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TAC drug driving Ad – Impressively Scary

The latest advertisement for TAC. drug driving, is pretty freakin stupid, is the message they are obviously trying to convey. please dont drive after smoking cannabis. go do something else, like play with weapons for example, or fly a small plane. but driving will get you killed. but seriously, dont do drugs at all. i will hate you if you do. but right now, i love you. i really do, you are my favourite.


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  1. Seriously the slogan should have been drunk walking don’t do it, he was fucken walking along when he got hit by a car, NOT DRIVING. That Ad is pretty crap just for the point that it’s advertising one thing and he gets killed by another, unless of course if the person that hit him was smoking weed as well!

    Wake up.

  2. The behaviour demonstrated by the driver doesn’t correlate to cannabis effects on the brain. I’ve read the studies, I know what the effects are. People will overcompensate and drive slower not faster, not erratically as with alcohol. Which I assume the driver that hit him had been drinking.

  3. I can confirm this. The whole idea that cannabis slows down your reaction speed is a myth – if you try any mentally demanding challenge whilst stoned you perform at least equally well to when you’re sober, which definitely can’t be said for alcohol

  4. This is fucking shit and so is the new drug driving law. I dont swerve around like a nervous learner driver on weed and i dont know anyone who does, nor do i know of anyone who has ever crashed because of it.

  5. man it’s not this man who have made something stupid! it was the motherfucker who hit him when he tried to leave the car… i mean, he had to see him when he stepped out. then the other man was on drugs, if this should be an advertisement, but how can someone creative such a scary film for NOTHING? it makes no sense.

  6. Go on to google you dumbfucks and check out fatality rates for marijuana impaired driving… really.. REALLY this is a fucking joke. They focus on the 1 or 2 % of dipshits who can’t handle the high and get into an accident without looking at the per capita rate compared to let’s say D.U.I’s, speeding, disabilities etc etc.

  7. I’ll add to this by saying I also drive baked every day. &&& keep your eye open for people getting out of parallel parked cars. This is almost as bad as that one where they edit the kids eyes to be 2x as fucking big and expect you to believe that’s what you look like when you’re trippin.

  8. @charlesbronson86
    How lucky we are to share the road with you!
    Get real. What gets me about so many pot proponents is their absolute certainty they can drive, watch kids, do skilled labor and take on responsibilities while „baked.“ I am against the stupid war I drugs. I regard marijuana as no more harmful than booze (and by sheer numbers, less troublesome). But handling responsibilities while stoned is delusional stupidity at its zenith.

  9. lolol, here’s how the advert should have looked „gets in car………….20 minutes later gets it into 1st gear…….after travelling for 10 metres at 1mph, he decides its wayyyy too fast and gets out for another joint“

  10. there is a larger picture here which the vast majority of youtube numbskulls simply will not comprehend: We live in a heavily mechanized world and stepping out into it can get you killed in an instant of simple carelessness. Being drugged is not good if you are dead.

  11. wait so he decides to the right thing by going „you know what, i really shouldnt be driving and goes to let her drive“ and he dies anyway…WTF!!

  12. the real test is ON THE ROAD… the MYTH & LIE is that cannabis impairs you.

    TEST TEST TEST.. 100 people , then 1000 people , then report on the ACTUAL findings. isn’t that real science. ? a large sampling will always give a more accurate picture. sort of like , a pixellated image that is higher & higher ( Pun ) resolution.

    experienced drivers who smoke cannabis , compensate & usually drive SLOWER ..

    SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWEEEERRRR !..if SPEED KILLS , isn’t that desirable.

  13. Tell that bitch GF you’re NOT leaving in 5 minutes, you[re gonna stay and pack a cone full of ganja for a killer bong.
    If she’s too lazy to drive, you can drive home at 45 km/h – that’s the perfect speed when you’re toasted. 🙂

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