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Angry Video Game Nerd: Godzilla

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  1. The new curse word that gets bleeped out is “scunt”. Someone uploaded a clip of this episode onto Youtube where the curse word is uncensored.

  2. And that someone just ruined the whole episode by revealing that. The fun is that you don’t know (untill now -_-) what the word was, and the mystery in itself is what makes the cencor beep awesome. I other words, I DIDN’T WANNA KNOW WHAT HE SAID, CUZ I LIKED IT REMAINING A MYSTERY!!!

  3. I think we all have felt the frustration of a game only being released in Japan… or as a European, the frustration of a game only being released in Japan and America. Fortunately we now live in a time where importing and chip-booting has become easier.

  4. Ya neither did I. I didn’t specifically say “the angry video game nerd” I only said “avgn.” That could mean a number of things, but you know exactly who I’m talking about.

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