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Lip Plate Girls Drinking


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  1. @b2rc0d3 Bitch?? seriously… I’m guessing youre offended because you are a loser….and you have a lip plate…. LOOOSSSEEERRR! Its called a life… get one

  2. @ThePaFreeman what makes you any better cuz you’re a different color? how can you hate someone of your own race.. technically, Africans aren’t a separate race, they’re HUMANS, like all of us.. just because their ETHNICITY is different, that doesn’t lessen them as human beings.

  3. @broomstickmassacre what makes us better? howabout the fact that everyone else is evolving while these cavemen are living in mud huts and stretching body parts… I dont hate them, I just like to poke fun at them.

  4. Wow! You people on here are soooooooo racist. This is their culture and they are at liberty to do whatever they want to their bodies. How different are they from us? Men and women filling their bodies with plastic and toxic chemicals. We feast in foods filled with preservatives that are causing cancers and other internal harm. People piercing and inking their body with all sorts of stuff. No culture is superior over another. Stop being racist.

  5. @MegaXxOMGxX Because it’s her culture, just it’s apart of your culture to be sitting here saying ignorant comments about other people and their actions and beliefs. In the great beliefs of Franz Boas, no one culture is superior.

  6. @lexmark136 i can understand poking fun and shit, but there’s a limit.. saying thumbs up to someone that calls blacks niggers is a bit over the limit.. i was mainly pissed at ThePaFreeman, cuz he actually said it.

  7. @unique5589 amen to that! finally, someone that understands..haha.. i live in Utah, so most of the populace hates anyone that isn’t white.. it’s really refreshing to finally find someone that has some respect for their own race.

  8. Who are you guys to judge their culture? In their eyes that is considered beauty. Sure it’s way different from what we see in our society, but just because it’s something strange that we’re not accustomed to doesn’t give you the right to poke fun at it. It saddens me how ignorant our society is these days.

  9. @caresseAttacksyou Actually in their culture this is not beuty after what happened to the slavery trade people though that putting lip plates on women would make them see ugly and people would not buy them so after a long time of doing thsi is stayed in there culture and they kept doing till now it is disgustin im my opinion but everyone has their own culture

  10. remember the 80’s? some of you looked at the picture and say i wonder what i was thinking. imagine them now in 20 beurkkkkkk discusting. this is a can they consider themself beautifull??? he cant even drink properly.

  11. this is fucking ridiculous..he looks like a duck and even though I know its real I just cant belive these „people“ are so stupid…fuck you when you say we’re all humans and were iqual…fuck you

  12. i read somewhere this actually was to prevent invaders from enslaving the women. The men would be enslaved for work, and the women would be enslaved either partially or mainly for pleasure. White men back then would probably have the same reaction to the plates as most of you did, and leave the women the fuck alone.

  13. I lorenzojhwh the „Rei Unius“ I can go down to hell as to climb the Throne Room of the One: YHWH to take it. I I had legal rights.
    I order at the „enlightened“ in the name of YHWH God of Abraham of return to me the King of Israel the monetary sovereignty that you have stolen to all the peoples.
    [✡♰ PAX♰✡] ♰ I have done the wrong to all those criminals who toppled the cross ♰ [♚MENE♛TECHEL♛PERES♚] ♰ PAX ♰ CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB ♰“Drink your poisons made by yourself“ ♰

  14. These africans have SO little entertainment that have nothing to do but molest their own bodies…

    I say we get all african nations a lifes supply of computers and games =)

  15. I cannot believe the ignorant, uneducated and misogynistic racist scum that lurks youtube. I can only laugh at those who believe that we live in a „post-race“ world. @sychon327, thank you for bringing an impartial, anthropological perspective to this video. And @BlackRabbit556…what do you mean „relatives“…genetically a white person may be closer to this woman than blacks. Also, „Primitive,“ not „Primative.“

  16. @tinebean116 Explain how white people might be genetically closer, because you are absolutely full of shit? There is absolutely no fact to back up that claim. Human beings as a whole are all genetically the same. You can’t disprove that. It’s a scientific fact. The DNA sequences of humans and chimpanzees are 98.5 percent identical. Race doesn’t matter at all.

  17. @WildlifeSeriaLKiller first off don’t feel empowered just because you’re on youtube. You don’t know me. Secondly, I’m basing my claim off of what I have learned in my own genetics class, that based on the idea of having a common ancestor, perhaps a white *person,* not „people“ as u said, has more recent lineage in common with this woman than, say, myself. If I am incorrect, that’s fine I have no problem with that, just give me the facts. But my point is also that race simply does not matter.

  18. Damn, niggers are stupid. Anyone who insists that race ‚does not matter because DNA is similar‘ is an absolute dipshit. Some monkeys have 95+% similar DNA to humans, but that by no means allows monkeys to have a moral compass, develop philosophy, or invent the wheel.

    The same applies to niggers.

  19. @PICKMYCOTTONNIGGERS your so fuckin stupid. go burn in fuckin hell .. crawl in a hole nd die. ignorant people like deserve to be burned alive !!!! … Hope you turn the the corner nd a fuckin 18wheeler runs u over…. amayzing how people can still be so stupid

  20. The white men, will sooner than later copy it, just like how they copy tattoo,dread locks,piercing, singing and dancing, and many others.They will revolutionize it and call it sexy.They are good at that.(white men)

  21. …nothing like having a giant SUN DISK hanging off of her mutilated face. This is fuckin stupid. I wonder who gave these people the idea to do this? Can we all say FALLEN ANGELICS? Demon worship? Worship of the „gods“.? aka the E.T’s that are going to show up en masse very soon. Time for us to take our authority back and serve the True SOURCE of creation, not these beings who give us stupid ideas and cause people to mutilate themselves. WOW.

  22. before insulting and disrespecting another culture for their ideals of beauty, take a look at what has become of the „better“ westernized world today. is plastic surgery and botox and any other artificial poison we inject and ingest any better than this? yeah, this may not be what our society deems ‚beautiful‘ today, but other cultures have different views. it would help if everyone would open their minds up and stop being so ignorant of another world outside your 50 states.

  23. Its not quite the same. Plastic surgery and botox etc try and to give people a look that is different, but still natural. E,g, Larger breasts or less wrinkles or an earring. But If you saw someone with huge 33HH breasts or so much botox they couldlnt move their face, and 200piercings you would find it pretty ridiculous.

    Cutting ur lips is one thing, but stretching them 12 inches and wearing 2 huge wooden plates in them is just ridiculous

  24. its culture idiot…. done for tousands of years.. at least we dint pierce our clits nad tounges for whatever ther reason… stop judging.. you aint any better…
    Look around you and see how fucked up your own culture is.. Stupid!!!!!

  25. omg that is fucking horrid. cultural or not, why would any sane person mash up their face like that. they must be bored shitless if destroying your mouth seems like a good idea!

  26. @peanutcrunchy well i’m from Russia..WAY outside of the 50 states of America..and it doesn’t take plastic surgery and botox to make a woman beautiful..but shoving huge plates through your lip definately isn’t the answer either

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