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Somebody’s Daughter


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  1. people laugh to cover guilt. it’s always amusing to some to some see actors try to re-create certain scenarios (including drug addiction), but everyone knows this is real. porn dehumanizes, that’s the whole point. they’re not daughters or mothers, they’re objects. this addiction is affecting and tormenting countless fathers, husbands and pastors right now.

  2. Not only is sex healthy for a relationship but its fun! But all of His greatest gifts can only be enjoyed to their fullest within the bounds that the Lord has set.

  3. One of life’s greatest purposes is learning to use our bodies for healthy, positive activities. Does God want us to have fun with them? Absolutely. He loves seeing a father play with his kids, enjoy an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, or help a stranger change a tire. He gave man feelings which make him marvel at his wife’s beauty, treasure her and always want to be with her.

  4. This is a plague sweeping our society. The plague is pornography. It will ruin the mind, soul, and your life!! Get help if you haven’t already. Go to Tony Litster, the Mormons, who ever you can. has a web site built to combat this addiction. I have been there and lost my whole family I don’t want anyone else to lose their family. Hang in there and hang tough. There is help.

  5. This video almost made me cry , not just because I relate to it myself ; but because I have nieces and hope for the best for them and worry that people will not love them as much as they should . We live in a misogynist world . I wish people would love them as much as they all deserve .
    I’d love to see other countries follow Iceland’s lead and ban strip clubs .

  6. I can´t believe how many thumps down this video got. There is so much going wrong in our world, but I still have hope that we can change it. Thank you for this beautiful video, it made me cry. Every human being is special and should be treated with respect, and not like an object used to make money.

  7. I’ve seen it all. It’s a huge business in the hundreds of billions- with the principalities and powers that go along with it. Human trafficking is no joke, and the carriers, like telecom companies data storage companies,and ISPs, search engines, etc. are agnostic to the bits and bytes they carry, people have constitutional rights, etc. – but it’s like Big Tobacco in many ways, or the poppy fields in war zones- If you consume it, you feed the beast. The beast is in Haiti right now, stealing kids

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