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The Worst Cover Of A Beatles Song Ever! (Let It Be)


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  1. Well he’s had some operatic training but his intonation is horrible, his consonants are badly articulated and he can’t hold a note very successfully – and he also sounds as though he’s had a few vodkas too many. Marvellous stuff. It cheered me up no end when I had a nasty cold.

  2. Actually this is by far not the worst Beatles cover, after the first time laughing my ass off, i have to say its in fact a pretty good one. The whole instrumental part is well made and the singer sure looks funny and has a strong accent, but in effect he hits the notes and also his voice could be worse. Doubtless its different than the beatles version, but that doesnt mean its far worse.

  3. lmfao..blahahahahahaha..He has an awesome and strong voice but this is not the song for him. He thouroughly butchers the trueness of the song. I’m still laughing as he’s singing blahahahaha. It sucks because his voice is so strong and good, this song for him does not do his voice any justice. I can think of other song that hed be great at

  4. do you know there isnt many people who can sing that low? I really like it. I’m not gona say it’s the best but I think that’s really good. So stop busting his balls.

  5. I reckon all of you who criticize this man ought to get a life. Comments about how someone looks are always peurile and shallow. I thought he was quite a good singer and the back up was good too.

  6. @ParallelW0rld @ParallelW0rld Typical stupid other user, it’s a kind of joke from decades ago called a Russian reversal. Do some research before jumping to the conclusion that everyone is uneducated.

  7. @amaddb04 He didn’t really do too bad, but his accent is so thick he should have never attempted it. It should be taboo to cover the Beatles no matter who you are, but a comrade singing one of their most soulful songs is just plain dumb 🙂

  8. @theballer04 it reminds me of something from a wes anderson film. if you haven’t watched, please do. „the life aquatic“ or „the royal tenenbaums“ are where you should start. GO GO GO!

  9. Wow, Uploader!You’re really mean…yes he’s fat but so what??And he’s voice is really good but not for this song,it doesn’t mean he’s a bad singer…and at least they enjoyed to singing:)

  10. Let it be camrades Black sea mariens!
    Да будет так, товарищи черноморские моряки!
    Long Live for ansamble of singing and danes of Black sea fleet of Russian Federation!
    Да здравствует ансамбль песни и пляски героического краснознамённого Черноморского флота России!

  11. It’s not great, but it’s not really terrible…..
    The worst cover of a Beatles is, without a doubt, Madame St-Onge’s „Il (help).“ Look for it on YouTube.

  12. I like big ol‘ Russians belting out western pop tunes..Better „Let It Be“ than „Bomb the F****** Americans‘ and there were some cute Russians in the background

  13. They have great voices….you must understand that English is not their natural language…..I want to see all of you critics here speaking and writing Spanish or Russian. Its not as easy as it looks.

  14. Actually a few comments… First, damn. Also, how does this guy look anything like Newt Gingrich. Third, I like his hand gestures, this guy’s hilarious!

  15. Three words… WTF. What’s with the outfit? Are they going to invade New Jersey cos I said that? And that guy who’s behind him, why does he look like the big guy let one fly? DAMN I am SO glad I’m a fat, stupid American instead of a fat, dorky Russian!

  16. I thought it was decent for what it was. I mean they are singing in a different language for Petes sake.

    Ever try singing a song in a language or dialect your not too familiar with???

  17. @ryguy2k7 You actually are one of the dorks like me that likes this thing and you actually really bothered to count the times you watched ? I think I might have you beat by 20 watc hings !

  18. @Came03 Yeah! I think it’s kind of charming. It’s all in the spirit of The Beatles. As long as the heart is there it’s all good! I even think that Paul would like this. 🙂

  19. This is so fucking has helped my life out immensley !
    There is something about the mixture of unintentional comedy and fairly weak back-up musicians that really makes this video one of the coolest ever posted on you tube..Thanks to the poster of this wonderful version..and all the cool people that are appreiating it !!! Ha Ha… Thanks for the joy and happy heart you have given me……………………again . Thank You

  20. Dear any Russian friends..
    Do you have any idea where I can get some more of this guys‘ material ?
    Totally serious..I‘ d certainly appreciate any hits back…..Thank You

  21. For all the haters; he might not sing in a style of your liking, but if you’re on a frigot in the arctic ocean with a bunch o‘ guys wearing telniks and totin‘ kalashnikovs, you’d love to have a steerman who could sing the frost of the poopdeck.

  22. he cant even spell those three simple words properly, its not just differnet typ of singing…its his terrible language knowledge…he’s making us russians and ukrainians ashamed…

  23. You’re a damn fool Attmay. There’s nothing wrong with this version. If you knew absolutely anything about music you’d understand the concept behind this. It’s a mergence of classical opera meeting mainstream and still keeping to the original song structure. You seem to be obsessed with the singer’s appearance more than what he’s actually doing judging by your captions. Stick to fucking watching X-factor or whatever they call that shite.

  24. it doesn’t matter who and how is singing.
    if a man SINGS, that says of the magic of this composition.
    And that they aren’t those bears that we used to think of them.
    great singing!

  25. Guys there’s nothing wrong with this… a MAN singed this song from the bottom from his heart and thats all that matters… jeezus people are only focusing on his appearence and his country of origin.

  26. To all of you who hate this .. understandable . It is so bad and great because it sucks so bad . Having the ability to appreciiate what is bad in life is an insane gift…not all of you will have it . Not meaning you will appreciate some insane assholes‘ right to kill , but appreciate anothers‘ point of view with love …thanks for loving….
    This still is the best thing on You Tube ….

