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Home (English with Subtitles)

We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth’s climate. The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort, and HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilization out to every human being. For this purpose, HOME needs to be free. A patron, the PPR Group, made this possible. EuropaCorp, the distributor, also pledged not to make any profit because Home is a non-profit film. HOME has been made for you : share it! And act for the planet.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand


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  1. @aveenjava I have my own 2 explanations but before that I remember some scientist said that the best wish ever is to know everything about science. Ok, If animals don’t have soul why would we then? maybe we just die and that’s it we don’t exist we just sleep without a dream and never wake up and our buddies rot. But I like to think of rebirth as another person.

  2. @xldjvista yes but this time it will spin like Venus planet , irrespirable air, yellow gas clouds, and hot temperature, all life form and water will be gone.

  3. This movie is full of jumpy yet so funny moments that will leave you wanting more and more… I really enjoyoed. this are one of my favourite scenes… See this, you’ll realy enjoy, trust me.. You can find this on kÖÖkica .

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  5. dont let this propoganda fool you lol, its a beautifull documentairy but i dont think humanity will change because the leading countrys rather go to war with eachother than share land. humans allways will look for power and control and we allready lost that control because we rely on machines for our economy, 10 years ago the internet was a luxury now complete companys rely on it. what i want to say is : Succes is doing what you wanna do. Succes is going where you wanna go.

  6. @bavsha i think people pay attention not to really important things but to gaiety. very small piece of ppl thinking how to help to our planet ;( that is realy sad =(

  7. Don’t Chemtrails reflect the heat down as well as up.. trapping heat built up during the day… are they to help against global warming..or to help create a generational witness to the change to the planet..That once the deception is excepted..will corporations..through Ltd.Companies that they own impose new taxes on the persons of the earth..that will stand for all time..yet would no longer be relevant to the fictitious MAN MADE Global Warming scam to pay back currency interests

  8. This is so sad. Earth and nature give us life,and we are killing it. Because we are all so selfish and always want more and more. Im disgusted by it.
    So fucking sad that i dont know what to say anymore. Im so angry at humans and at me that i cant do anything about it. Although I try.
    Few of them will understand me most of them will just ignore or make fun of it. SO SAD ><

  9. What a great video..Thank you for sharing this. I love kÖÖkica. Its great film…so hilarious. You should also visit this site…It has great movies…what you can watch for free at home..

  10. I loved this! I don’t understand why so many people think it’s propaganda, it’s true humans are ruining the earth and if we keep acting like this, we will not have the means to exist. Even if you don’t agree with everything they say or show, you cannot possibly think that how we treat the earth is good..? This video is here to broaden people’s knowledge of what is happening to the world we live in, it is provoking us to take action and protect it, why does that make this video „lies“ or „BS“?

  11. @guagoni : i agree, current life forms are in danger not the earth. Like earth has done so many times in the history it will reform itself again and new life forms will develop. So save yourself not earth… lol

  12. Beautiful filmography. I also like the narrator’s approach: Listen, intelligent life. You have the brain cells to understand this.

    BTW: Doesn’t this make you think: we are all life, all apart of the same whole. Harmony between species and mother earth is a necessity, „global warming“ and all the hype aside, we SHOULD want to be at peace with our world, because it is right. Because we love it.

  13. the modern science of astronomy. Galileo, Kepler, and Newton all recognised that the structure of universe, the design of the solar system, the laws of physics and their states of equilibrium were all created by Allah and they arrived at that conclusion as a result of their own research and observations.

  14. More propaganda designed for us to willingly give up our freedom via an enslaving carbon tax prepared by the elite who invented this exageration. If you want to „save“ the planet do so with your own resources, don’t force others to join your misguided efforts. Once the carbon tax is implemented it will further divide the chasm of the rich and poor until the eugenicist dream is achieved and „undesirables“ are put out of their misery via starvation/disease. This movement is rooted in eugenics.

  15. Great story to see..that changed the whole new meaning of film making!!This reminds me to my childhood!!! It open doors to the new age of technology. Believe me, you must see this… come to kòòkica for watch this out!! Have a good time with it!!!

  16. I have seen so much movies, and I must say there has never been a better filmed plot like this way. You might think this is nonsense, but I recommend you to try to watch this out…you’ll agree with me, believe me. Watch this on kòòkica

  17. I enjoyed it the most because it was originaly, fantastic written story filmed in the best way I have ever seen any story did! It takes my breath away because it is so easygoing and understanding that you feel like you know the characters. I recommend this film to everybody. ( you can see this on kòòkica )!!

  18. Fantastic film in every way..It inspires me…The great story…telling us we have lost our way in this world…I liked this film a lot…View this on kòòkica

  19. @DerangedRanger1

    Totally agree. If people don’t give a crap about the Earth then at least give a crap about yourselves. Polluting the atmosphere with dangerous toxins will harm not only Earth but us too. She can overcome this disaster just as she has overcome many other disasters. We, on the other hand, will cease to exist if the pattern continues like this. Humans are fragile, weak and perhaps the least important in comparison to the rest of the universe. Earth doesn’t need us, we need her.

