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Retrode: USB Reader for SNES Game Cartridges


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  1. @punkmario06 Well, maybe were you live, in the Netherlands its legal as long you have the original, sharing is illegal in the Netherlands too, crazy download laws we have here yes

  2. @DustinPedroia2008MVP You can use the keyboard or a standard PC controller. If you really want to enhance the experience, you could buy a SNES to USB adapter. That way you can use your original SNES controller on your PC.

  3. Cool LEGAL method for playing old games on your computer. I can’t believe how many people out there still muck up the legalities of downloading ROMs. Your chances of being caught are about as small as winning powerball twice in the same week, but it’s still illegal to download ROMs from a third party site EVEN IF YOU OWN the original cartridge. The only way to own a legal SNES ROM file on your computer is to extract the file (from your own purchased cartridge) and save a single copy to your HDD,

  4. @feki122 actually it doesnt, its illegal to download any ROMs at all, the only legal way would be if this guy took the Super Mario World.smc file off of his reader saved it on his computer and used it on an emulator then, hes taken his legally liscensed ROM and used it however he wanted to as part of the liscense agreement he made by purchasing the game way back when. those are all part of the terms and conditions of buying ANY game, it would however be illegal for him to post the rom online

  5. But isnt just easier to download roms that you have on a cartridge?
    it is impressive, sure, but not very handy because you can find (all?) roms on the internet?
    and if you have the original cartrige, then it isn’t illegal to download it.

  6. @JamieJWSmith I found that using a Playstation to USB adapter works pretty well. Grnated it’s not the same, but it’s pretty close. I think I’ve seen USB SNES controllers around on the internet, but I don’t have any links on hand.

  7. This is awesome. I can now have a snes, without the actual device! Just one thing that would put the cherry on the cake, get a SNES to usb adaptor, so you can use a SNES controller to control the game!

  8. @eMGeeGFX Luckily, I didn’t have to do too much reverse engineering, except for my own code, of course 🙂 There are a bunch of excellent tech sites out there. Which kind of reminds me that I wanted to add a link section to the homepage. By the way, gamepads have been supported for half a year now 😀

  9. Excuse me, I just checked your channel (which is excellent, by the way) and you already have worked on gamepad support I see. That’s just great, also your plans to produce these units. I wish you the best of luck.

  10. That’s impressive. I’m somewhat familiar with AVR’s Atmel, only recently got acquainted with it. Did it take much assembly insight or did you write it mostly with C/C++? Also, did you reverse-engineer everything, or are pin-out schematics and so on available out on the net?

    Now also build yourself an USB joystick/gamepad controller!

  11. I would need the exact opposite thing … a blank cartridge to upload ROMs from the PC to play the games on the SNES with the controller (yea maybe it would be easier to just get a controller for PC….)

  12. The ability to back-up & restore game saves between cartridge & PC makes this a very enticing device!

    Still, if there were an adapter that went between the console & cartridge that could read/write saves to an SD card, that would be the ultimate „must-have“.

  13. Well, I guess this is the most legal way to play your super nintendo games on your PC, since you are playing it directly off the original ROM. The only problem with this device is that you can also simply just copy the SMC file onto your computer and not even have to keep it connected at all or keep the original cartridge either.

  14. I have never seen someone miss the point that’s right in front of their noses… That’s exactly what he means by „Russian porn sites“. It’s a funny way to basically say „by illegal means“.

  15. „Usually you have to go to different Russian porn sites to download these ROMs. But wouldn’t it be way cooler if…“

    So, you basically missed the point here. Also, for who cares, this makes playing ROMs on PC actually legal.

  16. Actually, I don’t believe it does emulate the bios. Most emulators I’ve used either had the bios built in (mostly for older systems) .. but some actually require you to use your own bios … like a ps2 emulator for example.

    Also .. using torrents to download roms lets you pretty much evade thos „russian porn sites“ … but this is still much more epic. Now you should modify it so it has a nice case and all that .. and can be used anywhere without getting too weird looks :3

  17. Russian porn sites? WTF? There’s a whole bunch of great sites that have ROMs for various systems – and the closest they have to Russian porn sites is that one of them is French.

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