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Cute Girl Doing The Pig Squeal


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  1. uhm… not exactly what I would call normal for a girl like you… but with the right technique, a dynamic mic, some verb and compression and maybe, just maybe, some music to go with it, it would sound pretty decent. fuck, i think i just compromised

  2. If you think sticking up for this girl on the internet is gonna get you laid, go fuck yourself. She’s not that good and Kristen Randall is the best and sexiest chick that can pig squeal ever

  3. excellent voice that you will do very well, on a scale of 1 to 10 would give you ten jiji, well do not know much English so sorry if I do not understand something hehe

  4. I love metal, but bands that do nothing but pig squeals are kinda lame, wats next for the world of metal? May be cow metal, MMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love how people think that they are suddenly video critics, Tbh, I thought it was pretty good it’s an individual talent and everyone has different talents. The people who are judging badly should realise this.

  6. Yeah she has tits but she is also really good at pigsqueling…maybe if you fucking douchebags thought with the right head…you would fucking she she does a good jobs….yeah that’s what’s up!

  7. @ilikepenguins100
    are you kidding me? that sounds like inhaling to me. even the way she’s got her lips pursed indicates inhaling. and the way she breathes at the end of it also makes it seem like inhaling. And inhaling sucks. Therefore, if she’s inhaling, she must suck. I’m leaning that way.

  8. @deathanddoommetaller – Your name is death/doom metal and you don’t like it? Death core is in no way, related to scene kids. Scene kids follow the ‚emo‘ music genre. Death core is far from a trend. The only kind of music close to metal that is accepted within the general society is Metallica. Get your facts right, and then maybe you can learnt to post a logical message. PS: you need to grow up πŸ™‚

  9. @jamiemalloy Deathcore is pretty down with the kids I would say. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing though. But the genre is so turgid and utterly stagnant at the moment I find it hard to believe people can think it’s actually good.

  10. @yodeler2 It’s „lose“ and it’s a prolonged effect. Of course you won’t lost it the first time you do it, but the more you do it the more you lost it. Your vocal cords weren’t meant to be put under that kind of stress (even though people say „oh don’t use your throat, it’s all in the diaphragm) it still puts stress on your vocal cords regardless, and you will eventually lose your voice.

    tl;dr You still will, just not right away.

  11. @killerkilo13 Sorry about the delayed response, Motherfucker, i hate justin bieber. Pop music, rap music, and pussy metal. I enjoy sophisticated music, with real musicians. and i love metal, almost all genres, in particular death metal, But try REAL death metal. see, Death.

  12. Is pig squealing used in Grind metal stuff? Asking cuz im not into grind, mostly the core… Anyway, i can’t belive girls can do that, or growl. Hehe, and ofc she is preety, just make some new videos ;)!!!

  13. I like it. Kinda akward just standing there and staring off in different directions but it’s nice to hear another girl like myself trying to get out there and do what most guys do.

  14. you know i fuckin hate pig squeals and its the biggest waste of time but i would fuck you so thats pretty much the only reason i even clicked on this lol

  15. its not a question if hot girls can squeal or look hot while doing it, iwrestledabearonce is a perfect example. shes doing inwards and inwards sucks tits. if she did moderate exhales it wouldnt be too bad

  16. Actually.. the pig squeal video you posted before has exactly the same sound of squealing.. the only difference is that there is no music on in this one o.O

  17. Mkay well, you should reconsider doing exhales… I don’t know from experience, thank God, but you are damaging your lung’s and vocal cord’s, though you may not even notice it… If you’re curious look up Gorguts, the lead singer can no longer sing because he kept doing inhales… Mhmmm, which is why I’m super glad I never have or will do inhales:)) Don’t hurt yourself kidd-o:)

  18. @dreamnoobz Wtf? If anyone would watch boobs no one would look at her. She’s just average. I mean that IS of course if u are not totaly anti-social, whom haven’t seen sunlight in 3 years, thus not seen any woman other than ur mom bringing caloriez down to the basement where you sit with ur computer and jack of to anything that’s feminine….

  19. the pressure that goes back through on your vocal chords when you inhale is fucking terrible, you will destroy your chords if you keep that up. its called screaming, so scream don’t suck air in, pig squeal is exhale, you can still get the same sound but its using a totally different part of your vocals, and it won’t hurt or cause damage, inhale is dangerous and not to mention fucking try hard, something to think about!

