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Drunk Guy Goes for More to the Store


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  1. the government and our society in general dont understand if this guy had smoked some weed instead he would of happily walked into the store bought a bag of chips and a slurpee and went home and chilled watched some tv/music instead he was on alcohol and probs a mix of something else like K and this video wouldnt even be on the net


  2. „Ahhhhmmm an ’stronomer. I just got off work after a hard night looking at the stars and was looking for a brewski.“ Old guy: „That’s okay, buddy, I’ll just point you to the door there.“ „It’s always a bitch to keep on my feet when the earth be turning and shit.“ Old guy: „Yeah, I know…there you go…“ *Crash* „Alms for the poor?“ Young guy: „Oh hell, he’s okay.“ *Walks away* Bwahaha!

  3. i see we have a few MD’s in the house… diagnosing cerebral palsey from video alone… lmao…

    fucker is drunk… its obviously security footage, so therefore someone who worked there must have posted it, therefore would have been able to smell the booze on the guy… thanks, good day…

  4. This guy isn’t drunk, yes he’s got poor coordination, but he’s reflexing fast. You usually see these kinds of movements in someone with Cerebral Palsey, he might have mild CP and is trying to get famous on youtube, other than some kind of physical illness, he could have taken some kind of paralitic med, but the quick jerks suggest otherwise

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