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IceT presents iMac Repair


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  1. dont you guys in the us have recycling? i mean it really is a waste not to bring old, useless electronics to a recycling place. all those rare metals inside it (gold and palladium) and heavy metals too shouldn’t go to your household trash. please consider recycling everytime you throw stuff away.

  2. @qwertzu3 Nope. No one in the U.S. recycles. It’s forbidden. Literally against the law. We take all of our old electronics and plastics and pile them in front of the White House then burn them and dance like savages on the lawn while screaming about how much we love oil and money and hate everyone else. I thought everyone knew this?

  3. I have „some“ respect for Ice-T and what he’s done for the culture and rap industry but how come he doesn’t think it’s fucked up to be banging a girl who’s young enough to be his daughter? Without knowing it, it sounds like a daughter filming her dad doing some home repair project.

    I guess it’s all the „oh my god…“ she sounds like a 15 year old.

  4. Well, you probably could have got the RAM out of there, but otherwise, IceT is the man to go to the get rid of your old Mac.

    Also, I think he’ll need to develop a new method for destroying the unibody version.

  5. First you need to pour a beer on it then take in. That way they can say we can repair all the damage but since there is water damage it isn’t covered by your apple care plan.

  6. this mother fuka so poor he has to trash a out of date mac hahahha…. and keeps the battery??? hes ebaying that mofo, what a american retard ooh this is going to mac get it fixed ,,,stfu ice you cant you broke and out of cash twat

  7. All because he couldn’t bother to use a screwdriver and remove about 6 screws. A hard surface to rest it on would have been an intelligent way to smash it, but we won’t mention that. The final level but not the next level.

  8. @alphaotakux

    He’s a poser cause he’s no longer running around talking about shooting cops and shit? Yeah, you totally make sense. Its so horrible that he’s not living a crappy life anymore and doing crappy street rat stuff. He should totally be ashamed for not being a „G“ anymore >.>

  9. It took such a long time to destroy that mac. I think the MAC wins in this battle. Let`s make another video where Mac will have a hammer and will „repair“ the guy. How long will it last? 😀

  10. All I gotta say is ..ICE T. you influenced a big part of my life! And I look forward to the day that I can meet you in person, shake your hand and say thanks uncle ice!.. Much respect!!!
    -Omar Opus-

  11. I’d part that thing and reformat the HDD wipe it clean and use it as an external HD. then i’d keep those fans and speakers. and then keep the light that’s in the screen unless it’s broken. BTW is this Ice’s real youtube channel?

  12. Hey Ice Tea, all that stuff can be recycled.
    Somewhere in Asia some little kid is waiting to drop that motherboard into a bucket of acid to get the gold off it.

    Think of the children.

  13. @iGame3D Do you realise how many microns of gold they’d be getting? and what the hell would they use it for… food? This used to be applicable back in the days of thick gold connectors on circuit boards (particularly mainframes) but advances in technology mean that’d just be a waste of gold. You clearly no nothing about the continent of Asia because the living conditions are not poor everywhere. Stop being a fool and send them your doughnuts.

  14. @hofmannsapprentice
    Maybe you don’t know what you are talking about.

    Search this on youtube since they won’t let me post a link
    „E-Waste: Dumping on the Poor “

    for more search
    „toxic computer recycling in asia“

  15. Man I saw this video and I want to strangle Ice T. myself. Man it took me along time to afford the Aluminum 15Inch Powerbook that I have. I know your money is right, but man, please next time send it to me so I can recycle before you go through all these changes. Oh my God, I still can’t believe it.

  16. lotta poor ass niggaz need a computer and he coulda had that piece of shit repaired and gave it some hommie or at least sold it on ebay with his signature..he coulda made some serious cash with tht shit…dumb ass nigga….i like your music IceT but cmon

  17. @ElBurrotheDiablo666

    Gold is a common material used in the manufacture of all mission critical electronics.

    google „gold in electronics“ and stop being an ignorant dick.

  18. Ice T is a cool dude, his repair reminds me of what me and my boys would do with our families old junk or stuff off the street on clean up day. We used to shack all kinds of stuff;anyway. I seen iGame3D’s comment about the kids wanting to get gold, I am assuming its a joke. I believe they use more silver than gold these days causing a very bullish silver market . Those kids cleaning boards get lead poisoning and some chump in a suit gets paid. They also have to drink tainted water n poisoned air

  19. Hehe Ice man – just format your fucking hard drive man!

    I made a sculpture of you, if you remember – Big Cliff Whyte gave you it – Bodycount Tour, Newcastle.

