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McKenzie – 11yo Girl Sets New Record for Field Stripping AR15


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  1. @dantom actually, this is the kind of education that usually KEEPS people from dying = learn to respect it and understand it at a young age and dumb accidents are far less likely to happen.

  2. @360prakash morons like 360prakash are the ones who shelter their kids from dangerous things, then when their kids first encounter a gun, they kill themselves or another kid because they are clueless on what to do and the dangers involved. It is impossible to keep your kid away from dangerous things their whole life. A good parent teaches their kids to understand and respect and how to handle safely the dangerous things they WILL encounter in life.

  3. Serious. Great parenting. Children who are taught to handle weapons are totally unlikely to hurt or kill themselves or others when they encounter weapons. Children of morons who shelter their kids from weapons are the ones who do stupid things when they encounter them at a friend’s house. This is true of guns, knives, any weapon or dangerous item. This is why my kids use sharp knives, fire, etc, from the time they are out of diapers. Thus they know how to safely use dangerous things.

  4. @AnimeRelated420 Stop saying you would “ Totally fuck“ an 11 year old girl, if i knew you, i would shoot you.

    I dont care what meaning you supposedly had, other than the obvious.

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