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Woman drags kid through Verizon Store


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  1. @numbaonemiss could be, but in the description it says she has been arrested before, which leads me to believe that she may be abusive. and i know that may sound ignorant to jump to such a bold conclusion over such a minuscule fact, but i just cant help it. plus its an internet video, so its not like im gonna get any more info on the bitch.

  2. I think the only time that is appropriate to put your kid on a leash is when you’re somewhere really busy or crowded and have more than one young child. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED LOOKING AFTER SMALL CHILDREN THAT ARE TOO EXCITED TO LISTEN TO YOU!!?!?! You can teach them to be obedient but that goes out the window when they’re excited. If you have only one child and use’re pretty lazy. You can just hold their hand. And sometimes, kids DO act like animals.

  3. @AmonOfTheSahelijos it says ” apparently she has been arrested”, not, “she has been arrested before” which leads me to belie ve that she was arrested following this incident perhaps because of some dumb ass whose cheap ass phone blocked the sound making it look like abuse. that kid could have been laughing his ass off, OR maybe she was dragging the child because he threw a tantrum, fell to the ground and wouldn’t get up. i would have whooped his little ass in there. i’da went to jail too

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