  20. Its also the oil companies that are pushing out the market for electric/hydrogen/bio fueled cars. Including corporate greed such as logging of trees and mass produced foods like kfc and mc donalds.
    makes me cry…

  21. @stuntcrew01 If that were the case then why hasn’t the Earth experienced this dramatic temperature change until the last 40-50 years when we went overboard on oil?

  22. This was very enlightening for me. I want to be part of the change, i want to help, i want to make the earth healthy again, but when they say that we have a 10 year cap? it makes me feel asthough my voice among billions of others, is nothing but an echo in the wind. I want to be green, solar, renewable. I want to help, but what can i do? honestly?

  23. I don’t understand why people are hating this movie, it is by far one of the greatest movie in a very, very long time. Yes, there have been great movies in the best couple years, but nothing was this original. Come to Patüly end enjoy it.

  24. can somebody please tell me how to download this movie…if its really FREE, how come there are no indicated website in which we can download and share it with others?…too much buffering watching it on youtube…even on the homeproject channel…

  25. We have to follow what is written, Mother Nature will fix any problem because The Earth is Alive, we are slowly getting closer to the sun that’s why the global warming, plus we give a good boost to speed this global warming process.
    Is not my fault if some clever business man invent plastic or make ourself OIL SLAVE.
    Popolation grow every years, but new viruses and natural disaster will happen to keep the balance.
    Everyone of us have the same inevitability, no matter what we can do.

  26. @whateverhappensyeah As you say, it is an amazing coincidence that our planet formed the way it did, but suspicious? Like how? Too many coincidences too deny a possibility that all this is the work of a higher power? Personally, no. It’s an amazing amount of coincidences in our favor, but there is nothing suspicious about it…

  27. I have the answer….. STOP FUCKING! every man that reads this… put your dick back in your pants. We can reduce the human population in less than 100 years to only 50 people if we want to. Everyones just too fucking horny.
    oh I’ve got a boner. Ignore what I just said.

  28. Debate, Deabate Debate -ONLY on foX news! „Debate“ on the authenticity of global warming and the role played by human activity is largely NONEXISTENT among those who understand the nuances and scientific basis of long-term climate processes.
    The CO2 average in OUR atmosphere was about 0.0387% by volume, or 387 parts per million by volume (ppmv). This is 103 ppmv (36%…!..) above the 1832 antarctic ice core levels of 284 ppmv.

    climate.nasa. go v/evidence
    tiny url. co m/ oiltrolls

  29. I could talk about this movie all? day long…and i never could explain this perfection. All good points from? me. Bad? You’re joking bad points never! This is movie without faults. Find this out on Pãtuly!!

  30. Today if decide to find some movie, and then i finally find Pãtuly with so much movies..and now i dont have problems with finding movies all day..this is how i found this movie and it was great..

  31. @GreylockDS2 I’m a dirtloving treehugger too, although I currently find myself stuck in tech needs above my control.. 😉

    As I said before, I’m all for lowering emissions and manufacturing processes that produce environmentally sound items in an environmentally sound way… 🙂

  32. Poor bloody animals. I dont feel sorry for us humans. I feel for the animal kingdom. They deserve better. We need to wake up, including myself and realise that this cant go on, it will not go on, for much longer. When that day comes when we run out of food we will need to worry about being eaten by the selfish people that put us in this mess.

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  34. @honkmysonk Ay? I have not missed the point. It was merely a comment. You have missed the point about my point, that there is no point in posting your point about my supposed point about missing the point. Point not taken.

  35. one of my friend pick this film on köökica,and I must say I was a bit skeptical…but at the end I was so glad that he chose precisely that one… my recommandation…

  36. @crewaholic whats the matter? Are you scared or guilty. I cant wait untill your petrol runs out in your car and i wizz passed you in my electric motot powered by the sun. Seriously i cant afford an electric car but the piont is that we do not need oil. We are dependent on oil becasue we are made to be. Dont you think it would be better if we used free energy and kept our money for decent things like education, instead of lining the pockets of the rich. Think about it..

  37. i have a idea wy dosent the uk just make a virus that just kills humans and set it of in the us like newyork and all the other shit citys then less oil used on bigger citys and the us army problem solved thum up

  38. @thelondon3r don’t get me wrong. i think we should change our ways, but we should not do it for false-faced reasons. by saying we are responsible for nature you’re making us the owners of the planet. as i said: we’re like the meteor that extinct the dinosaurs but gave other animals a chance. we could NEVER destroy nature. even by nuking it we would only change its face.

    so „rescueing“ nature as you mean can only mean rescuing our habitat. we can’t save nature, we can only save us.

  39. @DCHS101 your point being…? You can’t possibly think that someone is stupid, just because he has a different perspective on things. i think we should change our ways, but most people do it for false-faced reasons.

  40. What a film who cares if it’s bullshit which it is not it has some great shots it’s well thought out and it’s not bullshit
    Some people out there are so narrow minded it must hurt them you know who you are
    I don’t think it’s to late if we start now then maybe just maybe the earth can turn it around
    It’s America’s fault they started the black gold revolution so I hope they get it first

  41. @johan404 Think about how many people there are on this planet and think of how many births there are. As the years go on we are consumming more land and more food. Eventually the things that we would like to preserve will seise to exist. We are nomads. Eventually nature will bite back. I’m not talking like the movie with mark walberg. Something mankind will come across as we populate more land.

