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Flight 1549 3D Reconstruction, Hudson River Ditching Jan 15, 2009


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  1. @porthole966
    „3D“ refers to the graphic representation in three dimensional space even though the image you view is not in „3D“ (stereo) like movies in the theaters now.

  2. My favorite part is:
    „we’re gonna be in the Hudson“
    „I’m sorry say again cactus“
    „I think he said he is going to the Hudson“ —-and all this with such CALM voices!!!!

  3. Hummm wonder why they do not do one of these simulations for the 9/11 flights…. maybe there is no interest (on the part of the Govt.) to find out what really happened, or should i say that the Govt already know what happened and have no interest that the general public find out….

  4. This is not FSX for those people wondering. It’s an animation made with Exo Sphere 3D.

    I like how the ATC is giving Sully every possible runway to choose from. But I think Sully had already decided that the Hudson was the safest bet.

  5. „Runway four is available if you want to make left traffic to runway four.“
    „I’m not sure we can make any runway.“

    That must’ve been a chilling moment.

  6. There are perhaps a hundred versions of this simulation on youtube. This one is the best by a margin way too big to measure. Kudos on a positively *superlative* job with this.

  7. yeah same doubt, did they get the flaps out? looking at how fast they descended, i think it stayed at 2

    rofl @

    atc : ok which runway do u want
    sully : we are gonna be in hudson

  8. Every time I hear the audio from that flight I get a lump in my throat the size of Texas, just goes to show that when backed against the wall the human spirit will fight. Sully and his crew define the word „heroes“ … I will never forget this event as long as I live. God speed …

  9. @Nalehw
    „“I’m not sure we can make any runway.“

    That must’ve been a chilling moment.“

    Reminds me a little of Al Haynes coming in to Sioux City in UA232:
    Controller: You’re cleared to land on any runway.
    Haynes: You want to be particular and make it a runway, huh?

  10. This European-built plane bought Capt Sullenberger enough time to think and act properly. The guy did a spectacular job but give some credit to the Airbus which bought him the time to think.

  11. The Captain of that flight is a HERO! All it would have taken for absolute disaster is for a single wing to graze the water a second or two earlier then . . . only death would have emerged.

  12. Airline Pilots are trained to keep an even voice, never to show any negative emotions like fear, etc. It is part of the job, keep passengers calm, even if you are so scared that are taking bad decisions or flying bad. I teach Forced Landings on take off to all my students, never skip them. I had pilots with great voices, making huge Panic Mistakes, to the point i have to take over to save myself.

  13. @mrallpurpose Disagree. There is no such thing as luck. This was a lifetime of intense training and experience on the captians part. First officer along with his training and experience made an exceptional co-pilot. EVERYONE involved with this take-off and landing accomplished what was expected of them and more. Period!

  14. Wow, jesus christ, those poor bird, can you imagine anything more horrible? Must have been like that guy in the begining of Lost that got sucked into an engine. That’s gotta be a crappy way to die, minding your own buisness, enjoying flying and BAM hit my a freaking plane.

  15. Wow, jesus christ, those poor birds, can you imagine anything more horrible? Must have been like that guy in the beginning of Lost that got sucked into an engine. That’s gotta be a crappy way to die, minding your own business, enjoying flying and BAM hit my a freaking plane.

  16. @iwantpk2
    As ssoon as the captain told him he had lost thrust in both engines, he was VERY aware of how grave the situation was. He stayed calm and professional while he hwas hyperfocused. He was so upset about it afterward he was off work for a MONTH. He was torn up the whole time he was talking to 1549; a few times you can hear his voice catch. His testimony before Congress is here on Youtube.
    Look for „Patrick Hartin“

  17. How do you dislike this? sure, it’s an animation. But could those of you who disliked the video have the composure and professionalism to ensure the safety of 100-some passengers?

  18. If you listen and read what the captian and first officer are doing, it is team work here. That is why the first officer is called a „co-pilot.“ It wasn’t just Captian Sully that brought this plane to a safe „landing.“ FO Skiles helped out an awful lot here. And in an interview Captian Sully said he could hear the flight attendants doing there job, taking care of the passengers and knew everyone was on the same page at that point.

  19. Sullenberg wasn’t flying the airplane at takeoff… nice job on BOTH pilots parts, people forget that a copilot was there, I would rather shake the hand of Jeff Skiles than Sully… just for the simple reason everyone gives credit to the Captain when there’s two pilots in the flight deck.

  20. @ukidinme2010 Yea. Years of training and experience. Which all pilots have. You dont just walk into a pilots job. There is years of training to get through. This type of thing is practiced countless times by every pilot worldwide before they even get into the flight deck. Captain Sully did well to land the plane the way he did, however I dont think it had anything to do with him being a very „dedicated“ pilot. I think any pilot would have done their best in that position. I think thats kinda obv

  21. That is really amazing 3d rendering, and of course fantastic team work. That flight crew definitely deserves all the credit they were given for safely landing that plane.

    Amazing that there were no major injuries… Just amazing

  22. actually captain sulley just had the perfect conditions for an emergency like this. If there had been a thick fog or overcast, he would’ve been doomed. In my book, this is textbook luck.

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