican primary. The only Republican who I think would be the best, and would also be better than Obama and I would vote for over Obama is Mitt Romney. If any other popular Republican like Palin, Huckabee, Gingrich, or Pawlenty is the nominee, then most likely Obama will be re-elected. Also, it is extremely rude to call Obama Osama. It is very unclassy!!

  107. I think Palin’s chances of winning the Republican nomination if she runs are very slim!! The only Republican who I would favor over Obama in 2012 who I think would also be better than Obama is Mitt Romney.

  108. If you think there is a difference between who controls the Demoncrat party and the Republican Party (with satanic inverted stars on the elephant), then you are part of a mass delusion. Clinton, W, and the Obamanation all serve the same master- satan. 100% serious on this.

    Other delusions: murder of children called „free choice“? What sick people repeat that and teach it? Co-guilty. Do you know satanists and racists run „Planned Parenthood“?

    Wake up, people, or perish.

  109. I’m a Christian and I watch Fox News, so that makes me right. Oh, and compromise is for people that are wrong. <-------- That's what I got out of this. And holy shit, I'm so scared for our future.

  110. @Dawson10ful sigh…islam is one of the oldest religion ..just like christanity and it had existed before 9/11.. a few crazy nuts.. doesnt destroy the good faith of 1.5 billion of people..

  111. @LopanTheLemming
    It’s people that support Sarah Palin I am not a bit surprised at the ignorance at all. I just hope these people. as uniformed as they are, will not know where the polling stations are come election time.

  112. I don’t know where to start. These people are ignorant. Sarah Palin is an arrogant/ignorant, religious fundamentalist sociopath with a fat purse. The answers to these questions are hilarious. As much as these ignorant people scare the shit out of me, thanks for this video.

  113. 5:55
    „We need to get the polar bears off the endangered list so that we can drill there“.
    „And what are you watching on television to find this? “
    „Well, I watch FOX news a lot!“


  114. @splicedenergy Great point – sort of.
    Actually, I live in California now. But, at least I’m in Jerry McNerney’s district and have B-Box representing me/us in the Senate.

    However, I do appreciate your shout/type-out to Rep. Kucinich, because, IMHO, the man is a national treasure and TRUE Patriot…which is why I’ll be doing the same thing I did in 2008; writing him in for President.

    PS, Go BROWNS!

  115. 1:25 AHAHAHAHAHA the lady smells the hair of the idiot being interviewed. Oh my god these vids you do bring so much joy into my life….WTF was that lady thinking? Seriously she just straight up smelled her hair LOL!!!

  116. I’m not saying Sarah Palin isn’t a twit, but I could make one of these „interview montages“ to portray a crowd of nobel laureates as being morons. Certainly with ANY crowd of „regular people,“ right, left, or moderate.

  117. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT VOTE! lol… „ignorence is bliss“ very close minded, single minded people, that only think about their own well being and not US as a whole. no one likes taxes but taxes are good. they help pay for our roads, our schools, our shelters, our military. but how can some people want to cut ALL spending? u want to cut spending to our schools? to our children?

  118. money atrack money idots atrack idiots and i have seen thousnads of idiots and yet ignorant s blame everything on immingrants , the economy the flu the climate change , can someone please help me to blame hispanics mexicans for this
    , can someone please try to explaing this , how will this inbreed bastards are going to blame my people for all of you being this stupid now? how? please wake up you are so stupid

  119. Sadly this is the thinking on both sides. They choose by party and have no idea about spefics. People have no idea what the hell they are voting on. That is why I do not recall us ever having a good president. From The First Bush on.

  120. @voteforcanman I know what you are saying but i think that is a bit of an insult to many Americans. The median IQ is 100 but i doubt that would be true for this group.
    I think the polarization of Americans is a shame but even as a Canadian I wouldn’t insult Americans to the extent you just did.

  121. omf u americans are spewing out things that u have been force fed over the years that the usa teachers u,some of these comments are so funny because you talk like u r the best ,but you only think u r,i just cant beleive how sheepish u all r.

  122. Wow… believe there is that many people that flock together that is totally clueless!!! I give the news commentator all thumbs up, to hold a straight face and not crack up laughing. Good job!!!

  123. @voteforcanman It’s beyond that….conservative minded people are predisposed
    to brainwashing they have a proclivity a propensity to it than cannot be helped….
    the US newsmedia know this and are having fun with it see TEA PARTY CRASHER
    DEPROGRAMMING PROGRAM and watch these people act this way simultaneously
    leave a comment

  124. Palin’s just been chosen to co-opt the Tea Party movement. She’s been put in place to derail this new patriotic movement, she quit as governor and is unelectable. I wish there was someone we could truly believe in. Bush sucked, Obama is far worse, I just hope this country will still be here in a year.

  125. There should be a test on politics you had to take before being able to vote. The immigrants in the US who have taken the citizen test know more about the country than these moronic supporters. They are not only dumb but are able to vote – they are the true danger to the world!