  20. I dunno, I think inhales are a cheap way to do pig squeals. I’m not the best at doing it, but when I do it, I just do it the throat-shredding way. It sounds a lot better, and more powerful that way. But if you don’t want to damage your vocal chords, you know for singing, then inhale is prolly your best bet. It’s far less painful.

  21. @perfectprincess777 Actually To All Who Said The Same Thing As You?
    Im In A Band And Tbh I Can Pig Squeal Better Than Her I Think Anyone Can, And Another Thing I Bet A THOUSAND People Have Said FAR Much Worse Things Than I Have So Back Off!

  22. oh god…..Your very hot but have you any idea how fucking atrocious you sound. Pig squeasl are for emo/scene kid faggots in shitty deathcore bands. Pig sqeuals are an embarrassment to metal. Try some fuckin death growls.

  23. I don’t understand why all these guys are like, „Yeah you’re amazing, wanna fuck?“
    In my opinion, you’re just not good.
    I’m not saying I could do better, but that doesn’t mean you don’t suck :]

  24. @XMENSXASSESX Fuck you you worthless piece of shit … You’re just those fucking low lives that enjoy making unnecessary arguements you fucking cunt.. Since when did it matter about inhale or exhale? There’s more important things in music and songs than whether someone inhales or exhales…. I want to watch you and you’re fucking family burn alive during your christmas dinner because you probably celebrate that even though you’re not religious you dumb fuck.

  25. @beanbean17 You fucking suck you stupid troll you probably spend most of your time on youtube searching bands that you wish you were in, but you’re not because you’re a stupid fucking failure.. Their are inhalers with talent and exhaling isn’t for EVERYONE so shut the fuck up, right now I want to kick your door down find your mother fuck her brains out and than kill her slowly and painfully and than ship your dad to antartica naked and watch him freeze to death.

  26. @jamaiman Sorry, but just taking a look at your profile I can see that YOU are a retard. I didn’t even insult anyone and you come here, and call me retard. Suck my dick, scumbag.


    all who says sheο»Ώ sux.. in reality u suck u dickheads.. she did it really well like a real death metalhead… keep up the good work britt…. foggots will puke shit here… if u guys think ur any better then post a video dickheads…


    allο»Ώ who says sheο»Ώ sux.. in reality u suck u dickheads.. she did it really well like a real death metalhead… keep up the good work britt…. foggots will puke shit here… if u guys think ur any better then post a video dickheads…

  29. She’s really really good looking. But pig squealing is fucking lame. So is deathcore and all the other trendy new age garbage. Do REAL death metal growls Chris Barnes or Chris Reifert style!

  30. This is quite possibly the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Not in a creepy way. The fact you have the cahones to put something like this on youtube is awesome! And Amazing squeels too. =D

  31. The „whatever the fuck you wanna call it“ didn’t matter to me because, I was looking down her shirt the whole time… Can someone tell me what in the FUCK just happened?

  32. that was really surprising, haha I’ve never been much into pig squeels, but they seem hard as hell.
    like I said, really surprising that those came from your voice, haha XD

  33. @Fluffy2772 haha, yeah i dont like murderers, paedos and rapists either, do you think i should get to know them better before i make such a ludicrious judgement!? I obviously dont hate scene kids to the same degree, hate was probably a too strong word use, but maaan they are annoying. And need to stop talking like fucking lolcats and shit aha

  34. I love how lads btw im a lad yer but i find it kinda stupid how there like writing comments to you 24/7 like i just jized and all that shit because you are like really fit and youve got like the pretiest eyes but yer safe πŸ™‚

  35. @finaluptake I’m pretty sure job for a cowboy are pretty mainstream. And i listen to Asking Alexandria, Miss May I and We Came as romans. and alot more. And im pretty sure they arent mainstream. Just give up. JFAC Was cool when people start out.. KillWhitneyDead Shits all over them.

  36. @lightnfly ‚Hey so um how’d how like to loose a buncha teeth‘. I would love to respond to you but i have no idea what the fuck you said. This is what happens when mothers do meth while pregnant.

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