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We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth’s climate. The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort, and HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilization out to every human being. For this purpose, HOME needs to be free. A patron, the PPR Group, made this possible. EuropaCorp, the distributor, also pledged not to make any profit because Home is a non-profit film. HOME has been made for you : share it! And act for the planet.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand


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  1. @RUTG3R80 your an idiot if you think the planet is fragile. We are fragile, the planet isnt going to die when we deplete our own resources and destroy the ozone layer are, the earth is just going to go into another ice age and create new forms of life, we are the only victims in this disgusting way of life, the fact that you think humans could ever destroy such a powerful force shows how arrogant humans are towards natural force, we are made of the same elements as everything else in the univers

  2. Greenhouse Effect is a naturally occurring pattern in the Earth’s history. You will NOT stop it, no matter what you do. However, it isn’t even close to the end or the destructing of Earth and to think so is the ultimate of human arrogance and ego. But hey, it was a nice little run for the human species and we appreciate your involvement……please, would the last one to die off please turn the lights out!

  3. @rramos1969 u gotta one of the most retarded human i’ve ever seen. When the fact is every living thing on this planet consumes natural resources exhales carbon gases, so your suggesting everything that lives on this planet should commit suicide.

  4. @rramos1969
    With all the Chinese gone, prices of everything from clothings, food stuffs, electronics(Handphones and computers), and etc will skyrocket. Leaving more than 60% of the US populations in poverty and bringing the US economy to another greater depression. With Japan gone though, cheap internet porn will be a thing of the past. Yes sir, your seriously retarded, stupid and degenerated..

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