    Funnily enough I actually went on to work for Apple Technical Help – no lies.

    I could have fixed that for you – but something tells me you just wanted to smash it in a revenge attack 😀

    I can’t blame you.

  20. @stonent If that was the case he could of sold the logic board for prolly like $300 – 400 including the other salvage parts shit i could bought the hd left fan and everything else for like 100 lmao. But thats chump change to him

  21. T… Ya all need a FAT MAX Demolition hammer not some sally assed i got me a home improvement kit hammer that they sell to the women folk… Bust it up with some testosterone!!!!

  22. You mean to tell me that the guy who wrote all those cool songs and albums is using a shitty-ass pic n save hammer? ever hear of Vaughn hammers ,Ice? Well, maybe I got it wrong- you must ge rich cuz you get the bargain items…..

  23. @DEVILNUKER6661236 you use WINDOWS laptops because a rapper smashed his laptop with a hammer? weird.

    PS- there is no „WINDOWS laptop“, WINDOWS is an operating system not laptop manufacturer
    PSS- Windows isn’t in all caps.

  24. This ones for the Microsoft boys, soon my friends we shall defeat all Mac’s!!!!!. We shall take back our reign over the world. Hail our general military Mac exterminator Lord Ice-T and Miss CoCo Bunz.

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  26. It’s a 5 year-old Mac, people. No point in getting it fixed. He’s a multi-millionaire who makes money off of music and that is an outdated piece of equipment.

  27. @SkateChannel13 It’s less powerful than the 2008 Mac Mini. He said it was a 5 year old computer, so it would have to be a single core PowerPC Powerbook. They were good then, but couldn’t run the new software.

  28. @theblackjay2 Big Rapper in late 80’s early 90’s!! Along with NWA!! Well known pionerr of gangster rap!! Then in Mid 90’s changed it up started a heavy metal band!! Body Count!!

  29. did anyone else find it funny that after saying he was removing the hard drive he was clawing at the cdrom and the hard drive was still there at the end of the video? lol

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  31. know what there was an argument on the video game about Ice T vs. Ice Cube… first of all Ice T is from 2 generations before Ice Cube… Ice T was in the U.S. Army while Ice Cube was still in Middle School…so no arguments about it , different generations … Ice T is a legend for real and has recreated himself several times …He is a professional Entertainer … thats it ..BTW THANK YOU ICE T FOR YOUR HONORABLE SERVICE TO YOUR COUNTRY IN THE US ARMY’S 25th INFANTRY FOR 4 YEARS UR LIFE

  32. I fix my Macs in a similar fashion. Just after the iFag in the Apple store tells me its going to cost me £800 to fix – when its a week past its warranty. Macs are full of the cheap Chinese shit that all other PCs are full of. Just in a prettier box.

  33. @sgtjlopez

    You’re correct. It’s a PowerBook G4.

    You can tell it’s a PowerBook simply by the fact that it doesn’t have the built-in iSight camera on the center top of the display.

    And not just new software, PowerPC Macs can’t run the current version of OS X (10.6 „Snow Leopard“).

    Apple has essentially phased out all support for PowerPC Macs; all that’s left is update support for OS X 10.5 „Leopard“ on PowerPC machines that can run that version, and that may go away when 10.7 „Lion“ debuts.

  34. @karaloca
    i beg to differ.. im a mac technician, all pc Vendors get their parts from Foxconn. However, apple pays a bigger premium, and hence get better quality parts, like capacitors, mosfets etc on their motherboards. the funny thing is, i dont even like macs, but i fix em for a living hehe.. but yea, Mac’s do have alot better quality components.. cant say the same about OSx though.

  35. i know you cant watch because it is like destroying a car that you bought. the price is the reason right
    ?… maybe? but yes spend the same on a pc. and you can easily remove the hard drive in a pc. so no worries XD

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  37. some ppl telling me im got next or to blow up got the mind set but u the ppl gotta tune into my music to let me really know im just working hard n next year gonna go even harder im just looking to be heard n have great amount of views n help my fam out with bills so plz check me out some songs i might do r to be funny other is wat im goin through or the world so if u listen to my videos i have to say thanks to u

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