  42. @Neocromisis Have you heard about such a thing as peak population? We will not continue to multiply indefinately. Population growth in the European Union is almost negative, they have to import humans from Africa to increase the workforce. Also, you seem to separate humans from nature. In the end we are a product of nature, we are nature, and everything is unfolding as it should.

  43. @johan404 We are not a product of Nature. And if we were we should not consume as much as we do so that we can have big TV´s. I dont see the animals that are being wiped out because of us going shopping everyday for pointless crap. If we can prevent a species from being wiped out by changing our selfish ways, how can it be unfolding as it should?

  44. u must read this. once u have started there is no turning back. a little 10 year old girl was raped and murdered in 1945. her body was not fund until 1947. then a boy last week read this and did not copy and paste this message. the dead girl appeared in his room haunting him and killed him. if you do not copy and paste this onto 10 videos 30 minutes the dead girl will appear in your room tonight and haunt you and kill you. well you better start to copy and paste to be saved

  45. @nonpareil893 man made global warming is a hoax. You talk as though humans aren’t suppose to exist. The human race hasn’t even put a dent on resources and disrupting the so called balance. This planet has survived far worse than humans and is still here and will be here long after we’re gone. Stop the insanity .

  46. @XxUrSoLoStxX Perhaps you should stop your insanity.

    If we aren’t depleting our resources, then how do you explain the villages in Africa having a lack of water in their wells, and their people dying? Obviously we can’t get the whole population of people on the world to pull off a hoax without knowing it. There has been a large statistical increase in rate of global warming since industrialization occurred, and that rate is exponential. When I say exponential, I mean a full-on parabola.

  47. It may be bold to say this, but this is the best superhero film of all time. There are others that are magnificent but this is the most complex, the most dark and the most spectacular and epic of them all.This evening I’m gonna watch it again at Pätuly..

  48. @MongolPeace Oh there you go, the answer to it all. Just like a typical idiot, point the finger and don’t practice what you preach. Be the example and stop using anything made from the burning of fossil fuels, like stop using the computer made from petroleum and the electricity used to power it from fossil fuel. You think money and taxing people to breathe is the answer,i’m sorry but you’re wrong and very ignorant. Al gore your hero,messiah, banks off of people like you.

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  50. We are all born in a home named Earth. Who are we to judge who lives for not. Why dont we live as a family and share this wonder full planet of ours we call home. We live for each other, we depend of each other for live and comfort. So what are we fighting for? Why dont we live as one and enjoy ourself and make the most of our lives?

  51. @nickst0ne

    Of course you are right, but my remaining time does not allow me to participate. I have a couple years at best left.. I do what I can but the problem is I can’t accomplish it in a couple years. Now one thinks it can be accomplished in 2 years.

    If a generation changes its mind about the course they are it may slowly turn around.

    Teach the children well it will be their world.

  52. HUMAN,

  53. War is not working for us…War is a dying industry…LOLOL…military spending will become obsolete…it has to for all of us to surive…can we create peace ? Begin making peace in your own heart and mind…then venture out to your wife, son and mother…peace on earth starts with peace in your heart and mind…change can happen in a split second…it has already begun…look and you will find evidence everywhere… we are waiting for you. 🙂

  54. @rambo123147

    I will keep smiling, however I’m just over with all these doomsday movies and documentaries. But I love the ones that actually show people trying to do something about it!!

  55. It is just another great movie on k o o k i c a!! Brilliant, powerfull and funny film by the best acters, full of fantastic creatures and remembering scenes. Watch this funny adventure and learn from this story how it feels to be good!!

  56. @gianboy2001 If ‚God‘ loves everyone then shouldn’t non-believers be able to feel his love? And love is made through spending time with some. I could say I love my father because he raised me and put up with me during my childhood. But what can you say about your God? Did he ever tell you he loved you?

  57. It is irritating for an hour, being so gloomily lit that you need fog lights,? then it opens up into a marvellously inventive, somewhat silly but enjoyable heist movie, with a good cast doing things I doubt even they could explain. I saw this film at k o o k i c a.

  58. I have yet to see this movie but I really want to though there is one thing? going through my mind right now: How long did it take to make that logo sequence at the end. I’m betting it was a pretty damn long time. I will see the movie on kookìca today.

  59. I’ve read some very good criticism about this film. Lets be real, there will be some critics that will criticise this movie no matter how good some of you think this movie was. See this movie at kookìca yourself!!

  60. @wolfeman181 to be fair about religion, quoting a book that old doesn’t give much credit as anyone can write a book and say this is the truth believe me.

    as for the bible, why does christianity read from a book that is published hundreds of years AFTER christ died.

    The books of religions are for teaching people basically to be good citizens
    Religions corrupt the teachings of the books.
    God (if there is one) is > religion and should be worshiped by the individual and not by an organized group.