  126. I think the bottom line is that this proves that they approved of her „package“. She seemed to fit the mold of how a woman should look while maintaining a folksy down-to-earth background that people approved of. It’s an interesting thing to view from a sociology standpoint. That we are easily duped as a human race not to choose the best leader for the country based on education and content, not choose the best singer unless she/he is also outwardly attractive etc… we are doomed. 😛

  127. @WONDOCTORJ I supported Ron Paul when he had a shot, I even gave money on several occasions– the first time in my life to have done so for a campaign, but I highly doubt he will even run next time. He’s gotten too old unfortunately and ppl are unwilling to reall liten anymore. Sound bites and looks are what seem to matter to Americans now. We are spoon-fed what to think, and rarely think critically about much of anything anymore as a society.

  128. Something just occurred to me… what if Sarah Palin were exactly the same in every other way but were latino or half-black or some other ethnicity? Would all these people still clamor to support her? Sorry, but I highly doubt it.

  129. Ms.Palin (sadly), has the same people skills that Doubleya had and that make her really dangerous. People don’t care about her stance on issues,ignorance of facts appears to be prevalent in that crowd.
    The lady that says „we’re the US, we’re first and everyone else is last“ sums up the problem nicely. In Canada, our Prime-Minister is trying to get Canadian patriotism to burn brighter because it is a crucial step to developing a fascist state. Once the „We and Them“ mentality sets in off you go.

  130. the good thing is these nuts are overwhemingly old, the same generation that was handed a great nation, one with far more job security than we have, more vacation, better pay, pensions, a viable social security and medicare, affordable healthcare, an export surplus over imports and what have they left us? a mess that will take years fix, if ever- and after the mess theyve created, they have the balls to cry and whine when we are trying to clean it up?

  131. People shouldn’t only watch one news source I watch FOX, MSNBC, CNN, BBC….more than one source should be considered for facts, thats why these people can’t answer any of his questions..SMH…Fearmongering is not NEWS!

  132. Worth noting:

    Wayne Hayes, a pig masseur from Coontree, Virginia, recently said: „Our founding fathers intended for every building in this country to be a church containing one book, written by Jesus, that would be read out in a strange voice by an orange man in a shiny suit who would also tell you who you were allowed to kill.“

  133. I agree that most of these people couldn’t answer questions on the issues, but when I heard tapes of the Obama supporters, most could only chant „hope and change“ and knew virtually nothing as well. At least these people don’t want or expect entitlements.

  134. Props for the interviewer for keeping a straight face. I’d laugh my ass off.

    Btw, I chuckled when I heard one women answering ‚realness‘ as to what Sarah Palin could contribute if she would be in office. Typical Ali-G answer.

  135. Holy shit, this a real meeting of the minds here at this book signing. Palin certainly is a visionary. Carrots are more intelligent then her and all her followers. She walked away from office to go on a book tour for a book she didn’t write. lol!

  136. Matthew 5:43Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. 44But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; 45That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

  137. Kudos to you guys for pointing out the blaring idiocy here while still maintaining respect and level-headedness. You do a great service to the youth on the left who aren’t the raging lunatics everyone on the right seems to think we are. Thanks.

  138. 2:05, 2:08, 2:13, 2:25-2:27, 2:39-2:41. Chase, in your next interview, please ask people why they weren’t concerned about spending and „big government“ from 2001-2006. Perhaps people have forgotten about the creation of DHS, the costs associated with creating it, two wars, Medicare part D, and TARP, for example.

  139. sarah palins an idiot.thet city I live in has more people than alaska so being governor of alaska is like being queen of england.anyone thats votes for her belongs in a mental institution because you must be severely mentally retarted.

  140. @Sgagnot, I could not agree with you more, it’s a damn shame that people born here are not intelligent enough to appreciate their good fortune having been born in the United States of America, and all of it’s freedoms and rights that just come automatically! — When Jay Leno, does Jay walking on his show and encounters the average person in the street and asks them basic questions about Geography and the Government, and way too many people are too ignorant to answer the question correctly! SAD!

  141. @veron51 By the blood of Jesus Christ I am free and till death I will be free..I look forward to the day they blow this earth up lol could be tomorrow…you ready?

  142. I’ll give that guy a million dollars if he can (successfully) explain the differences between socialism, Marxism and Leninism. Stop taking your info from talking points on Fox News and educate yourself – that’s what your brain is for.

  143. Holy shit, these people have NO idea how the government works, that is why they are pissed at Obama, they think that the president has complete control over spending.

  144. it’s OBVIOUS the interviewer didn’t edit this video to show many people who actually KNEW her policies, but if he had posted some people who actually knew her and all of her incredibly well written essays about many of the important issues of the day, he would have been trampled upon by the facts and probably had NO REASON to even post this video!….oh…and by the way…all you leftist liberals who mindlessly droned on & on about how great obama was gonna be, and mindlessly supported him?

  145. @ykrahs666
    Are you talking about the Palin that didn’t know anything about the Bush doctrine? Are you talking about the Sarah Palin that used a web based email for all government issues while she was Governor? Are you talking about the Palin that quit her term of a Governor of Alaska? AND are you talking about Palin that uses her hand to write a few simple common words to help her remember?? If you are, I rest my case!!
    I love this interviewer and how he can keep a straight face. GOOD JOB!

