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Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend


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    i couldn’t stop laughing cause i couldn’t understand wtf i was watching.
    so many questions to ask…
    why where they wearing ass- less underwear?
    why did his penis turn into a face? why did it shot some sort of laser?
    why they holding onto wheels and racing down a mountain?
    how did that machine turn into a baby?
    why was the sun a baby?

    haha. this was effing crazy. wiil tell my friends about this. thanks

  2. u ruined my day… rin in this kind of 3D ? Dx
    whats with the muscle guys ? sick man !!
    A WIG, WTF X_X
    … baby face lazer … ? x-x
    sick man !!! Dx

  3. @heartShary the machine was blown away the baby is the driver who in the beginning was wearing a wig and they lost the wig at 0:52 and the baby sun may have been a teletubbys reference lol no idea about any of the rest

  4. WTF dude. did u not get the memo? This is NOT how u make a viral video, this IS how u make a vid that will get u haters more than Justin Beiber though…

  5. @ShiAlAnsari 93.3% of the people who watched this video clicked that they liked it. That’s a pretty clear indication that it doesn’t have a lot of haters.

  6. @Oavatos Never said yaz didn’t..dummy. Duz it seem gay to U, duz it go to far? Strange…U n yer boiy toy are gona be doin sum explor’n and expanding yer gay way play time huh.

  7. @Oavatos Sir? Well I guess I know who’s the catcher in the relationship. I figured you’d turn b!tch on me. The weak n small cling to things of little or no value and make a case on it, ie spelling. Congrats peewee you’re weak n small, in more ways then one I’m sure. Can you read? Or are your eyez permanently crossed from stare’n up at them ballz being tee bagged against your nose?

  8. @Oavatos Poople were calling me troll, I thought they meant the little critter that lives under bridges, I looked it up, found out what it meant, and ran with it. I don’t fit the traditional todays little society so I’m not looking for any credit skipper. I almost fit the mold, I just never lose and I’m always right, don’t start nut’n I cain’t finish, and slap every poor turd who „challenges“ my authority over them back to tinker town.

  9. @Oavatos Actually tinkerbelle, my spelling got better kuz 1: I obviously need to spell thangs out for yer diminutive mind, mind set, and way of thinking, 2: Sumtimez I jst type „normal“ just for the shear gawd dam amusment of it, and three, U sed u wished to debate, and U clearly cant think outside duh box or abstractly, sooooo I figyered I better take the rains and own U….b!ch. I „lost“? How ya figyer rainbo boiy?

  10. @Kavanaghness Hey no problem, any other questions about anythang and everythang U just The BigRubberD!ck know ok son. Oh and uuh, U might wana pull that stick out of yer ass, U prick.

  11. it is important to understand that this is made of pure win. unfortunatly win in its raw form doesn’t make sense, but none the less this is what it looks like

  12. This is hilarious. I’m watching a video with a man riding another man chasing a transformer dude. Oh and he shoots lasers from his dick, which is actually a baby face. Japan is truly a great nation to produce this.

  13. @DevCorMalatrigga I know what you mean. This shit will be all over the forums with every 16 year old will try to use this to socialize rather then actually developing a personality.

  14. @DrugLagoon
    If I recall correctly, the guy in the picture (who the models are based on) is a gay porn star and the audio in the video is from one of his videos.

    So in a sense, he’s actually right…

  15. Now nothing will EVER surprise me EVER again.

    Hey, is that a pink llama on rollerblades chasing Lindsay Lohan in a penis-shaped hat while Leonardo DiCaprio sings Edith Piaf’s ‚Je ne regrette rien‘? Pfft, old news.

  16. @armymenis12

    Tbh, the fact that you know this shit just proves to everyone watching this mind boggling video and its comments, that you just have very little if any life at all to know this shit 🙂

  17. @moneraa you are not japanese ,right?that is clearly abnormal.most japanese dont even know the existence of hentai games,yaoi and otaku culture.if it were not for internet,i would not know it.i want foreign otakus to know the fact that otakus are despised in japan.

  18. I take personal offense to this video, me and my brother have been practicing Muscle Roller Legends ever since we were young and our parents were killed in a tragic MRL accident, and we have never EVER used this too hurt anyone. I demand that this video be taken down and the proper people be bludgeoned.

  19. 0:56 You gotta admit that’s pretty epic- and his face is all like „O HAI THAR“ when he lands it

    1:17 Obvious shoop is obvious



  20. Kagamine Rin racing in a steamroller annex Gundam bot, chased by two Chippendales who combine to form a transformable motorbike annex segway and shoot at Kagamine Rin, who gets shot off the road and explodes in the forest, turning into racing baby Kagamine Rin, who is again blasted by the Chippendales combining into some wheel-like thing while the Teletubbies sun looks on, all set to some weird-ass remix of Miku Miku Shite Ageru.

    And it still doesn’t make sense.

  21. An accurate, totally true account of daily happenings in a remote island plagued by mental sickness and apparently very flexible humanoid creatures known only as „Japanese.“

  22. I wasnt entertained at all. I fell asleep right when the baby blaster cannon came from the epic dude’s cockmeat and fired a searing pink destructolazer…. yep. it’s the truth.

  23. When I saw this first time….i just wanted to grab a car and drive it into my ass while sitting inside of it. Jesus christ…what in the fucks name is this madness?? :3

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