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Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer!


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  1. That is absolutely not an extraterrestrial life form, if it were it would have to be strong enough and smart enough to build a spacecraft to land on Earth. Now if it itself is a brain, then maybe it is smart, but my brain definately cannot use standard tools. What you see is American sewage resulting from buy one get one free Big Mac coupons from McDonalds.

  2. @CapitanIGhostI

    Spawn more overlords.

    No but true this looks like creep from SC.

    Living organism, slimey + purple reddish.

    OMG they have a hatchery in our sewers.

  3. Yeah, that looks like a clump of tubifex worms. It looks just like the picture of the tubifex lump offered on the blob, only covered in sewer slime. I could make out individual worms in the thing.

  4. They are called TUBIFLEX WORMS. I used to feed them to my tropical fish & i noticed that they got nice and big & fat & healthy……so i fed them to my cock.It got so big & fat that i had to stop feeding my cock the worms.Stopped at 14inches & 8 inches around.
    Women now faint with pleasure when i feed them the NY-TUBESTEAK. lol LOL

  5. guys you over reacted its a clog belive me i worked in the sewer in nc and i saw what it was i thought it was a alien at first but me and my buddy hit it and it was just poop and bactira ah it was…man

  6. I think it’s the tubifex worm thing. I saw another video of those worms inside a glass that actually moved like that. Only it’s not clearly seen here because of the sewer shit! XDDD

  7. WHAT ever it is its vonerble to light and is living in a unclean area which is bacteria this bacteria is form from high advance shit we throw down there that is causing organism (bacteria) to grow that may be how life can form ps wish i can study it

  8. Members of a German tv-show(galileo) investigated the video and found out, that this vid is no fake.
    In fact there are thousands of small worms who stick together to a bunch like you can see in the vid. They move when they are touched or something, kind of strange…

    But it is just nature!

  9. Is that~? Oh dear god…THE FLOOD

  10. it looked like Egg sacs if you see where that slavia is going inward not out. Jesus we need to burn these things before the government makes these things into a Bio Weapon.

  11. Ed Buchan, environmental coordinator at the Raleigh Public Utilities Department, said staff biologists have confirmed that the “creature” is actually a colony of tubifex worms. The colonies attach themselves to roots that gradually work themselves into weak points in the pipes. “They seem to respond to the light from the camera,” Buchan said. “That light is pretty hot.”

  12. Thats fucking gross… something you would see in a horror game. That shit is real though… this is not fake. Holy crap hats gross… i noticed it tends to grow in cracks.

  13. that’s not a walk in sewer… did you find out what it is? it is gross but maybe it isn’t a ET I bet you some kind of scientist knows what it is!? Maybe???

  14. All these ‚weird‘ animal like things they find are either the inside of a vagina or anal. dont look at it like a weirdo have sex with it or die!

  15. @dukecoldreaver Umm sorry, but water doesn’t run like that in someone’s throat, and you can tell by how the waters running that it’s in a pipe, which is WAY bigger than the esophagus.

  16. Actually though, seriously I do think that it is something much more than tubifex or whatever the hell everyone is saying it is to cover and close this case up. It definitely does look like some sort of life form straight out of SC2. The Universe is crazy like that, sometimes Truth is much stranger than Fiction.

  17. Are you people really this dumb? Any fool with half a brain could see that this is just some sort of bioscophy. On who or what, IDK. If I had to guess, I would say that it is a colonoscophy procedure that has been cleverly edited, and that we are looking at a bad case of someone’s hemoroids.

  18. @jpmac098 Here’s another video of this same video, carefully edited to include rats and bugs. Notice the time and date stamp has been removed at regular intervals and the scene is quite different, so you know that this video had been carefully edited. watch?v=CtllMTJMnlg&NR=1

  19. Remember in spiderman 3..Spiderman..went down in the subway train to kill sandman…well part of his sybotix (the black thing) got stuck in the train..and went in the sewer..and Sandman’s sand got mixed with it..and it created Mud Man.

  20. If i had to guess, I’d say its some sort of egg sack. Keep in mind that humans are one of the lesser inteligant species on the earth, we dont have every single animal cataloged or anyhting. We’re too busy killing them

  21. To say this is ET/Alien is nothing but naive and ignorant. Its certainly a POSSIBILITY but it’s only developed on conjecture and irresponsible assumption. There are how many species on out planet that we have yet to classify and study let alone NAME, so why does this mean its alien, just because it looks like something out of hollywood? pfft.great logic.

    BTW, I live in Raleigh, and this thing didn’t get much hype at all, we kinda don’t care. Its sewage.. so the question of drinkable water? lool

  22. TUBIFLEX WORM you morons!!!!! God have people gotten dumb or what. Tubiflex is a sewer dwelling worm. It includes several species. The external characteristics vary from its surroundings and can change. Congratulations, you have been schooled.