  146. having any sort of test before being able to vote is fundamentally un-american and elitist. our forefathers espoused their preference for a country where all men were created equal, where all men had equal power under their government. later this definition came to encompass non-land owning men, then in the 1920’s women were afforded equal rights, and in the 1960’s blacks and whites together fought for the same right to be recognized as equal under the law and with an equal voice in government.

  147. This is just a buncha morons that have No Clue What They Are Even Talking About! This is just whats wrong with America. Bucha Blind Idiots That Are Brainwashed with the crap that they have heard on TV. This just reinforces my belief that the majority of the public are Sheeple.

  148. Epitome of conservative? I feel bad for these people. They are buying into the concept. Following the piper. God Bless them and us. She will not be president, and I am a woman. We are American too……Dont count us (gay) out america. We protect you and your rights everyday.

  149. Check out some of the excellent, choice words/terms (not found in a dictionary or thesaurus) used by these nice, eloquent folks: „conservativeness“, „realness“ „politically correctness“, „self sufficient oil gas“, „speak up for reality“.


    and check out Miss South Carolina, what a hottie, dumb as a stump.

    Fox news: destroying brains (or what is left of them) one cell at a time

  150. @portlanddem They just cant stand that a black man is the president. Thats what it boils down to. He has done NOTHING but good in the white house so far as far as im concerned.

  151. @portlanddem Its the only thing that explains it. I mean seriously how could you back this woman for being president. HOW? HOW could you back Bush?? They obviously are not concerned with the state of the country. Thats for sure.

    I could understand being a fan of Palins. I could even see going to get a book signed. But i could NEVER see wanting her in control of the country.

  152. @SylM84 What were you worried about at 5 years old? All parents organized our own parade wich will start at the school(in their face) & end at the firehouse (for the party) Then trick or treat time.Ill make sure I wear my Jason costume…later

  153. @cindysk8er The U.S.A is a plutocratic oligarchy and has been since the mid to late 1800’s. The country you clowns talk about hasn’t existed for a long time if it ever did at all. The founding fathers were not the people you morons have co-opted for your reactionary purposes. Generally speaking they were agnostics. Hence separation of church and state dummy.

    Leave it Beaver is DEAD Cindy and Jesus isn’t going to resurrect him. LMAO

  154. @wcn4500 I sure as hell had other things on my mind than wearing a costume to school on Halloween. I knew I had parties and trick-or-treating to look forward to. There, I could show off my costume in front of all the other children.

  155. whenever my mind starts to get crazy and I start believing that this country is on the right track, I watch these videos and I am comforted in knowing that we are still heading for the abyss!

  156. Whats this reporters name.He needs his own show. Right after Racheal. How moronic are these people. They dont even know why they are there. oooh yeah lets cut all that spending. Start with that old lady SOCIAL security. Facts are not a requirement when these people speak I guess.

  157. The poor girl at 2:13 actually seemed like she knew what she was talking about, I’m socialist and in my opinion she actually seems like a smart woman, I don’t think she should be compared to the rest of those people on this video.

  158. I am SO embarrassed to be American when I watch this video. None of these people know what they are talking about. If they had a ‚lifeline‘ they might get a point across. It’s so sad that these people have no opinion of thier own. They just say what they have seen on the TV.

  159. @pipebillys There are plenty of all natural-organic poison gasses, like the acid based ones in volcanoes. You’re still ripping on conservatism, and I object to that. Obviously, if you know the definition of conservatism, you know that it is the attitude that got us this far, which is the farthest any nation has ever gotten. Why change for a gay, lazy, liberal one. Yes, these people aren’t geniuses, except maybe 2 of them, but the conservative attitude they espouse got us this far. Obama’s…..

  160. @RonaldReaganRocks1 ….budget deficit is maybe the worst thing this country has ever faced-at least financially. At this rate we’re headed for a Soviet style collapse. If you really are lampooning liberalism, then that’s actually good.

  161. @RonaldReaganRocks1
    If Newton was asked „how does gravity work“ and he replied „well things fall down“, followed by „can you be a bit more specific? how do things fall down?“, „well I don’t quite just know, they just do“; then yes, Newton would be an embarrassment to western civilization.

  162. @RonaldReaganRocks1
    One way of determining if someone is a Christian, as is commonly understood , is to ask if they accept the Nicene Creed.
    Newton did not. Newton rejected the notion of trinity
    His view of God was more in tune with what Islam teaches

    Btw Reagan was a vile piece of filth

  163. @RonaldReaganRocks1 I guess you missed the play on words I made. It was a subtle joke, so I’ll leave it at that.

    „How does the existence of numerous „poitical leaning“ *Tests* support your thesis that politics represents just a left or right?“ That is to say, in plain words- though there are so many tests as you claim, does that prove your claim that there’s only two sides to a spectrum? That’s not convincing at all whatsoever.

