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Mike Castle on Barack H. Obama Birth Certificate


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  1. @Osambasucks2 Yep, you definitely biggest dumbass on the planet!!!! The Gallup poll released yesterday shows the president’s approval rating is 49% to 44%, just one point below the magic number needed to all-but-guarantee him a second term!!!!!

    As for that 39 figure you got, you must’ve been so drunk you didn’t realize you were looking at your IQ test results instead of the news!!!!!!

    DIe you POS….and take all your backwoods, brain-dead right-wing retarded buddies with you!!!!!!

  2. @Osambasucks2 Jerry Corsi is a right-wing retarded redneck with shit for brains, you have so much in common with him it’s no wonder you admire him.

    Try citing some credible sources instead of WND–Whackos, Nutcases & Douchebags(dot) com….the leading online tabloid trash site.

  3. @GeorgiaKev
    Wrong again Moron, Insane Hussein Osamba has a Illegal SSN# from the State if CT!!!!!!
    We all can see that he is using a SSN# that starts with 042!!!!!!
    But then you are just a Blind Libtard that is in Denial, and you don’t want to know the Facts or the truth!!!!!

  4. @GeorgiaKev
    Well it sure is better than all your Commie Lying Libtard News ran by the Commie George Soros!!!!!
    Wake Up moron and get the facts, not your Socialist Censored Liberal Lies!!!!

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