  61. Remember, people are not who they seem to be 😛 and thats the truth for this movie. I rate this movie a 100 our of 10 fantastic. There better be a second movie from? how it ended. Come to kookíca and see it for free, it is great expirience there.

  62. Just come to kookíca and view rest of this movie for free!!! Great expirience there. There better be a second movie from how it ended. People are not who they seem to be 😛 and thats the truth for this movie.

  63. Sorry I refute the idea of global warming that this film presents based upon data presented by scientists.
    Before arguing the toss, please read upon climate gate and also Lord Christopher Monckton’s findings upon many

  64. The Rightwing Doesn’t CARE ABOUT YOU !!

    „All but one of the 48 Republican hopefuls for the Senate mid-term elections in November deny the existence of climate change or oppose action on global warming, according to a report released today…“

    ~ Desmog, „Denial is Not a River in Egypt — It’s a Political Party in America“

  65. @JCI1990 So you are a firm believer in, „If I don’t see the problem, it doesn’t exist“. You might not have an issue breathing but people in L.A. do. Tell them that smog does not exist. Tell China that smog is not harmful to children and it has not been proven to promote Asthema. Your stance and views are limited to the experiences you have lived through. If we are going to live on this planet with eachother we must have some Apathy for others. Polution doesn’t repect borders.

  66. @JCI1990 Oh and you are sure that the oceans won’t rise. Again, you are turning a blind eye to the reality of the damage we have caused. Temps are on the rise, FACT! Greenland, and the north pole have had massive ice sheet loss, Fact! Do me a favor, take a cup full of ice and then add some water until it is almost full. Come back in an hour after it has been sitting there. I promise you, the ice has melted and the water has risen to the point of spilling over the side. Upscale that!

  67. Honestly, if you’ve found this truth I’m jealous, as I’m absolutely so damn skeptical, and it takes soooooooo much to convince me that I’m not certain I’ll ever be convinced either way, a former friend told me I’d be convinced when the Maldivians were flooded, I responded, in 50-70 years when he would be survived by his wife, he’d be convinced by the fact that the Maldivians were still as happy as ever. Happy trails to me, congratulations on this treasure trove of conclusion you’ve encountered.

  68. Something unique and quite interesting ‚documentary-style‘ education movie. As we’re deafs, this movie is not an option without CC subtitles. Thank you !! I chose this one in my favorite file.

  69. This movie spells L-I-B-E-R-A-L , Global warming was the biggest MYTH OF ALL TIME! Stop complaining about this the united states record shows that china puts out the most population soo STFU and live your lives

  70. So… We can all tell that the world us over populated, and there is only one solution.. MASS MURDER! 😀 Thats what Hitler was trying to do, Save the planet! 😀 I’ll follow his footsteps, starting NOW! :D:D:D

  71. You have this movie for free at kookicá! There are some funny one liners to keep you giggling!! It is a film you can watch over and over again without being bored of it, not any minute.. None bad points, also…just fun fun fun! I liked video! Complete it..

  72. i would like to devote my life to help do my bit to save earth. i just wish i knew how to go about it. take from nature only that which i need and return to it that which i can…thats where i can start i guess. this would mean respecting the environment, consuming efficiently and sparingly fossil fuel and all that depend on it for form and function, consumingly water efficiently and sparingly…what else?

  73. 3,860 people Against 43,589……. So 91.9% of people who saw this and liked it. This SHOWS us how lucky we are to live in this day and age of Human Conscious Evolution to a positive outcome!

    now all we have to do is wait for the other 8.1% to dye out to make this world Perfectly in harmony with Nature!!!

    Love and light!!!!!


  74. mr ass hole i am not saying to destroy earth , i ahve many plants on my roof , i took care of them , if u realy want to do aome thing to earth than go scrao ur car , bike or scooter , thay are the main source for destroying earth ,

  75. @JBxWinters lol.. that shows that everbody is not PERFECT even if u have prepared well what u gona say before (over read)yet u definitely gona make mistakes.
    which lead us to know thats Humain beings ar not PERFECT at all. according to what just QURAN reveals in its lines.
    Thank GOD i was born as a MUSLIM.
    This Vid is a BIG BS which everybody Like crash in.

  76. When you get something really unexpected, you don’t know what to say, but the whole day gets better. This movie made my day better…Open you eyes, people and be free to see this perfect story. I just couldn’t help myself from laughing…very amusing. View it on kookicá!!

  77. @AwakeWorld – TOO MUCH CO2 is LIKE a poison. Maybe you should go back to school and study a bit? And what exactly are the „elites“ DOING? Why would anyone want to limit your freedom, you overly suspicious moron. The only one who needs to be woken up is YOU.

  78. @AwakeWorld – These are people who CARE about other people and animals on this plannet suffering from the exploitation of others. There is a slight chance to make it all better, if people like you would stop being so IGNORANT to the facts that are given to us SO clearly. What else do you need to wake up than ALL the statistics that are out there? Are u BLIND? If you dont believe what theyr saying just have a look at all the pictures of dried out rivers and melting glaciers caused by TOO MUCH Co2

  79. I don’t know what’s more annoying… the narrator’s corny style („Listen to me…“) or the halfwit posters on here taking up the „pollution-is-good“ banner on behalf of the industrial giants who financed their brainwashing. I’ll go with the more accurate irritant, even with all her new-age preachiness. Great flick in spite of the lame duck, acid-tripping biology nerd trying to awe us all with her mystical ways.