  164. You know what I think these peopel are? Fans. They’re not interested in real politics, that’s why they can’t say anything specific. They just say things like freedom, liberty, honor better judgement, but when you ask them about foreign policy or tax cuts or numbers they blank out. They like Sarah Palin because they like Sarah Palin, not because they like her policies.

  165. @pipebillys the main political debate in America is between liberal and conservative (left and right). That is only one philosophical axis in American politics. There are many others. I am going to end this discussion here.

  166. The Tea Party is outrageous. They are so uneducated. They just watch what they see on Fox news and hear on Fox radio networks.

    They can not make valid arguments, they use logical fallacies. They are ruining the image and credibility of conservative America.

    Just a bunch of sheep who think they are apart of some historical movement. (funded partially by goldline) LOL.

  167. The dumbest person in this video is the old woman who answers „All of it! All of it!“ as her answer to „what is some of the spending you wish to see cut?“… Ok, let’s just shut everything down and pray for god to laser-beam some food onto our tables… how’s that?

  168. @RonaldReaganRocks1 @RonaldReaganRocks1
    ‚liberal academia‘ ??? Maybe in economics or sociology but not an issue on a question like Newton’s heretical beliefs
    The fact that you could even use a term like ‚liberal academia‘ marks you out as the one with the problem of an ideological agenda

    I’m no theologian but if you really believe Arianism is constant with Protestantism you need to speak to a pastor or minster.

    Further; where do I ever ‚assert that all Christians are ignorant‘

  169. @pauseTV yeah stop all the spending. In the words of Lewis black. „who needs firemen, it’s much more fun watching things burn down“.
    was going to say ‚lol‘ but this is far from funny. I know this is an exaggeration of the „right“ but it’s this sort of ignorance that is going to leave the USA way behind the rest of the world in the not so distance future. I feel sorry for your children my American friends

  170. Old Lady – „Freedom, Liberty, The right to speak“

    Is this dumb woman really that stupid! ALL the senators in congress stand for freedom, liberty and the right to speak. Fuckin‘ dumb knuckle heads. Just imagine if these rednecks take office in 2012, all hell break loose in america!!

  171. @TeaParty4everandever This isn’t just a white man’s country you racist piece of shit, this country is fundamentally for everyone regardless of skin color. You’re small minded enough to think for one iota of a fucking second to think Palin will win? You’re full of shit and while I don’t support Obama, I would rather die than having a neocon like Palin or Huckabee in office. People like you and those pieces of shit „tea partyers“ are a disgrace to the country, I hope your family dies.

  172. @SDIB ya but keep in mind that plenty of these „Christians“ are not really Christians.

    It’s just like the Pharisees in the bible if you’ve read it. Extreme hypocrisy.

    Not all of us are right wing hypocrites 😉

  173. Countries where they cant speak out such as China , Iran, Burma, North Korea would be amazed at America that has freedom of speech and when ignorance , bigotry and racismn are all people like this crowd show its an abuse of that freedom,some people on the planet would love this freedom,its only in America that this level of ignorance where learning and access to knowledge is freely available that they are still ignorant and show it this lot are the terrorists friends and they dont know it.

  174. Obama promotes homosexulaity,& wants to Arrest christians.
    We must and shall take america back for Christ in 2010 & 2012,before Obama destroys america.

    We need to remove all gays from the military for a start,& then ban gay marriage nationwide.Then we can reverse all the progress gays have ever made in this country.Sarah Palin has benn anointed in the church & is ready to lead america back to God.

    America was founded by God,you can’t take away the bible & family values.

  175. Hussein Obama is of the Antichrist Spirt,he is a closet case gay enabler,& midlevel Illuminati NWO satanist.Obama is a puppet of the global cabal of devil worshipers,who have stepped up their conspiracy to Divide The Body of Christ

    We must &shall Reclaim America for Christ.This is a test,this is a God Test.We must not let God down.The entire human race will be under 100% complete satanic control,unless america votes for real christians,& begins to quickly reverse all progress of the satanists

  176. @montsyblackmadonna what???even in cases of RAPE and INCEST abortions should be iliegal? and if that makes me a sinner…may the devil embrace me as a friend. and GOD never said ABORTION IS PURE EVIL….THE BIBLE says that….GOD NEVER WROTE THE BIBLE…..MAN DID…and we all know how well MAN has been at making decisions dont we. IF IM GOING TO HELL…..ALL YOU RIGHT WING CHRISTIANS AND FUNDERMENTAL MUSLIMS ARE COMING WITH ME. because GOD is PISSED at your bullshit IN HIS NAME

  177. When he first got there all the people being interviewed couldn’t come up with answers to the most basic questions, but by nightfall that had there talking points down and started to at least make some sense. I’m still at a loss for what PETA has to do with polar bears, but I’ll let that one slide. The state of Alaska is right across the street from Russia, and I thought we were separated by the Bering Sea. Should have got a shot fo drill baby drill girl driving off in her SUV.

