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  1. {……………………………….}
    sick 2 the sickest
    smooth 2 the thickest
    real 2 the quickest
    slick 2 the lickest
    d shit iz dope
    don’t choke
    de power heads make u r mind revoke
    diz zit no more coke.

  2. DJ on the left is Prime Cuts DJ on the Right is Tony Vegas The Beat Juggling at the end is Plus One. Hamster Style is when you switch the cross fader so the left table plays when the fader is on the right and vice versa. Prime and vegas both play hamster. Plus one is regular.

  3. I’d pay ANY amout of money to see a guy from the 14th century watch this video.
    First of all, he’d see a fucking video. That’s enough to blow his mind.
    Plus, he will see decapitated heads that creates awesome music that he’s never heard of and will probably never hear it again.
    The reaction from that guy would be worth gold to me.

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