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Michael Jackson Memorial Daughter… Paris Says Goodbye!!!!!!!


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  1. MUST SEE: everyone check out “ The Untold Story of Neverland“ ,
    for the truth about MJ. lets clear his name! networks wont broadcast this! spread the word!

  2. biedna Paris, współczuję tym dzieciom… 🙁 Kocham Michaela…… mam nadzieję że dziciom jest dobrze… pomimo braku ojca… wzruszyłam się oglądając ten filmik……. modlę się co wieczór za te dzieci
    R.I.P. Michael Jackson- Pamietamy***

  3. troubledblind, why don’t you delete insulting comments on your video, and block the haters, so they would give up spamming their hate speech on every MJ video!

  4. omg paris is my best friend when i saw her like this and when she got back to her seat i gave her the biggest hug eva i luv u paris as a sis and tell ur dad he was very nice to me and that i will miss him so much i cried when u gave this speech

  5. @Hinata4366 ok u shut up cause u dont know sh it about my life and fyi i do know paris she is my best friend she is like a sister to me and ur jealous that i knew mj and u didnt i had so many sleepovers with her and everything so shut up bit ch

  6. @saren55 ur right it’s hard for dad t be dead at age 11 but michael was the best father and he will always be with prince paris and blanket we love you michael joseph jackson we miss you very much goodbye R.I.P.

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