  178. @cindysk8er Your reply doesn’t address my comment at all. I’m not antichristian in the least–however, the whole tie-in between „Christianity“ and the far right ie Sarah Palin and pals is a set up! They’re going to turn you against what you supposedly believe in! And you cannot judge any group of people based upon the actions of any individuals–also, a lot of those „hijackers“ are still alive…

  179. lol, i have to hand it to you for making conservatives look stupid but the truth is come november…..November 2, 2010 to be exact,,,,the democratic Traitors will be loosing at least a few seats:) Enjoy it while it lasts liberaks :)) haha ….ROFLMAO… this video made me laugh though….

  180. And I hate to be an American where no brown folks are allowed. And I know that if I’m not Christian my rights are not endowed. And I’ll gladly get out, quick as hell, ‚cause I’m not a fat white slob. And there’s just no doubt I hate this land. Fuck you, you dumb morons!

  181. Stop you wannabe JournOlists! Sarah Palin is good! She will reduce deficits… just like she did in Alaska!… It is not like the Alaskan deficit skyrocketed during Palin’s term as governor… that was the job of Liberals that I am irrationally attacking

  182. OK idiots, pick up a paper, you smucks don’t pay a lot of taxes, she is going to reduce taxes for the RICH IDIOTS… AND REDUCE SERVICES FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS.. AR EYOU ALL SO STUPID THAT YOU CAN’T FIGURE THAT OUT.. SHE IS GOING TO CUT HER TAXES, if you make under 250,000 a year, your taxes will not go up under the democratic administration, they are raising taxes on SARAH… idiots.

  183. So many Ohio State shirts and fans… it all makes sense now. These toothless hillybilly wankers are all Fuckeyes with worthless degrees, living welfare check to welfare check in some decrepit trailer park in the middle of O-fucking-hio

  184. These people want her to be president but she dont know a thing and neither does they. When ask them the question about what they didnt like about what Obama said even they have no knowledge about it either. It’s so funny it’s like the blind leading the blind on here ….but they want her as a president SSSSSSHHHHIIIIIIIT….you people think we have problems not if she get into office my question is WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO FLEE?

  185. Never in America’s history have we had, until now, such an anti capitalism President and an Administration filled with so many misfits, liars, incompetents, tax cheats, marxists, radicals & big government despots.

    Obama can not create pvt. sector jobs. To do so he would have to embrace & support capitalism, not reject & seek to destroy it.

  186. @GODfirstChoice Ah, you see the same thing going on everywhere. Hardly anyone actually watches the news nowadays or has a clue about politics. This is both sad and depressing. I come from a country where they elected a former actor and cocain addict as a president. If Palin get’s elected, the USA is going down the exact same road.

  187. Sarah Palin is a blessing from God to America.Sarah Palin has been anointed in the church,and is ready to lead america back to God in 2012 !
    We must also take back congress for God,and then ban gay marriage.All those who have abortions or give abortions should recieve the death penalty.
    Vote Bible in 2010 & 2012 !

    Tea Party Will Win !
    Sarah Palin 2012 !!!

  188. @hurleyskateava No,I am just tired of america being lenient on these baby killers.We must not tolerate such satanic evil any longer.If youwant to stop abortions,kill the mothers,that’ll stop them.

    Tea Party Will Win !
    Sarah Palin 2012 !

  189. @Thorbi1983 A few of the founding father’s served satan in secret,and helped trick the other founding father’s in weakening the Body of Christ,just enough so that the devil and his minions,could get a foot hold in america,mainly in the liberal states,Amen.

  190. @montsyblackmadonna Who the hell are you to judge me where I am going in the afterlife. You know nothing about my faith, you are absolutely the most ignorant, moronic, self centered jerk I ever seen on YouTube! There I judged you you twirp!

  191. @montsyblackmadonna – who the hell are you to tell someone that they are going to hell for being gay? you should go their for being stupid!! you are not living your life by the bible like ever other stupid fake bible loving person does!!

  192. @collegeswimx

    Sarah Palin is a Blessing From God To America.Sarah is full of righteousness,holiness,and Godliness.It is God’s will that she be President in 2012.

    It is time we christians take a stand,and take this country back for God.Sarah Palin shall lead this country back to the holy feet of Jesus Christ.

    Ban gay marrige now.Impeach Obama Now.
    Tea Party !
    Sarah Palin 2012 !

  193. Sarah Palin has been anointed in the church,and is more than ready to lead america back to God.
    America is a christian country,founded by God himself.We must and shall have a Reclamation of America for his Kingdom.

    The sin of homosexuality muat not be allowed to spread much further.Homosexuality is a communist plot to destroy america,jaust ask Obama.
    Impeach the closet case and satanic communist Obama Now.

    The Tea Party Will Win in 2012 !
    Sarah Palin 2012 !

  194. Oh my god, here we go with ’no election due to Marshall law conspiracy‘, the republicans said that Clinton was going to do that because of Y2K, the democrats said Bush was going to raise the terror threat and call off the elections. Neither of those two things happened. It’s not going to happen with Obama either.

  195. These people are scary, they don’t know anything about the issues and they can’t tell the reporter where Sarah Palin stands on the issues but they still will vote for her??