  80. Find all the best films at kookicá and enjoy watching it for free. See any genre you want and compare cinema and online watching-free watching, and decide what is better for you. If you ask me, I will always choose online and this site, it is my fav! This film is one of best I watched there lately!!

  81. why are some of you so fucking negative? this is a positive message, and the imagery is beautiful. what the fucking hell is wrong with some people taking the initiative to remind us all that our planet is actually beautiful and that we’re supposed to be one with it?why cant you let go of all your ridiculous political and religious hang ups just for a little while? fuck you all and your undying hate. also if this had such a corporate agenda why is it FREE to watch on here and on its website?

  82. @oneworldkingdom – It’s a theroy based on scientific facts, like DNA, mikroevolution and makroevolution. Maybe you should educate yourself.

    I’d rather believe that than some old made up stories in a storybook called the bible, that was scibbled down thousands of years ago, based on what? Stories from delusional people in the dessert, who had „spoken to god“.
    I rest my case.

    This conversation doesn’t belong here anyways.
    Peace out.

  83. @RCTPatriot75 I come from Slovenia. Just in the past few years we have been hit by so much water, such floods that no one have any idea how we can get so much water. Enormous amounts, even from underneath the ground. I am not saying we can do anything about it. If you ask me, it is too late and the nature took its course of survival, the planet itself, and in that humans are but ants about to be wiped out. I am only saying that EU itself hadnt had such floods for a very long time.

  84. 3,860 people Against 43,589……. So 91.9% of people who saw this and liked it. This SHOWS us how lucky we are to live in this day and age of Human Conscious Evolution to a positive outcome!

    now all we have to do is wait for the other 8.1% to dye out to make this world Perfectly in harmony with Nature!!!

    Love and light!!!!!


  85. Thank you mother nature! I’ll only buy recycled stuffs and if it is possible I’ll skip using equipments which is fatal for our enviroment. Everyone should use the energy of the sun like the nature such as plants, trees, bacterias, not the oil or destroying the nature just for energy… Making more profit and money for themself and for war. Everything is about money not about SHARING, helping each other, like in the nature. What rich, leader people does is totally against the nature.

  86. @jkirk1626 Oh right; Please enlighten me with the opposing points of view you mention. Almost all of the scientists in the world agree that global warming is real and it was caused by humans. They’re called scientists for a reason. They studied many years and are making their observations based on facts and measurable data. But go ahead, what is the opposing point of view?

  87. @henkemon
    humans are nuts, we have never come across plants and animals so devastatingly dangerous to planet earth. it will be a pleasant surprise if the world can survive more than 10 years from now.

  88. Nikola Tesla comes to my thought and I wish humans were wise enough to make use of his free energy inventions. This video brought tears to my eyes. I wish I don’t use oil cars from now on, just enough food and electricity to survive my daily life. Hoe disgusting and lowly creatures we are? that’s why a prophet is killed everytime he arrives on the planet for sure.

  89. Nikola Tesla comes to my thought and I wish humans were wise enough to make use of his free energy inventions. This video brought tears to my eyes. I wish I don’t use oil cars from now on, just enough food and electricity to survive my daily life. How disgusting and lowly creatures we are? that’s why a prophet is killed every time he arrives on the planet for sure. Humans please wake up.

  90. Destroy everything without learning from the ashes?
    And whats the reason for all this? Our own survival!
    But that depends on nature and its survival too.
    Just because of our species
    thousands of others disappear.
    Lets make a difference for our earth.
    Before the last domino tumbles.

  91. Listen to this heartbeat. Hear this sign of life.
    No matter whom the heart belongs to, man, beast or plant.
    We forget far too often that life is all around us.
    Everything lives or depends on life. Even the bread in front of you.
    Were all part of the same cycle. But man tries to impose his rhythm.
    We build and overproduce, we push nature to its limits.
    How long can we continue to take without giving?

  92. Another Al Gore commercial so he and his rich friends can get more of your money selling carbon credits. He ’s selling junk science in the 70’s they said we were headed for an ice age last time I checked that was B.S. He gets rich the one world government people get they’re way and as they say bull crap baffles brains. Gore’s no climatologist he an opportunist in it to make a buck selling snake oil. Look at the other side of the arguement right here on you tube. You might get a shock about Al !

  93. Best movie of this year. Or last year. Honestly I can’t really remember how long it’s been since I’ve seen? a movie that is as good as this. View it on kookíca for free.

  94. @akkkkll You have your opinion, but with all due respect, don’t you think us, the „next generation“, deserve as much of a chance here on earth as you do? Do you think it’s fair for us to be hit by something we did not commit? Are you willing to let other human beings take liability for your mistakes, and thus, suffer the consequences of it?
    In any case, you cannot guarantee that you will not live long enough to see the consequences, and maybe even get affected by what’s happening.

