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chiptune david – where am i


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  1. OH…EM…JEEEEE!!!! Hello Kitty ILY!!!! Anyways…. Why doesn’t anyone who comments on these videos understand that this is 4-bit, not 8-bit!? Seriosuly people the game boy may have had an 8-bit processor, but the sound is only 4-bit!

  2. @jikoow Except this is 4-bit sound… Nobody seems to get that the game boy was only 4-bit. Check on the website of the guy who made the LSDJ program and it tells you the game boy was only 4-bit because it only has 4 channels… So that 8-bit website needs a new domain name, cause it’s totally wrong… I gotta feelin I just uprooted an entire 8-bit community and dropped them on their heads…

  3. @mysteryloser24
    The CPU for the Gameboy is 8 bit. The gameboy doesn’t uses a separate sound chip, and uses the cpu to generate tones. Its 8-bit; quit getting caught up in details. Nobody cares.

  4. @mysteryloser24
    Sorry for the confusion; in particular,there is no separate sound hardware for the gameboy, so its confusing and a waste of time to refer to it as „4-bit“ music. Most retro music classified by the blanket term „8-bit“ is steeped in variation in terms of quality and polyphony. It wouldn’t make sense to go around saying „this is 4 bit, that is 8 bit.“ As most people who don’t compose on this hardware don’t know the difference (and don’t care).

  5. @mysteryloser24
    the number of channels has nothing to do with what we should qualify the music as. The gameboy advance also has 4 channels, but one is polyphonic(chords can be played without arpeggios) two support filters and fm synthesis, and the noise channel supports cutoff and distortion. Does the gameboy advance also count as a „4-bit“ music device simply because it has 4 channels? The nes has 5 channels (2 square, 1 triangle, 1 noise, and one dcpm(sample)). Does that make the nes 5-bit

  6. @mysteryloser24
    The sound chip of the snes supports up to 8 channels but supports sample based instruments. Does that make the Snes 8 bit? no, of course not. being 8-bit or 16-bit has nothing to do with the capabilities of the sound hardware, it has to do with the capabilities of the cpu. We call this music 8-bit purely out of convention, and it wouldn’t make sense to change conventions like that and confuse people. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that your observation is irrelevant.

  7. @Liphian You’re blowing it out of proportion by including information on other consoles. All I am saying is that the sound produced by a gameboy, is 4-bit. It’s the truth, and it’s all I’m saying. To be honest, I wasn’t even expecting anyone to reply with anything intelligent. I thought I would get a bunch of people calling me dumb and saying it’s 8-bit. Nice to have an actual decent discussion over it with someone who clearly has sense 🙂

  8. I’m working on some tunes myself, it isn’t quite chiptune but it most definately has a gamewave element to it. I’d really apprieciate if you could drop by my page and have a listen. 🙂

  9. Hey! So umm, this is David (formerly Chiptune David…pffft). You guys already know that I’m not making chiptune anymore, and I probably never will again. But if you’d like, you can send me a message and I’ll send you the link for my EP that I did wayyyy back haha, or you can also go onto 8bitcollective(dot)com and search „chiptunedavid“ and „pulse blast“. I hope you guys enjoy the music! And if not, that’s cool too!
    I absolutely hate that picture of me hahaha. I look ridiculous.

  10. unless its playing an actual instrument, or using any vocal talent of your own, then by default, its just mixing and using others material, how in the hell can anyone class this as actual musical talent ? my god

  11. @Minasan18 Is that so? Want me to mail you a Gameboy and LSDJ on it and see what you can come up with (I’m more than willing, I got dozens of them). Composing electronic music is a lot more complex than you think.

  12. @pom0ify LMFAO go for it i need more junk for the garage sale !!! Complex yeah im sure lmfao all you posers just use mario and sonic and whatever you can get your hands on remix it a couple of times and hey presto ya have yourself a big ol steaming pile of chiptune

  13. @DatafoxStudios lol i love how one after another you Mario re mixers come back with your sly comments 🙂 you may win whatever amount of money, its never going to be considerate, and i am just one of many who discredit this pass time 😀 Mkay ?

  14. @Minasan18 Mario remixes your ass, (almost) all of my stuff is original. It’s hard to create good melodies, basslines, invent new types of possiblities with synths and stuff. Composing is one very hard part of making music, and electronic music is composing on it’s fullest. Normal composers do not fine-tune their song’s instruments, nor they usually generate the drums, effects and such things. Do that and cry again. Or go cut your skin from wrist to your fucking ass.

  15. Whoa, I Was Playing This Song Accidentally When I Was Watching The 500 Million Viewers On FaceBook Video, And Thought That The Song REALLY Goes With The Video.
    Someone HAS To Make It.

  16. @pom0ify im ignorant because i voice an opinion on a public website, where its the norm for people to say what they think ? my god 😀 You sir or madam or just awesome, pure awesome. hmm in answer to your previous question though, its quite lovely, as there is no remixed mario/ zelda/ tetris crap under here :p

  17. Hey if you like this kind of sad melancholic chiptune, check out the song i posted on my channel, by „…And Life Is Very Long“. i didnt make it, but i thought i’d just share some chiptune with the world 🙂

    chiptune pwns all teh n00bs

  18. @DavidKruk Hey David, are you still making music (obviously not chiptune)? If so, could you link me to any of your newer stuff, I’d love to hear what you’ve got on the go, as I am a fan of your chiptune stuff, which I know is hard enough to create.
    – Mika/S-Fox

  19. Heyi know this is old and maybe u dont check this anymore buti luv ur chiptunes david!!!! i started hearing chiptunes today for first time and they are awsome!!!!!!! i already have most of ur songs on my ipod!!!

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