  196. Man, does anyone of these people know the issues or were they all like this? no wonder America is the land of opportunity, so many stupid people, naturally there is gonna be a demand for competence

  197. I like Chase’s videos, but I’m compelled to wonder if this is cherry-picking. I can’t imagine that there weren’t *any* thoughtful, comprehensive answers. I also imagine that the behavior at a lot of pro-Obama rallies in 2008 would have been very similar, in that many people supported him but probably couldn’t have articulated specific policy issues, positions, etc.

  198. They support a person who they don’t know shit about. „she makes me proud to be a woman“ come on now. WTF is that all about? half of the questions asked followed an „uh?? I don’t know, I’m not familiar with that“ never thought about that. I’m with clown5336


    “ White America Has Lost Its Mind “

    The Village Voice

    villagevoice com 2010-09-29 news white-america-has-lost-its-mind

    This is a MUST READ for everyone especially you TEA PARTY and REPUBLICAN White people, oh I’m sorry that’s redundant.

  200. „Suppose that we drill not just for oil, but for gas“
    „The state that she did govern, was right across the street from Russia“
    „Well I watch FOX News, a LOT!“
    How dumb can you be!? I mean Jesus, this video is full of priceless quotes

  201. Talk to a Ron Paul supporter and you will find they can clearly articulate the values he represents. Politicians (Obama, Huckabee, Romney) all have their share of mindless drones supporting them, but Dr. Paul’s supporters think for themselves.

  202. An‘ a ONE an‘ a TWO an‘ a THREE … come on everybody….


  203. Its very scary to see people supporting someone when they have no idea about politics. Rambling idiots is all I have to say.If you notice it’s all ways stupid rednecks that end up following Fox news.

  204. this doesnt suprise me. because. most people here are not stupid.. well they are.. but they arent because.. in America. and many countries.. politics isnt that important part of their life.. they are busy living life.. so if they dont know much.. its ok.. but.. they support some one.. without any knowledge.. is sad.

  205. @mondo770 They do know one thing about government, and that is that you pay taxes to it, and they don’t like taxes. So some idiot comes on TV and says „hey I’ll get rid of taxes!“ and all the people who don’t vote spring up and vote for canidates who give the least taxes. Sadly, thats how this country was founded.

  206. Alan Greenspan (former Federal Reserve Chairman) now works for John Paulson’s fund. Guess what John Paulson’s fund’s BIGGEST position is right now? GOLD. . Don’t say you weren’t told. Protect your families wealth. Visit:

  207. hey guys gust letting you know that after years of practice i am now able to suck my own dick and i have a message for all of you “ follow your dreams“ my dick tastes great and i love sucking on it-Sincerely Yours Tom Cruise-

  208. I’m a republican and here is a short list of people id rather vote for president than Sara Palin : Ellen DeGeneres, Elmo, Satan, Hitler (ghost), A half eaten steak.

  209. this is just sad. do they even know how a government makes money? they want to cut spending and cut taxes? so what do they want? a locked in economy that doesnt go anywhere? and do they even know what tsars are or socialism is? these people are painfully stupid

  210. This video is absolute proof Obama is a socialist comunist leftist libral who wants to let all the gay illeagal mexicans take our guns away so they can join the military get married and ass-plow our precious precious troops. Save us Sarah Palin! save us!

  211. Sarah Palin. Maybe she is not Catholic now, BUT she is very good girl and she will be Catholic in heaven, because in heaven everybody is Catholic, even God The Father is Catholic. What about you my friend? If you want to go to heaven, you have two choices. Become catholic now or in purgatory. Jews will become Catholic in purgatory, but some of them are hurrying to become Catholic earlier. It means here. If the majority of Jews were Catholic now then Palestinians would be free now and happy.

  212. @MTBoucher30 CORRECTION: 19 plus every other muslim-controlled theocratic nation…
    …wait a minute…don’t tell me their majority-mandated theocratic tyrannies stem from MODERATE muslims! LMAO!

  213. @PeaceJustice4ever Oooh, lookedy-lookie-look-look at my channel! I have the same hateful comments from you as from the neo-nazis! If I didn’t know any better, why I’d think you and they were one and the same!
    Timing, LOL!

  214. @melvin6767 „Personally, I think everyone should have to pass some sort of literacy, world history, geography, economics 101, and political science test before given the right to vote.“
    Hmm…kind of like the old Jim Crow days, eh?

  215. @QuartuvLarry Okay buddy, anything you say……

    Still, if you tea-baggers are serious about reducing federal spending, you’ll have to restrain the biggest „welfare whores“ in the country–who happen to be on your side of the fence, not ours.

  216. @QuartuvLarry First off, when it comes to ignoring the facts, you’re no one to talk (as evidenced by your previous comments regarding who benefits the most from federal spending). No, I don’t believe anything is free, whether it’s provided by a private organization or a public program provided by the gov’t. The purpose of Social Security is to remove a portion of people’s retirement $ and keep it immune from market volatility. However…..(CONT’D)….