  95. @akkkkll Oh, Sorry for not linking the joke or not getting it 😀
    Let me start off by saying Thank you for what you’re doing and I really do hope that more people would follow into your footsteps.
    About those countries, I understand where you’re going, especially that I live in one, and I’m one of the very lucky few who are able to have good education and a good socio-economic standard. However, those countries really can change, especially that they get highly affected by the climate changes

  96. @akkkkll continuation…
    Not just that. They’re also greatly affected by the lack of water, thus, the agriculture is going downhill and people are more and more hungry. The governments aren’t doing what they should do in order to save the planet because they only want more money into their own pockets. If there were rules and regulations done so they would spend more on clean energy generators and less on fossil fuel, they would do it, especially that they have sunlight, rain, wind, etc.

  97. As much as I hope for the world to get together to save the environment, it is not going to happen. A famous chinese proverb: Shed no tears until seeing the coffin.

  98. this is sad i love the beauty of nature but i don’t do nothing to make the climate better cause i am so addicted to the modern life man kind is the most cruel powerful thing walking on this planet right now we are our home’s worst enemy i feel bad! for the polar bears & penguins i hope we all make a change for the better before is to late!

  99. @TheKickerboy99 You asked “which scientist said we have ten years” so I named one. I’m not saying James Hansen is 100% accurate, no one is. Do you believe that the correlation between the increase in CO2 emissions and the steady rise in average temperatures are coincidental? The majority of our temperature changes are in our solar patterns. These solar flares can cause short term large temp variations from day to day. CO2 emissions cause long term small temp changes over years. My opinion

  100. it’s too late to be pessimistic…we need to use the same technology in promoting the well being of our environment. if we are destroying the environment, then we are going to be the one to suffer..we need to be responsible consumer.

  101. this movie is so interesting, but i actually knew the earth is f-ed up before i watched this. i dont think people will be able to create enough renewable resources and we’ll die. just like that. its kinda sad how so many rich countries live in poverty and ppl in LA use tons of water and energy. not just LA, everywhere where there’s rich ppl and power. well, what can i say, sucks for you people who live in new york or other exposed parts of the us cause ull be flooded.

  102. American Bird Conservancy cites studies that indicate that about 10,000 – 40,000 birds die each year from collisions with wind turbines in the U.S. and say that number may rise substantially as wind capacity increases in the absence of mandatory guidelines.

  103. 777 News or 66 News an hour mom !@#!@#!@ Since the Summer of 07 and all the girls in the school so forth what I did @#$@$@#$ Wendy’s Burger King is Excuses
    !@#$@$#@$ the little girl
    Good Morning

  104. People, it is time we should start vegetarian diet. This is the most effective way of reducing carbon foot prints, reducing pollutions, reducing the deforestation and reducing the food shortage. If you think many people died in the recent disasters, perhaps you should think of the number of living animals are killed and served as our food everyday.

  105. @Terje1337, it took them about an hour to get there. For me it destroyed the movie. From a valid point about population explosion and its effect on dwindling resources the movie jumps to spew out unsubstantiated pseudo-sience „facts“ about global warming. I wonder if this is just another devious way of brainwashing us to believe that hogwash?

  106. @ragnarokaeris, I voted dislike, despite liking the first hour a lot. I just think it completely lost its credibility when it makes statements such as the ones on rises in sealevel (that has NOT happened) and the melting of Kilimanjaros snow cap (which even the arch-exaggerater Al Gore now admits has nothing to do with the theory on global warming).

  107. @KewinRIDE, I was born in March, but I can’t say I live in March. Nor do I live ON Mars. I assume you must be a fan of the global warming theory – as they say „unclearly said is unclearly thought…“. Goes for the lot of you.

  108. @truthseeker9577 Please read more for info about the cause of these diseases if you have not. Try to find out what we have fed these animals with and what eventually go into our body. I’m not surprised with your comments. There are many ppl sharing the same comments as you. The earth (or we) will only survive if there is a balance of everything, just like what this documentary explained. Unfortunately, we „grow“ faster than the earth can afford.. think about your life 15yrs later..

  109. The other problem is not talked about in this film there is little doubt that the atmosfere is becoming volitile but what only a small amount of people know is that the global ocean (even though we give them there own names its one big moving ocean) is slowly but increasingly changing its ph. level it has dropped .1 from its level that has been the same for the last 60 million years

  110. What happened to the subtiltles? Two days ago they were right there and they are gone now !! I want to use it with my brazilian students and I need the subtitles, please!! Love from Brazil

  111. @jack5505 Man has only been around for that long, but what about the Dinosaurs? God made them first, but then wiped them out. Even in the bible the dinosaurs were mentioned as well as the Levithan. Why God decided to take them out is a question, but they did exist. I don’t think that man came from Monkey’s or Apes, but we are Gods creation, and the way I look at it, is that God made something that he couldn’t speak to, or have give him praise, so he decided to start again.