  23. People always have to say it’s ET if they don’t know what it is :S

    Don’t get me wrong…I believe in aliens, and while I am a bit skeptical about all those conspiracy theories…I’m not sure they’re all wrong either.

    But it’s a bit too soon to be claiming this is ET. There are probably a thousand possibilities before that.

  24. It is Tubifex worms. Here’s a quote I found “ By forming a protective cyst and lowering its metabolic rate, T. tubifex can survive drought and food shortage“. A protective cyst… That looks a lot like what we see here.

  25. @omastar444

    man you didn’t report to Discovery Channel or National Geographic people or somekind of professor came and check this out ?? maybe this is the new kind of life form to repplacement human kind man don’t play

  26. „believed to be of ET origin.“ ok, wow. If this is real, cool. an undiscovered life form of some sort. there is NOTHING at all that implies that these things are from another planet or anything. Just because they look strange doesn’t mean they’re aliens shit head.

  27. well you know what boys flush downright?? and women too!! so with the perfect conditions that were present in the initial stages of life are typically found in the sewer systems SO the whole point is why isnt anyone looking into this??
    food, meds, hair, skin, fecal matter, bacteria, etc and the a stable humid temperature will definitely give birth to some sort of lie form! other than that anything exposed to high and lows will not survive.. SO look into this for sure

  28. @NagyAndor1995 Tubifex tubifex, also called the sludge worm, or sewage worm, is a species of tubificid segmented worm that inhabits the sediments of lakes and rivers on several continents. They usually inhabit the bottom sediments of lakes, rivers, and occasionally sewer lines and outlets.

  29. OMG!! They look like huge ball-sacks!

    Thought at first it was some animal mired in the sewage, but I don’t recognize what that is. It could be a hoax, but it could also be some kind of invertebrate.

  30. Alien, o please, i beleive in aliens myself, but come on, if their that smart, would they really lay their eggs on our planet, think about man, ur sounding really dumb at the moment

  31. @rusher38 „yes because tubifex worms would move all at once like that“

    According to Wright State bryozoan expert, Timothy Wood, what is happening is that one worm contracts, stimulating the rest to do so in unison so that it looks like one mass.

    „and be completely rounded“

    That’s because they’re very small, coiled around one another (in the absence of soil) and are covered in sewage. The pipe is only six inches, and the worms are only 2-3 inches, so the sewage coating would be pretty thick.

  32. People are like, they’re just worms. NO! They are not just worms, they are a uniformed growth. This is how it ALWAYS starts, just a growth. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just isolated and then being nature gradually evolves. Then next thing you know BAM, we got monsters killing all of us. Get my fucking flamethrower, in two years time I’ll be ready.

  33. @SummerTrance It’s „nothing“??? it’s NOTHING..??? Clearly it’s something. It exists. It’s down in the sewer and there are SEVERAL of them in different places. They all had to have moved to get in those places. They weren’t just „moved“ over time. They would have been seen earlier and dismissed if they had always been there. Also I’d like to add..: EEEEEWWWW..


  35. beware of the blob it leaps and creeps, and glides and slides across the floor; right through the door, and all over the wall; a blotch, a splot, be careful of the blob

  36. If anyone knows that a hunter in halo is made of worms called lekolgo than think of these unknown life forms as lekolgo. Actually this is 2x larger than a lekolgo colony. The real name for these worms are tubifex

    it’s JESUS, noooooo actually it’s the crap monster.
    It’s formed when u use too much toilet paper and it molds then excess down there till energy is made to sustain a habitable environment

  38. this adult movie that I found on round-ass org is a lot of fun and, because of the high quality of the cast, there’s no need to feel guilty about praising such an inherently silly motion picture

  39. I have never seen something so spectacular…something so energetic,? something what makes you think, not just watch. This story is actually encouraged… Find it on round-ass org. it is beautiful written.

  40. и это только начало! скоро мы таких мутантов разведем в канализационных трубах…. там скоро бендеры жить будут

  41. I followed the links in the description man and yes it looks like the tubifex worms but this is still seems to much unlike them. It’s contracting for crying out loud! The worms in the pictures provided in the link seem like they’ve move as seperate entities in their colony, this „Blob“ seems more like one singular entity. I hope that there’s been some new information coming up about this curiousity of nature though. Thank you for sharing, ASTOUNDING!

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  43. @FLlNTER dude those are egg sacks for worms… plus its impossible for someone to plant it there when the pipe is too small for humans to crawl in thats why they used a snake cam… u assume shit too easily

  44. It isn’t tubifex although it reacts the same because it seems like it has a gel that seems to „pull“ with it that it can flex and control as it constricts. I see NO worms on the fringe edge like you do with tubifex. Just slime and gel mustle thing. Still not sold as to what it is.

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