  217. @QuartuvLarry …..(CONT’D)….However, I will admit that I do not know anything about this Senate commitee hearing and will need to find out exactly what was covered at the hearing and the proposals that were discussed.

  218. @GeorgiaKev Ignorant? I’m the one who can make a correlation between 2008’s tidal wave of baby boomer retirees (who make up 1/3 of our population now, as opposed to 1/7th when SS began) with the inflation of the dollar. I’ve also seen the very precedence of the thing occur in Argentina last June. Mark my words! If and/or when the government raids pensions, it will set a precedent that they can take ANYTHING of ours WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. A criminal government. CRIM-IN-AL GOV-ERN-MENT!

  219. typical republicans. all you know about your candidates is that they look nice and are friendly because the idiots buy into the persona. that’s why they don’t know their candidates are closet homosexuals who want bathroom sex or just sick fucks that want sex from senate pages.

  220. @QuartuvLarry I think the younger generation needs to be well informed, no matter their geographic location. The answer in my opinion, is education. We don’t inherit this earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children. Consumer education I think should also be available to all people. So all people have the right to choose where to spend their money, or not spend their money. It’s about keeping everyone informed, and making their own choices, without a specific agenda.

  221. @Rawrlor You forgot, „the right to speak“… know, Obama has suppressed free speech so much in this country, I never leave my house without a gag in my mouth! LOL…..!!!

  222. „I’m telling you if the republican party doesn’t back her it doesn’t matter because shes gunna get the presidency“ Translation: She only needs the less than 15 percent that support her in order to become president. -Facepalm-

  223. i love how they use „catch phrases“ or „talking points“ until they’re asked specific questions! The look on their faces is priceless!
    Then they answer „well, i’m not really familiar with her policies but out of control spending has to stop“ ha ha ha ha!

  224. DEMS close GAP across America with exception of the South-according to latest polls.Sestak now in tie with nutbar Gop candidate.O’Donnell slips further behind .Boxer in lead in CALIFORNIA .Colorado Senate race is now a tie-major crazy factor in play with GOP Senate candidate in Colorado.Millers lead shrinking in Alaska thanks to his skinheads illegally handcuffing reporter.the ‚Crazy‘ factor hurting Tea Party candidates

  225. OCTOBER SURPRISE DEMS CLOSING GAP according to latest polls.latest polls suggest Dems will hold Senate and may even keep control of Congress ! the ‚CRAZY ‚ factor is hurting the Tea party. Wheels are falling off Tea party express.Sestak takes lead in Penn. over GOP candidate.

  226. Freedom, our liberty rofl Please republicans, back her for presidency and hand democrates yet another 4 years in the white house. I mean you apparently didnt learn from 08 if she becomes the nominee =)

    Im betting anyone who wasnt certain about voting for Obama in 08 at least voted against her when she was put on the GOP ticket.

    These people are about as informed as she is, very sad.

  227. she resinged from govener of alaska to chase money. what is her attraction i never understand i can not stand to hear her voice i hope the republicans nominate her to run for president in 2012 so i can watch her make a fool of her self and her fucked up money grubing party. sara palin your fucking ass hole

  228. RepubliCON-Artists want: „smaller government“ & „LESS government intrusion“ & to IMPOSE LAWS on ALL WOMEN who get pregnant! A FEDERAL LAW imposing „their“ morality values on ALL AMERICANS so „THEY“ can impose THEIR will on the REST of Americans LEGALIZING discrimination. Want to take away each AMERICAN woman’s right NOT to have to carry rape/incestual pregnancies, then LEAVE them to care and PAY for it ALONE! They voted AGAINST me AS A BLOCK for 2 yrs, I’m voting aginst THEM as a block! F‘-em!

  229. YES! i searched „ignorant Sarah Palin supporters“ and i got exactly what i wanted! thats so funny how stupid people are!!! and how a nice smile and a seemingly strong rhetoric without any substance can sway people a certain way with such ease. Thats mind control in the form of the media for you.

  230. Its not really shocking how her supporters are unintellectual, alcoholics, racists and separatists…..She and her her supporters are the biggest bullshit to come out in the 21st century…haha..this video is funny

  231. God these people are so fucking stupid it’s just sad. And yes, I’m aware John Ziegler did this schtick with Obama supporters. So there is idiots on both sides, but it’s still incredibly sad.

  232. Listen up my friends; I am looking for some help and guidance. I have been through an awakening of profound intensity and meaning. I speak the truth and can prove what I will expose. If you please, see the information coming out at Search videos at mercycal here at YouTube. It is truthful and I can prove it. I am bound only to the truth but can seek advice from the faithful. Peace to all souls.

  233. Porque me da que esta gente tiene muy poca o ninguna intelectualidad política , social y académica , lo mejor es dejarlos y no tener ninguna relación internacional con ellos. VIVA CARLOS MARX

  234. sarah palin’s book must be like one of those „if yuo aer drnuk yuo cna raed tihs thsirt“ tshirts .. you have to be hammered to support her bullshit. did these people all come from a keg party? lololol.