  112. Only faggots worry abt dis shit, we aint gonna b here bitch wen dis ball of mud goes like belly up n shit so relax. Get a life people, listen to rap/hip hop, go out n party n get pissed n get some drunken hot ass girls n have ur first 3some or some fun shit like that. Let the next generation of fags worry abt mother fuckin‘ nature. RaSpex

  113. i want to know: if you look at all these videos, they are most popular with males, what the fuck are all the women watching? How to paint their nails? Women spend how much a year on cosmetics? 5 Billion american dollars a year?such insecurities we have, well at least lets face them…

  114. @amirfuter, 1st if he loved man why is there starving people and kids evrywhere who never had a chance of life or the knowledge to know of his exsistence.
    2nd. if God is evrything..(all living things, energy of the world) he must know ther are no GOOD OR BAD ther only good or bad behaviours meanin its up to our environments and how we were brought up that shape us into the kind of person that we are so WHY NOT make the world a more peacefull and intelligence place?

  115. This adult movie is outstanding. Anyone who even moderately enjoys in this music has to see this adult movie. Prepare to see something amazing, people. It is worth not to wait to comes out, see this online on round ass org! Very powerful. It brings comprehension to the origin of global poverty and lefts you an opening question. Find out what kind..!!??

  116. I do not have to change the way I live because you say so.It is my home too and I can live how I see fit.Screw your socialist agenda it will fail like every other time you’ve tried it.There is no carbon footprint or carbon dioxide problem what a load of rubbish you commies just trying to control people by their breathing gas.

  117. @numerocro good intuition there asshole i’m from Canada. Please understand that what people tell u about a country isnt fact, your common little political view is amazing but don’t bring it here. WTF do you mean just a puppet on a string, by that definition what country doesn’t have puppet citizens you moron? The people with the money will NOT see this video and change what they are doing. Im 15 and my account says im 30, statistics are meaningless. Classic know it all on the internet, GTFO

  118. this movie was probably the best 120mins of my life. i watched this at the cinema and i needed the toilet badly but i didn’t want to miss the film so i held it in lol I will see it on kookíca again.

  119. watched the video,really amazing picture and story that gets people who still have some conscioussness to ask themselves where are we and our planet heading to,with increased development that can be at the same time the self-distraction for us,we are sitting on the h-bomb that we produced ourselves,outrageous,realistic,and,in a way sad for the normal people,milano-tiki

  120. candygir7
    Yes, but doesn’t it make you ask questions when you find out that they guy trumpeting about climate change from his seat as chairman of the IPCC (Pachauri) is actually funded by Tata and they both make fortunes from the insane rules of carbon trading, the latter by closing a UK plant in favor of a more poluting one in India?

  121. The developers of this movie make the United States look good in some ways but it is the worst with there big cars and burning the garbage. China is also a big destroyer of the world. The Netherlands is the example for the rest of the world, I am suprised that they are not mentioned in this movie. They are the ones creating land in the United Arab Emirates. They have all the technology needed to stop floodings, and are eco friendly. The rest of the world is terrible and should be responsible..

  122. You need to see the movie yourself, dont watch this expecting to know whats going to happen next, or you will have to see it again. This movie makes you think whether the life you live is real or not. Just come to kookíca for it.

  123. the thing I don’t understand about (Darwin’s theory of) evolution is that after 250million years a horse is still a horse yet after 200,000 years we’ve dragged out arses out of the trees & gone to the moon, seems we are evolving at a greater rate than any other animal in the history of this planet. why?

  124. Everything about this movie is great, really fantastic filmed. Watch it now, free, on kookíca! It never wrongs with movies! If you have watched this video, at first, you could think, it doesn’t make sense, at all..but actually it has no words for describe this fantastic movie. So, don’t waste your time!!!!!

  125. i must have thought of a million and seven things to say while watching this movie, but the best thing i can say is: fuck it. the 100 million of us that will do something about it cant even start to turn this event around.

  126. The funny thing is, this movie goes for 1.5 hrs, and has been viewed 11,346,250 times (at time of me writing this). That means, that this movie has caused 17,019,375 hours of computer runtime (plus screens/monitors). That’s a lot of coal! So well done to the move makers for making a pile of petrol-burning helicopter scenes, accompanied by exaggerated poetic commentary of the Earths fragility, with dramatic music. Man I hate hypocrites.

  127. @Yulyafunk would you shut the hell up about Jesus….OMFG you are annoying. Where in this film did you hear anything about Jesus you moron, go preach somewhere else. Jesus has nothing to do with what we’ve done to our earth, and Jesus can’t fix it either, so shut up please for all of our sake.

  128. @soundtsuchi Because they belong to those who still do not believe the seriousness of the message in this video. They do not want to take the effort to change, to make changes in their own lifes, to change their own bad habits which are a contribution to all what is going wrong on this moment. We cannot change others, we cannot change the world, we can just change our Self. If everybody does now what is within the own possibilities to change, the world will be healed.

  129. @Yulyafunk Ok let supose4ur sake and happiness Jesus is God. This means he created you. We know in this world scientist has invented things for our benefit.Let suppose Jeses created you then for what purpose he created you. What benefit can you give to him. Or what can u do for him. Instead you are saying that believing in him will forgive all your sins. &so he forgive yours. He created u,u didnt give any benefit and he forgiv ur sins then wat is headache in God’s head of your creation?


    i mean it very seriously…i cant believe how he sings this song amazingly!!! TRULY A WOWER!


