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Tenga Flip Hole – PV


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  1. @SomethingAwfulTV for some reason it looks like what the inside should feel like of a vagina….but I don’t know those japanese have been doing weird things!

  2. There’s also one thing – this is a little too professional – I also thought about Molex connectors, and for those who have ordered parts for PCB – they usually have a number of mating cycles before failure.
    I waited to hear – „unique technology allows to extend mean time to failure, robust and low-power solution to specific masturbation needs, call you local representative to get an estimate and a live demonstration at your office“.

    Once again, it’s a little too professional.

  3. if i got this thing I don’t think i would ever want to clean it after I finish. i would just leave it there and it would get gross. call me when they come up with a self cleaning version.

  4. What a business friendly commercial. Is this for an ipod or a hair dryer? Its really a trap. Once inserted the sides lock your penis into place. The knives then proceed to shred your penis as the end orb shoots out a string of fire to cremate it…what a great product i simply must have it! The man says i should! lmao

  5. I don’t think it’s possible to hear, Tenga uses cutting edge technology in a new way! without cringing uncomfortably. since we’ve allready established it’s for masturbation.

  6. Sounds like a Space Fighter game
    Look out for the click orbs. They find holes in your defense
    Aim for the side ribs, get the armor down.
    At this point the Wing gate will open, Enter the ship.
    Look out for Quattro waves, They will disable your on board equipment
    *End orb damaged*
    Get out before it explodes!
    *Space fighters escape just as it explodes dramatically“

    Mission Accomplished!

  7. im pretty sure real vaginas dont have CLICK ORBS and QUATTRO WAVES. anyone who had real sex and used this thing, can you tell me if there’s any difference? or is your dick too engulfed to feel anything

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