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Mega Movie-Quotation Medley – „We Came We Saw We Kicked His Ass“


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  1. I can’t imagine the amount of time it must have taken to put together this video. Either that or a team of movie experts decided to use their mastery of trivia for good. WTG!

  2. I really liked this movie kinda sad at some parts but was really enjoyable to watch good acting and was really good I gave it a 5/5. watch it for fr33 at BestMovieEver. n e t

  3. „Dental plan“
    „lisa needs braces“
    „Dental plan“
    „lisa needs braces“
    „Dental plan“
    „lisa needs braces“
    Dental plan“
    „lisa needs braces“

    HAHA awesome. Simpsons fans know what im saying

  4. @dirkshadow500 I think it´s „Freaks“. A very old cultmovie from the 20´s, I think. I saw it once a very long time ago and it´s really an awesome movie about the rather tragic lifes of circus freaks.

  5. Too much 30 rock, rosebud didn’t realy go well, bueller three times was a bit stupid too.Topgun was very good so was ghostbusters. Class video though, great idea.

  6. I don’t like this video because it’s just a bunch of rambling and apparently random stuff all slapped together…. and it’s kind of stupid stuff… This makes no sense… worse… if these snippets truly represent the best of video… well, we are glorifying the hokey and stupid…

  7. „We accept her, one of us“ is from a weird old movie called Freaks or something, right? About a bunch of odd people with deformities, had accidents, etc.?

  8. @Mikasus1234 The now 77 people were pissed their favorite movies like Gigli, Battlefield Earth, and Batman and Robin weren’t used in this masterpiece, just to name a few craptastic films.

  9. @Yurumates Are you fucking serious? „Not born in the golden age of video“ night at the museum came out in 2006, simpsons movie came out 2007. If you’re right, then that means everyone who fucking thumbs-downed this youtube video are fucking 3 year olds.

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