    -MTV (UK FAN, Supporting great talents around the world)

  131. Stop supporting the tirannic corporations and private banks is one of the first steps we can take. Also stop supporting the petrol companies. But to whom am i talking too? We are just too stupid to take actions I guess. Well, I’m taking my car to bring a visit to the supermarket to buy some beef and other food enfolded in a piece of plastic and then I’m gonna sit back and enjoy sad docu’s about how stupid we are, drown in selfpity and convince myself that we don’t deserve to survive…

  132. Making docu’s about these things is a waist of time and energy. Believe me, many people just don’t care about the planet and life. REALLY! Science thought us that there are many worlds with life they say. The end of this world is not the end of the universe they say. So just ENJOY IT and fuck everything beautiful you can find. It’s a waist of your precious time to play the saviour of our planet they say. To care and have feelings is so gay and uncool they say.

  133. We are one human. One a fragile earth. We are to blame! Not nature! The future looks grim!

    What we do is up to us!

    Look politics now! It’s all about economic growth! Labour market! Look us humans now! We Buy, purchase and take over!! It’s about money, power and weatlh!

    This movie is a wake up call!!! You better wake up before you get extinct!

    We need to be more alike! Equal so to speak! 1 race 1 earth 1 ghoal !!!

    A Goodplanet for all…

  134. dat er zo veel vervuild ik ben nog niet zo oud en ik ben zo ongelofelijk onblij dat dit gebuurd waarom doen mensen dat nou ik ben teleurgesteld op de mensheid we hebben toch wegen genoeg de mensheid is verwend maar hoe zou jij het vinden als jij een boom was en als jij om gehakt wordt hoe zou jij dat vinden en die dieren hebben zo weinig te eten DOOR DIE VERVUILDEN LUCHT en door de vervuilde lucht ja daar heb je hem grijzen lucht het is niet leuk een grijzen lucht. doe jij het goed. en denk na

  135. dat er zo veel vervuild wordt ik ben nog niet zo oud en ik ben zo ongelofelijk onblij dat dit gebuurd waarom doen mensen dat nou ik ben teleurgesteld op de mensheid we hebben toch wegen genoeg de mensheid is verwend maar hoe zou jij het vinden als jij een boom was en als jij om gehakt wordt hoe zou jij dat vinden en die dieren hebben zo weinig te eten DOOR DIE VERVUILDEN LUCHT en door de vervuilde lucht ja daar heb je hem grijzen lucht het is niet leuk een grijzen lucht. doe jij het goed.

  136. Great movie and message of course.

    I find it a little funny? is that the right word?
    Maybe just counter to the spirit of the movie that they’ve turned off the embed code

    While the 11M+ views obviously shows that it’s getting out
    How many more people would see it if you could embed this video in other places.

    Turn on the embed please …. let this movie be truly free

  137. @Waynehardt ya, that really makes me wonder?
    you want it to be free … but you’re not letting people embed it?

    frustrating when people „get it“ but don’t „get it“

  138. @imreadyyo26 To me religion isn’t a choice I cannot weigh the benefits or disadvantages. It’s either true or not and in my case not. What Nietzsche called ‚intellectual integrity‘, even if accepting the reality that your faith isn’t real and it destroys much of your hope you still accept where the facts lead you.

  139. See this movie… right now. It is a must see. Not to wait any more. It’s meant for the kookicà, and I gotta say this movie is totally in my head:) Great comments btw, I thought before that movie isnt gonna be so good…

  140. My dear fellow humans.. we have to act !! as long as the money controls the world, our destiny is in the pocket off these ignorant powermongers..

    I say the world needs a global revolution..

    FIGHT the rich
    FIGHT the egoism
    FIGHT for what is right and true

    Remember.. Peasants win by shear numbers !!

    Good will always prevail.. but sometimes it needs the sword of justice..

  141. @rramos1969
    With all the Chinese gone, prices of everything from clothings, food stuffs, electronics(Handphones and computers), and etc will skyrocket. Leaving more than 60% of the US populations in poverty and bringing the US economy to another greater depression. With Japan gone though, cheap internet porn will be a thing of the past. Yes sir, your seriously retarded, stupid and degenerated..

  142. @rramos1969 u gotta one of the most retarded human i’ve ever seen. When the fact is every living thing on this planet consumes natural resources exhales carbon gases, so your suggesting everything that lives on this planet should commit suicide.

  143. Greenhouse Effect is a naturally occurring pattern in the Earth’s history. You will NOT stop it, no matter what you do. However, it isn’t even close to the end or the destructing of Earth and to think so is the ultimate of human arrogance and ego. But hey, it was a nice little run for the human species and we appreciate your involvement……please, would the last one to die off please turn the lights out!

  144. @RUTG3R80 your an idiot if you think the planet is fragile. We are fragile, the planet isnt going to die when we deplete our own resources and destroy the ozone layer are, the earth is just going to go into another ice age and create new forms of life, we are the only victims in this disgusting way of life, the fact that you think humans could ever destroy such a powerful force shows how arrogant humans are towards natural force, we are made of the same elements as everything else in the univers

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