  27. juaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Desde la tumba a Lennon y a Harrison se les revuelve el estomago…Mc Cartney y Starr ya vieron a sus abogados para iniciar las acciones legales correspondientes…ASQUEROSAMENTE INAUDIBLE

  28. Lol, 0:23 (: The guy bottom left says something. probably like „We’re all better than this guy“ and then a few seconds later the guy top left with the moustache laughs and shakes his head :L

  29. @Eurotour93

    It’s a Russian Reversal…it’s a type of joke…you always start one with „In Soviet Russia“ and then something completely backwards…that’s the point…

    Ps: In Soviet Russia Europe tours you!!!!

  30. Still Utterly inspiring awesome and fucking beautiful and cream getting….
    to all you fucks that dont like it ..just motherfucking completely fuck off ..
    “ until the mongrel….eeeeeeeeeeeeeee“

  31. Not that bad cover! Just the arrangement is wrong, not the performance. And it looks like as Sara Brightman to sing Iron Maiden – both styles are great, but it is very very difficult to mix them.

  32. @devtrev We gotta get ready…blowing our own squlls owt is not easy…
    especially when
    Jesus Christ
    is our saviour…….
    So many angorrs……
    The misspelling is wrong………………………….

  33. @devtrev & Ronald Mc Donald, Marilyn Manson and the members from the original Harlem Globetrotters .
    An‘ if anyno you stupid motherfuckers don‘ t know who Curly or Meadowlark is…then just ball up in a vinegar soaked round liquid bitch house and fuck completely away…

  34. @minhcloud They are just stupid fucking idiots…like you and me..don‘ t you see ?
    And if you don‘ t see you sad little gay bastard fag bitch
    Then you are some kind of fucking gay ‚ ol ass wasten of skin
    motherfucking horrible drawn up fucking respite laden fuck…
    Fuck You

  35. @GioErg Beautiful calligrophy..
    Engish please thank you so much for the precious fonts…
    Thank you for understanding English
    One of the most obnoxious and hard to understand languages in the whole realm
    Thanx….I love your

  36. @scitsalcoryp but of course it would be grand! As a seafaring man meself I must say, the silence of the great seas wouldn’t be as sad with one of him around…

    …nor would it be so silent.

  37. What’s wrong with this? It’s a bit odd (accent and style) but there is nothing really wrong with it. He’s got good resonance, and he is on key. Check out some of the other „covers“ on Youtube, and see idiots out of key.

    All it takes is one dufus to label „worst cover ever“ and then every tom, dick and harry jumps on the trollercoaster.

    Attmay, check thine ears with the new and improved cotton-buds =)

  38. Худшее-не худшее, а свои пол-миллиона просмотров взяло ))))) лучше бы вся западная эстрада перепевалась в подобном ключе… а то запарили ессмысленные штампованные дешёвки

  39. Many years ago when I started listenning to the Beatles, someone told me that John Lennon was involved deeply in communism; and as the result, he was constantly under surveillance by the U.S. government…Especially in a time when the Cold War was still running high between America and Russia…

  40. Watching this kind of brings joy to my heart because maybe things weren’t really that bad after all…The Russians also wanted peace and harmony for their Motherland as well…

    Rest in peace, John.

  41. Comeon, it’s not that bad. Better than most of the modern artists today!
    The guy probably does not speaks English, and has just leaned the lyrics, and is singing in the russian ballet style vocals. I think John might have had fun, had he seen this one 😀

  42. I think this is a rather good cover. It makes you realise why the Beatles did it the way they did – and not this way (which in many ways would have been the obvious way to handle this tune).
    It was what the Beatles were about;- never doing the obvious.

  43. @DreAmeoba1 A Beek you say ?
    I am really mad at my computer is urinating all ovre me..
    when itg is done I will call up the profile police and they will mqke me watch really old bad episodes of COPS

  44. I think it’s wrong to say that he sings well or bad. All we need is his passion of music and the most important thing is he loves The Beatles and he sings by his all heart. You guys should not say that.

  45. Juicy nubs of deliousotosis….forever squirting..
    not necessesarily in harmony…
    but in the sweetluscious liquis therof……
    (the young lady next to the big man you fu cks)
    Ready to get your whole messed up life more messed up than it is ?
    She is either married…
    or Hard Maintainence…
    Her Dad will be out to kill you ..
    Or she will kill you
    really worth
    the risk ?
    We all say YES

  46. That was great. He’s probably a better singer than you, despite his accent. The fact that I assume the Russian navy(?) is paying tribute to the beatles says a lot. It should not be insulted.

  47. Not being one of these beatle-worshipers I have to call people on this one.

    The beatles after all were all about ‚let it be‘ so why not embrace this cover of their song. Hey. It’s free expression, yanew? It’s like groovy!

  48. Everyone fails to realize that a Russian military chorus is singing „Let It Be“ That is petty damned amazing. Granted, I’m only 32 but we have all come a long way from glasnost and „I must break you“ Agreed?

  49. @nlolua Look at yourself u fucking georgian monkey. its funny how you speak for the „civilized word“ when your country is full of uncivilized monkey like people who run around in the mountains all day long. Or they travel to Moscow where they constantly getting bashed by gangs of white supremacists.

  50. @nlolua Look at yourself you fucking gergian monkey. its funny how you speak for civilized world when your country is full of uncivilized monkey like people who run around in the mountains all day. Or they travel to Russia where they get bashed by gangs of white supremacists

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