  235. Think of how much actual sense they had to cut out to get this video. If this video was completely unbiased, then he would have not have to cut any of the video and let all his filming play. But you guys are too stupid to understand that because this is coming from a LIBERAL VIEW. A conservative could do the same fuckin thing, and then all the liberals would bitch at it. There are people like this that support both parties, so do not be idiotic

  236. @gingersblow32 So you are saying this, just so we are clear. Reagan spent 2.7 trillion dollars, and Bush spent 5.5 trillion dollars. So add the two and you have 8.2 trillion, then you add Bush Sr. 1.9 trillion, and Clinton’s 1 trillion… and you have total roughly 11 trillion, the total national debt being 13 trillion now. So, here is my question to you. How does is 2 trillion Obama has spent greater than the 8.2 trillion spent by Bush and Reagan, adding Daddy Bush, bringing it to 10.1?

  237. @Notimeleftforyou2 See conservatives can be easily debunked by some well known facts and some simple kindergarten math. But I must be using fuzzy math, or Washington Math (AKA real math) as GWB put it… right? Where do you get this stuff… seriously, do you believe everything Glenn Beck tells you? I mean, 30 seconds on the internet could completely disprove your bullshit „fact.“ Fact remains though, Republicans are by far the WORST when it comes to federal deficits, and that is a FACT.

  238. @jadeyes914 Like I’m gay and usually don’t go for older meat but Sarah P is sooo hot. I can only imagine her not shaving for a month and then peeing her panties and letting me do some lesbian clean up on her bush.

    Now that’s good taste!

  239. LMAO at the left wing drones. You got a referendum last Tuesday and it burns your asses

    Expect more of the same 2012. All the SEIU, AFL-CIO, White Whores Paid Blog Squad, and National League of Benefit Sponges can’t save your collective democrat\socialist agenda

  240. I think this helps the republican party.’When atheist liberals try and paint republicans as dumb all the while knowing people come to support people they like because they’ve HEARD their views.“ It shows the hatred of others who don’t like democrat policies.

  241. @Eversandero lol no it doesn’t. This makes me hate republicans even more….“She makes me proud to be a woman.“

    LOL This reminds me of the Man Show’s „Stop Women’s Suffrage“ episode.

  242. This makes me hate the people that live in America even more…People so adamant about a politician, but know nothing about the government or the person that they’re so adamant about.

    Granted I am an American, but people like this make me sad to be one.

  243. Good GRIEF!!!! These people have absolutely NO CLUE on ANY of the ISSUES and POLICIES! Really???? Is this the kind of people who support her?????? OMG!!!!!! How many of them graduated from high school? Clearly many of them never went to college. This is the most BIZZARE and yet HYSTERICAL interview of IDIOTS I have ever seen. What is this country coming to.

  244. The taxes have gone DOWN with Obama tax cuts/ stimulus if you make less than $250K per year.

    What people don’t understand is that the Bush Tax cuts will only increase taxes by 3% for every dollar you make over $250K per year. For the first $250K you get taxed pretty much the same.

    Also for Tea Partiers who want to balance budget, if we continue the bush cuts we lose $700B in next decade.

    Why don’t people understand this? It’s not that difficult, but after watching this video I can see why

  245. Furthermore the people making the argument that the US has gone down competitively… this is NOT because of Obama. He’s only been in power for a year and 10 months. Bush was in power for 8 years and with his deregulation, WAR spending, and tax cuts to the rich we went into a deep RECESSION starting in 2007 and huge DEFICIT.

  246. @hendrix201 it’s funny Czars we started under Nixon, Reagan was the 1st to give Amnesty to immigrants & meet without preconditions, Bush was warned about the reckless spending back in 2004 & Fox News & the administration disregarded the advice of economist calling it „liberal“ and „Un-American“. The US is 38th (next to Iraq) by the WHO (world health organization) in Healthcare, FRANCE is #1. The stimulus pkg gave us growth/tax cuts economist want another one. „Reality has a known liberal bias“

  247. @maju786 actually there has been some good growth in the US since Obama’s presidency. The recession is over technically but with any recession there is a lag when it comes to jobs and the deficit. Now, Obama has done or hasn’t done in some cases that I don’t agree w/ but overall he had a lot of deal with b/c of the previous admin. These idiots on this video is what is hurting America from progress b/c they’re so misinformed that they prevent anything & everything from making their lives better.

  248. Graduate of the University of Idaho Sarah Palin– Really…. Thats the best we can do. People believed she should be vice president and now 2012 presidential candidate most likely…LMFAO … Epic Fail !!! Look i get it everyone wants change and im cool with that but cant we find someone that we can be proud of. I want someone who graduates „summa cum laude“ not „prettiest smile“ .. and would it be to much to ask for them to come from a ivy league school with some world knowledge…seriously

  249. Yeah, lets go back to where 45,000 people died a year due to lack of health insurance. „A healthly country“. Too bad the dirty Republicans got their filthy hands on it, so there are still elders, moms, dads, young adults, teens, and children dying.

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